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Brittany POV; present time

"Yo, Pierce."

It all came down to those two single words that turned my life upside down. I had managed to practically stay invincible for my whole sophomore year, up until today.

But let me tell you something else first before I continue.

I noticed that something was wrong with me a few years ago. I was 8 years old. It was a warm summer day and all I wanted was to go outside and play in our garden. I loved our garden, it was so pretty with all the different colours of the flowers and birds and butterfly's flying around. It was magical. I could stay outside for a whole day. I wasn't allowed to, though. I had to study for a test since it was almost the end of our school year and it was very important to get good grades. So my dad made me stay inside and because I had been whining so much he sat right across me at the table to make sure I wouldn't leave.

8 years ago;

"You're not leaving this table until you know everything." I huffed at my dad's words and peered at the words in my textbook. I'm not the smartest cookie in our family and it always took me a long time to study. And even then I would only remember half of what I just studied.

When my dad stood up, I thought that he gave up on trying to keep an eye on me already and a float of relief washed over me. That was until he came back with a bag of potato chips in his hand. I slumped back in my chair to which my dad replied, "The sooner you're finished, the sooner you can go out."

If only it could have been that easy. The crunching of the chips bag opening filled the dining room and caused a shiver to run down my spine. It confused me a little as to why it sounded like he had opened the bag right next to my ear. But I shook it off and turned back to my books.

However, I didn't get very far. The sound of my dad munching on his chips rang through my ears like a drill. My heart started pounding faster and beads of sweat began to form on my forehead. I wanted to yell at my dad to stop eating, to stop making so much noise but I couldn't. Tears appeared in my eyes with each second that passed.

My dad mistook my tears for something else though; he thought I was crying because I didn't understand my books. He started yelling at me and slammed his hands down on the table, the only words I could hear over my own sobs where 'stupid' and 'idiot'.

That's when I ran, almost colliding with my brother on my way out of the dining room, up to my bedroom. I cried myself to sleep for the first time that night.

Present time;

"Yo, Pierce." Puck stage whispered from where he was seated behind me but his words went lost in thin air. It's not that I was ignoring him; I just honestly did not hear him.

"PIERCE!" He hissed louder this time and kicked the back of my chair, which made me turn around to look at him in confusion.

I subtly took out my earplugs before answering, "What?"

"PIERCE! PUCKERMAN! I do not tolerate speaking, or working together. That'll be an F for the both of you." Mrs Meyers gave us both a stern look and collected our tests. My bottom lip jutted out and my wide eyes followed our teacher walking back to the front of the class. It wasn't fair, though. I hadn't done anything wrong.

"Miss, we weren't working together. " I could at least try to save my ass since I need those grades.

"Yeah, man, I just wanted to borrow a pen." Puck spoke up as well.

"I don't want to hear another word from both of you."

"But-" I needed her to understand that this was all Puck's fault, not mine.

"That's enough Pierce, you can stay later for detention for cheating, talking during a test and disrupting the other students." I could feel everyone's eyes on me when Mrs. Meyers let her words fill the now silent classroom. I ducked my head and stared intensely at the desk.


"And Puckerman will be joining you." Puck huffed and slumped back in his chair while my vision blurred as my eyes filled with unshed tears. Detention. I've never had detention before. "Everyone else, get back to your tests."

I let out a shaky breath and closed my eyes, willing to keep my tears at bay. I couldn't cry now, not in school where everyone has eyes in the back of their heads and rumors travel faster than lightning.

"Lopez, eyes on your own desk." Mrs. Meyers voice caused me to raise my head and look over to the side, where Santana "Captain" Lopez quickly averted her eyes. She had been staring. At me. She had been staring at me. A flutter filled my stomach and a small smile took the place of the pout I was supporting earlier.

The smile got wiped off as soon as I heard Puck whisper, "You're so going to get it for getting me in detention, Pierce." I gulped audibly and a shiver of fear seeped down my spine. That did not sound good.

Santana POV; Lunch time

It was not unusual to come across weird things at WMHS, but wearing earplugs during a test must have been one of the craziest things I have ever seen. I was so lost in my thoughts that I almost walked right past the table where my fellow volleyball players where seated.

"Hey Santana, you okay? You seemed to be far away." Quinn, my best friend and one of our setters, questions as soon as I plop down next to her.

