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Epilogue-Forever and What May Come

The cart squeaked as it was being guided down the aisle weaving around the crowded Wal-Mart. Aster was not paying any attention to what was on the shelves. Instead what he was looking for was a mischievous white haired man that had disappeared on him in the cracker isle. It had been 5 months since the end of the trial and He had asked Jack to start living with him.

Jack had moved in shortly after, leaving only the things at his parents that would not fit into the apartment. They had defiantly had their ups and downs since then but had made it through. Fights and love happening in the apartment they shared. One time getting to the point Jack stayed at his parents but luckily had returned in the middle of the night climbing back into the bed they shared. It was bound to happen because though Jack had been over a lot they were still not in the position of being tripping and stumbling over each other every day.

Aster sighed out as he reached the end of the isle neither hearing nor seeing Jack anywhere. So he moved on picking up this and that he knew they needed figuring Jack would show up. He thought about what had changed in the last 5 months. The biggest is that Aster and Jack had just broke ground for having their own house that was a little out of Burgess about a week ago. Of course it was contracted out to Bunnymund Construction, discount, so Aster had a big part in building their home. Aster had saved enough money and Jack had inherited some money after his maternal grandmother passed away leaving a large lump son to all the grandchildren.

Aster though he would use the money to help pay for school but Jack had actually brought up the dream of them having a home instead of the little apartment. It was not going to be a large over lavish home as that was neither of their styles but would have more than at the moment. They had worked on the plans together with input from both their families, and that is a lot of opinions. They ironed them out taking them about 2 months before they could break ground.

Another big change was Jack was not working anymore at Walmart. Just after the trail jack had turned in his 2 weeks' notice and just wanting to worry about his school and getting teacher assistant work out of the way. North was sad to see Jack go though they frequented the place often seeing North or was being invited to the man's overly planned parties at his home. Not lavish suit and tie parties, both Aster and Jack could not be more thankful for that, but LOTS of people. Aster was happy Jack was not working at a place where people attacked him. He was not ready for another Pitch.

So Jack was mostly just working on getting his classes out of the way as fast as he can without pushing himself too far. He completed many during this summer and was just waiting for the Fall semester to start and getting a much needed break. He hung around Tanya a lot as well for gossip. The two when together where like a regular teenage girls. Jack had plans though to be her teacher assistant once the schools started up again in a couple of weeks.

Aster was really proud of his boyfriend. He was always being surprised by the younger man that made him fall in love even more with him. One was the surprise of why he was pushing himself so hard. Jack wanted Aster to think about taking maybe a few courses once Jack graduated in the next spring. The two had been looking into night classes and other options so Aster could finish what he started years ago with his art major. They still had time and so much going on with the home, Jack's school, and fast approaching graduation.

Aster had just put a few spices in the cart he knew was running low at the apartment when a box is thrust into his vision. He looks up startled to see the smiling face of Jack and looks back at the box. It is a box of his favorite crackers that had started this whole thing so long ago, or not so long ago depending on how you looked at it. He smiled while looking down at the younger man who seems so proud to be presenting the box.

"I noticed you were getting low on your addiction at home and where down when they were out here. So I talked a few I know that work here and they looked in the back finding some." Jack's smile is almost blinding as the goofy grin on Aster's face.

"Well that was kind of you Frostbite." Aster pulls Jack too him crushing the box between them. "But as long as you are around I don't think my addiction will run out anytime soon." Aster smirks at the seemingly virgin blush he can still bring up in his boyfriend.

As Jack tosses the now half crushed box into the basket grabbing the side of the cart as the start moving a glint catches Aster's eye. Ahh yes, the best change of all resting on Jack's left hand ring finger in the public proclamation of a small diamond. A very recent change that Aster had surprised Jack with this last weekend on the exact day that they had meet in the cracker isle a year ago. Aster was stilling getting used to the title change for them from being boyfriends to fiancées. A summer ceremony is what the two are thinking after Jack graduates but details where still to come.

Jack might have started as an annoying overzealous employee of Walmart that was always there whether Aster wanted him there or not. Aster was just another customer that was eye candy to Jack and a person to tease when he could. Neither knew how that changed in the time it did to love and kept changing until they agreed to want forever together. No matter how much they talked about how it all started but the two could agree that they could not wait to spend forever together whatever may come.

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