AN: I really hate the unintentional message of blood trumps adoption, the show keeps sending. And well my two favorite TV characters need family to love them, why not each other? So I had this idea and several REALLY long conversations with Cmiller13 became this… I hope you all like it! Oh and Cmiller you are an awesome person...or was it magical creature? ^_^

Love Makes a Family

Chapter one

"No one will remember?"

"No one will remember…if you are willing to pay the price, of course…"

"And she will not be a problem for me in the future?"

"She won't be. She'll never want anything from you, dearie."

"Good…take her."

She felt odd.

She tried to blink, but nothing changed. The world around her seemed to move in slow motion. She could see the scoobs helping the injured, along with some of the girls, slayers; she reminded herself, who came out of the battle more or less in one piece.

She had been trying to keep the principal awake, but out of nowhere a strange feeling invaded her. She was sure she heard something snap. Then the world stopped for a second, only to resume at a much slower pace. She knew something was wrong, but for some reason she couldn't bring herself to move, let alone ask if anyone felt the same.

Judging by the look on Willow's face, as she tried to get her attention, and the suspicious look Buffy was throwing her way... She was the only one acting weird. But soon they, along with the bus became a blur…

…why was everything so blurry?


"What's wrong with her!?"

"I don't know! She was just standing there…"

"Is she breathing?"

"Don't touch her! …She's covered in magic."

Images assaulted her. She was barely able to understand what she was seeing; before they were no longer images…they were her reality. She was living them.

She hides in the closet, shaking. She bites her fist in an attempt to muffle her cries. The sound of footsteps nearby make impossible to keep quiet.

The door opens violently.

"There you are you little bitch!"

Mama drags her out, by the hair. "Why the fuck were you hiding!? You made me waste time looking for you! Shut your trap, you are going to spend some time with Mike here."

She kicks.

She screams.

She cries.

She begs her mama not to let him touch her again…but mama has to pay for her booze somehow.

She hides under the bed now. Mama is angry. Mike left her and won't give her booze. Mama says it's her fault…she wasn't a good lay. Mike didn't like her to cry. She always tries to stay quiet but it hurts too much.

Like mama's boot on her side.

She's older now. Knows how to do what her mom's boyfriends want...if she does what they want, they don't hurt her too much. So she pretends to love it.

She hurts all over. She is bleeding. This one likes to hurt her. Her bitch of a mother doesn't care. She's too busy preparing her needle. She doesn't know why it was more important than her. She still doesn't know why she was never enough…

but that's not…that's not right.

She remembers being good enough.

She's younger again, and Daddy won't wake up. The evil men hurt him, like they hurt her cousins. They destroyed daddy's house, they made everyone sleep…she can't say the other word. They want to hurt her too, not like daddy, but like they hurt her aunt.

She doesn't want to leave daddy, but she doesn't want to sleep, she doesn't want to die. So she runs.

They grab her. She screams…

Then SHE'S here and THEY scream.

She's beautiful and brave and strong.

She brought men with her, but they are not evil like the others. They fight the evil men. They win. They smile at her. Their smiles are not scary.

Daddy doesn't wake up, but the pretty lady says she is her mommy. She's sorry she couldn't save daddy, but she's going to protect her from now on. Her new mommy's smile makes her feel happy.

She's in a new place now…there aren't monsters in the forest and her new bed is really soft. She likes it here. It's warm and happy and mommy bakes pie, all the time. She loves mommy's apple pie.

Mommy is busy sometimes. She's the leader of the town, so she takes care of everyone. When she's doing that, she lets her stay with Granny. Granny's pancakes are great! Her granddaughter is beautiful like mommy, and she always gives her extra ice cream.

He comes after a while.

Mommy didn't want her to be lonely.

He's tiny and kind of ugly, but she likes him anyway. She makes sounds and he laughs. She loves to help mommy take care of him. She's a big sister now. She's all grown up.

He can walk now. He prefers climbing though. Like a little monkey.

The name sticks.

They play. They laugh; they make their own Halloween costumes. She reads him comics before bed. She helps mom make dinner. They stop the monkey from climbing the fridge, and the apple tree, and the house once.

She burns breakfast again. Suggests they go to Granny's. Mom teases her. She knows why she spends so much time at the diner.

Monkey had a new challenge. Her mom's bookshelves.

It's too high, he slips. Her mom sees him first, she is right behind her.

She runs. She catches him. They don't know how. She was too far.

Monkey swears she's a superhero. He's going to be her sidekick.

Mom worries. She looks at her concerned.

It's not long before mom tells her.

It's hard to believe…but she still remembers the monsters in the forest. And how she was always nine until monkey came. She wonders why she only realizes that now.