"Yeah, just… thinking." I replied and took a bite of my food, ignoring the look Quinn was giving me.

"Right, thinking… about?" She prodded, trying to get more out of me. I laughed softly at how eager Quinn looked, sitting on the edge of her chair with wide curious eyes staring at the side of my head.

Shaking my head, I turn in my seat to face her while I speak up. "Do you know Brittany?"

"Brent's younger sister?" I nodded in confirmation. "Sure, I have seen her around a few times. Why, though?"

"Do you know if she has some kind of … problem?" I wasn't even sure how to call what Brittany might have.

"Problem? What do you mean, problem?" Suddenly I thought that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to ask Quinn about that, don't get me wrong, she's my best friend but she's also the queen of gossip.

"Never mind, I probably just imagined stuff." I turned back in my seat and resumed eating my lunch.

"Oh come on, San, don't leave me hanging here." Quinn pushed me gently and scooted her chair closer. "Tell aunty Q what you saw."

I was about to flip her off when a commotion at my right caught my attention. Brittany had entered the cafeteria, searching for a left over seat. I smiled softly at how much she reminded me of an angel with the sunlight streaming through the window and lighting up her golden blonde locks. That's until some jocks walk up behind her and dump an ice cold slushy's over her head. "Holy fuck!"

Brittany stood frozen while the liquid drenched her shirt. Somewhere behind me I could hear Puck's voice; "Told you, you would get some. Loser." I quickly rushed my way over to Brittany.

"Are you okay?" I reached my hand out and placed it gently on her shoulder, as to not scare her off. I grabbed her wrist with my other hand, as she was about to rub in her eyes. "Don't rub; it'll only make it worse. Come on, let's clean you up." I gently pushed against her shoulder to direct her to the bathroom to remove the sticky ice chunks. While I was gently wiping her face with some drenched paper towel, I couldn't help but stare at her features. The light freckles that covered most of her nose and cheeks, the plump lips whom where once again set into a pout, her fair skin, … .

The bathroom door being opened snapped me out of my thoughts. I noticed that my hand was now hovering over her cheek and hadn't moved for a few seconds. I stepped away from Brittany and cleared my throat. "D-do you have a spare shirt in your locker?"


Once she had changed in a clean shirt she looked at me, her ocean blue eyes staring right in my own. "Why did you help me?" It was a mere whisper that, if I hadn't been listening closely, I wouldn't have heard.

With a shrug of my shoulders I answered. "Why wouldn't I?" I send a soft smile her way as the bell rang through the hallway, indicating that lunchtime was over. "I'll see you around, Pierce." With one last glance at her lips, I turned around and walked over to my own locker where Quinn was waiting with her hand on her hip.

"Why did you help HER?" Quinn looked at Brittany with a disgusted look.

I balled my hands into a fist at my side, keeping myself from punching my best friend. "Why didn't YOU help her?"

She looked back at me with raised eyebrows and an 'are you serious' kind of look. "Puck must've had his reasons why he let his boys give her a slushy facial, I don't want to get on his bad side." She shrugged, acting like it was that simple.

"She didn't do shit wrong. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a class to attend to." I shoulder-checked Quinn while brushing passed her. I was fuming on the inside, I don't know why I got so defensive over Brittany but there was something in those innocent ocean blue eyes that captivated me.

Brittany POV; Later that afternoon;

Finally the last 2 classes of today where in sight, I still had free period and Spanish. As I was stacking my books from the previous classes I could feel someone approaching me. As I turned around, I knew that it wasn't a good idea, no one ever came up to me except maybe my brother. So when the icy chunks of slushy hit my face again, I already had my eyes and lips closed, preventing anything from entering. I groaned inwardly and sighed in defeat, pissing off Puck during first period obviously wasn't a good idea if you wanted to stay dry and clean for the rest of the day. I wiped away the remaining slushy of my face with my already ruined shirt and realized that that was the only spare shirt I had in my locker. Sighing again, I looked at the few students who were staring at me and whispering to their friends, a few ice cold stares made them all look away though. I scanned the rest of the crowd for a familiar face and saw my brother entering the hallway, talking to his friends. I pushed my way through the crowd after slamming my locker shut, scaring a few more bystanders.

