I was wondering what would happen if Nat and Simon ever saw each other again so I wrote this poem about their reunion.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Camp Confidential series.

All around, screams and shouts.

Camp is here.

My all-time favorite time of year.

Friends rejoice, after so much time.

New kid, they say, new kid.

Boy or Girl?

Boy, they say, fifteen.

Just like me.

Hot? Cute? Maybe a Dweeb?

Shut up Natalie, just a boy

You haven't dated one in a while.

None of the four were good for me.

Except for him…

But no.

Never mind. Wasn't good.

Bus comes up.

Campers wait.

Boy jumps out.

Blonde hair, blue eyes.

Just like him.

But it can't be him.

Or can it?

No, not at Walla-Walla.

Scoff. No way. Not a chance.

The boy looks over.

Right at me.

He squints.

I stare.

He smiles.


He starts walking.

Toward me?

I put on a smile.

He is a little cute.

Also familiar.

Could it be him?

Ten steps away.

Why is Jenna gasping?

The boy wraps his arms around me.

"I've missed you Nat,

Long time, no see."

It's him. I'm sure.

I hug him back.

It's nothing new.

"I've missed you Nat."

He said it again.

But he had left Lakeview for me.

He smiles at me.

It melts my heart.

And now I've realized something new.

Simon I'm not over you.

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