But she's old enough now, to understand what the look in her mom's face is. Old enough to recognize the pain in her eyes. She hates what her mom had to go through. She loves her. She'll always be there for her.

Mom's at work this morning.

She needs to clear her head.

She leaves town. It's not the first time; she'll be back in a few hours. Mom will never find out. It'll give her a chance to buy mom's birthday present…

She's in Portland. There's a beautiful necklace in this store. It has an apple tree. It's perfect for her mom. There's a red wolf too…maybe she should get it fo-

They grab her from behind. She fights back, but they are too many of them.

When she wakes up, she can't move. She's chained to a wall. She doesn't see them except when they bring her food. She screams at them, refuses to eat, so they hit her, call her names.

They sound British.

It's been days. Mom must be worried. She asks what they want, but only gets slapped for her effort. She's sure it's been a week already, and God, mom must think she left her. She needs to escape, call home.

She doesn't get a chance.

She hears their voices, they are arguing.

"Maybe we should wait. After we are done here we can find some girls-"

"We can't leave until the spell is ready; I'm not going to wait another sodding week. She won't remember… besides the spell will be more effective if she's broken. She won't have strength to fight it, like the last one."

When she sees them again they don't bring food. They leer at her, beat her, cut her, burn her…then they start undressing.

The images move faster now.

She tries to fight, but she can barely move. Her ribs hurt and she has trouble breathing, but they don't stop. They laugh when she begs, when she calls for her mom. They just make it hurt more. They hit her. They touch her. They break her. She bleeds. She screams. They chant.

She forgets.

Faith could hear voices calling her name, but the throbbing in her head made thinking really hard. Maybe her mom had Advil or something. Faith really hoped this meant she could skip school today…

She opened her eyes. Something was wrong. This wasn't her room. For the life of her she couldn't remember how she got here. The room was familiar, though. She was sure she had been here before…maybe not long ago?

There were two girls looking at her funny, like they couldn't understand why she was awake. They seemed familiar too, and Faith kept trying to remember their names…

The Dark haired one's name was Dusk? Dawn. And… that made the redhead Willow!

Yes, she remembered them…but they were distant. Unclear.

There were new memories too. New thoughts in her head. Or were they old? They seemed more real…

The walls of the room closed in on her.

She had to get out of this place. Faith staggered out of the room ignoring the calls from the two behind her.

Faith didn't know what was real anymore. The people in front of her? Pain? A heartless mother? Love…a loving mother, a little brother, a crush…friends? Teachers? A dog?

She entered the lobby of…Angel's Hotel? She'd been here a few days ago, but somehow it feels like the first time.

This was insane. She should go home.

Did she have a home?

"Faith, you are awake?" Asked a masculine voice to her left…British…

Then it all snapped into place.


She remembered now! They kidnapped her. The fucking watchers, kidnapped her! They hurt her; they kept her from her family…

Oh God, no…her mom probably thought she hated her! That Faith left her. She'd just told her a huge secret. Faith had seen the fear, the pain in her eyes. She'd been afraid Faith would hate her.

And then she went and got herself kidnapped, the very next day!

It had been years…God, it had been years…

It was their fault…they did this to her. They turned her into this! They stole her memories, filled her with never ending memories of pain! They didn't want her to trust anyone… but her watcher…

But then her watcher died…

Glaring, she marched in the watcher's direction.

A beautiful dark haired woman entered her house. It was empty, dead. As it had been for years now. Devoid of laughter, no children running, no happiness. Not since she…disappeared? Kidnapped? Left? The woman ascended the stairs and into a hallway believing it was the last one. For days, now, she had spent her nights clutching her son's pillow…

Tonight her feet led her to a different room.

It was just like its owner left it, years ago. There were pictures on the desk. One in particular made her heart clench… A teenaged girl and a young boy, dressed in matching superhero costumes, their arms around a woman wearing a beautiful blue dress…their damsel in distress…

She wondered if things would have been different, had she not said anything. Had she kept quiet…

Would she be happy with her family or…was she destined to lose her children all along? Was that the price she had to pay for the curse?

She wished she could take those words back…but she scoffed because just like always, her wishes went unheard.

"Mom…I don't understand…what are you saying?"

All the others had frozen as they watched as the Dark Slayer moved with purpose towards the older Watcher.

That conversation kept replaying in Faiths head, as her fist made contact with Giles' face. The force of the hit sent him crashing into the floor. He was lucky she wanted him conscious.

All around her, slayers and scoobies exploded into action, ready to stop the psycho slayer, she was sure. But her eyes never left him.

"Did you know!?"

"Faith, I don't unders-"

"Did you know what the council did to me!?"

"I'm the Evil Queen…"