"Brent." He looked up from where his friend was showing him something and the smile that was plastered on his face immediately dropped.

He walked over and pulled me in a hug, not caring that I was ruining his shirt. "Who did this?" He looked around the hallway for any potential slushy attacker but I shook my head and made him look back at me.

"Don't, Brent, I just came to ask for a shirt. Mine is completely drenched." I peeled the fabric away from my skin and made a face.

He sighed and looked down, taking in the state that I was in. "I told you to put a spare shirt in your locker, Britt."

"Yeah." I laughed sadly and bit on my bottom lip. "I'm wearing my spare shirt right now."

He cocked an eyebrow in my direction. "I don't understand. You mean that this was your second slushy attack?" His eyebrows pinched together in anger.

"Yeah I got one before lunch as well." I explained in a soft voice, trying to make it sound like it's not such a big deal.

"I'll kill the one who did this." He let out between clenched teeth and flexing jaw muscles.

"No, you won't. Please, for me?" I looked at him with the best puppy dog eyes I could muster up.

"Britt, I just don't want you to get another slushy facial or worse, hurt."

"And I don't want you to get expelled, this is your senior year, Brent. You can finally get the hell out of here." I didn't want any more violence on his account.

"… Fine. But if I see any of them in action then I can't promise that I won't do something." I knew that that was the best I could do from preventing Brent beating anyone up so I agreed with his terms. I was sure that he would still search for who gave me the slushy facials but at least he wouldn't hurt them. I accepted his shirt and smiled at the bold letters 'PIERCE' printed on the back. With a promise to tell him everything that happened and also why I was having detention later, I left Brent with his friends and went to the auditorium. No one would occupy it at this time so I could have some piece and quiet there.

Santana POV; after volleyball practice

I ran my hand through my hair and let out a sigh while walking through the empty hallways. Volleyball practice had ended a good hour ago and it had worn me out. Coach had gone all crazy on our asses since we had lost a very important match the previous captain has its privileges but sure didn't stop our coach from making me do a few extra laps around the field for not diving far enough during practice. I mean seriously, I came like half a finger short and I still managed to place the ball prefectly for one of my teammates to make a pass. Whatever. I shrug and continue walking towards the exit when the sound of footsteps made me stop and turn around to see who was following me. I raised my eyebrow when I saw that there was no one behind me, I peered in the darkness but eventually gave up. Must have been my imagination.

But the closer I got to the auditorium, the louder the footsteps became. It sounded like someone was dancing? Who could possibly still be dancing while the school was actually closed for all except the football and volleyball teams, who have practice after school hours. Frowning I pushed the door from the auditorium further open.

I stopped dead in my tracks; if anyone had been walking behind me they would have walked straight against me by the sudden stop. Right there on the stage was Brittany, her body flawlessly moving to the music that was blasting in her ears through her ear buds. Her chest heaving up and down from moving so energetic to the beat. Her movements where so fluid, I just couldn't stop staring at her, she danced so beautifully.

"Hey Britt!" The sudden voice startled me and I took a few steps back into the darkness so I didn't get noticed. Britt's older brother appeared on stage and he waved over to Brittany to get her attention.

Brittany seemed to have sensed him since she quickly pulled out her ear buds and smiled. "Oh, hey Brent. Is practice already over?"

"Yup, ready to go home, squirt?" He pointed over to the exit while holding tight onto his sport bag.

"I told you to stop calling me that." I could faintly see the pout Brittany was supporting and a small smile lid up my face.

"It's too funny, Britt. I see that my shirt is still very clean, did they stop the slushy attacks?" Attacks? I gasped and frowned;did Brittany have another slushy facial?

"Yeah, they probably couldn't find me anymore, seeing as I was here the whole time."

"That's good. How was detention?"

"Sucked. Ms. Pillsbury was-" the rest of Brittany's words were too muffled for me to hear as they both made their way out of the auditorium. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and ran a hand through my hair.

Something was up with Brittany, first I thought that she has some sort of hearing problem where the sounds that she hears are way too loud so that's why she wore earplugs during the day. But seeing how she easily listened to music on a loud volume threw my whole theory out of the window. I dropped my hand to my side and huffed.

I don't understand how it comes that I'm so captivated by her but I decided that, whatever was wrong with Brittany, I would find out. One way or another.

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