Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all characters there in are owned by J.K. Rowling. Naruto, both the world and the characters, belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Both are wonderful authors and if you haven't read their works yet, I highly recommend that you do. Also, if this fan fiction resembles another that you have read, it is purely unintentional.

The Art of Breathing

Chapter 1: Breathing Shallow

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life — it goes on. –R. Frost


Yuuto was the name of an utterly blameless man who he had met in some bar on a hidden street in Japan. The previous few years to this chance meeting had not been kind and he had taken to travelling to get away. Staying in Great Britain had been suffocating. Yuuto had been a rather nice fellow, if a bit on the bland side. They had gotten to talking a bit and Yuuto, somewhere between a diatribe on Japanese history and the uses of different kanji changing the meaning of a name, had managed to spout some mangled quote that had stuck in the mind of his temporary drinking partner. An unexpected thing with the loud music and alcohol induced buzz he'd had going. "The thing about life is; it goes on." It was something that had given him the final push to take some of his ideas and make them into an actual plan. After all, was he really moving forward? Or just running in place?

Several letters exchanged between his grandfather's old contacts, a few meetings with the goblins (after reparations were paid of course) and a name change later, and he had been ready to disappear from the wizarding world. It had been time to move on with his life.

Anyway the point is that not so very long ago, Yuuto Nishimura had a different name. One which was more well-known than the one he used now. One that had a great deal more baggage attached to it. Most days he remembers to forget it existed. After all, Harry James Potter was a warrior of the Light, a savior, and the perfect Gryffindor Golden Boy. He was not a ninja, not an assassin, and definitely not an ANBU operative.

ANBU Falcon put on his mask.