Title: The Many Advantages of Saint Marie as a Honeymoon Destination

Rating: T

Category: Crossover (Doc Martin/Death in Paradise), Established Relationship (Louisa Glasson/Martin Ellingham), Unresolved Sexual Tension (Richard Poole/Camille Bordey), Humour, Family

Summary: Where better to have a proper honeymoon than Saint Marie? What could go wrong?

A/N: I sort of hope that fans of one show, who are familiar with the premise of the other/seen a few episodes of it, would be able to read this story without too many issues. However, since I am a fan of both shows, I have no idea if this is true. Spoilers for Series 6 episode 1 of Doc Martin.

Chapter One: Apparent Advantages

"When you have a moment, please take a look at this and see if you feel the location is appropriate," Martin passed her the brochure with very little ceremony, and Louisa's heart sank for a moment – she feared he'd changed his mind about schools again. No more than a quick glance at the cover was needed to show how very wrong she was.

"This is a holiday brochure!" She looked up at her husband, smiling in wonder. "For a Caribbean island!"

"Yes," was the only reply she got.

"You want to go on holiday to Saint Marie?" Her disbelief was evident.

He frowned, "You said that you wanted a proper honeymoon. Have you changed your mind?"

"No, no! This is a wonderful idea," She flicked through the glossy pages, pausing to smile somewhat gleefully at images of waterfalls and deserted stretches of white sand. "Oh it looks perfect! What made you pick Saint Marie?"

"Well I have a cousin there. I saw him in London a few months ago when he was escorting a prisoner back to the UK." She raised her eyebrows at the phrase 'escorting a prisoner' and Martin explained, "He's a police officer. Officially with The Met but they transferred him over there to run police force on the island. It's a British Crown Protectorate you know."

"Oh how lovely! Does he really like it there then?"

"Not really," Martin told her shortly. "Should I book the holiday? I thought the Easter break might be appropriate."

He turned and walked away, probably intending to boot up the computer to do just that, but Louisa was still a little concerned about his cousin's attitude to the island. Checking the baby was still sleeping soundly, she chased after him, "Hang on Martin! What doesn't he like about it?"


"Your cousin!"


"Yes, if that is the name of your cousin who lives on Saint Marie," God the man was frustrating.

"Well as I understand it it's quite hot, and he doesn't cope so well in the heat. Also he has quite a strong aversion to sand. He isn't keen on the Caribbean diet, and says there are very few places he can get hold of a proper cup of tea. Does that answer your question?"

It did, and she was relieved, "Oh well that's a shame for him. But I mean it doesn't apply to us though? The whole point of going would be the sun, sea and beaches!"

"Also I've checked and he tells me the coffee is satisfactory," Martin added, as if that had actually been his deciding factor in suggesting Saint Marie as a location. Though if she was being honest, it wouldn't have surprised Louisa if it was.

"Oh this is so exciting! I never took you for the kind who'd want to spend a week on the beach and by the pool though, Martin."

"Well I'm not really."

Now Louisa was frowning, "Well, I mean, what did you want to do then?"

"Oh don't get me wrong," Martin told her, in the tone that usually meant he was going to say something he thought would be pacifying, but normally just made her angry. "I'm perfectly happy for you and James Henry to spend as much time in the pool or on the beach as you like. In fact I think it's time he did learn to get used to water. I can find other things to entertain myself."

Louisa found that last statement a little suspicious, "Other things like what?"

"Well, see Richard again for example," Martin told her, though Louisa still felt he was being a little evasive.

"Well of course Martin, I'm not saying you can't spend time with your cousin. I'd love to meet him as well." Louisa said this and waited, hoping Martin would admit whatever it was on his own. He said nothing, just continued to book the flights on the computer. "Were there any other activities you'd also considered?"

"Well there is a clinic come research unit on the island I thought I might visit," He said casually, or as casually as it was possible for Martin to say anything.

"Oh Martin! We're going on honeymoon and you want to work!" She very nearly through her arms up in despair.

"It wouldn't be work," he protested. "It's not like I'd be performing surgery or seeing patients, I'd just like to look at the facilities and talk to the medics and scientists working there. The results they are achieving are amazing given their limited resources. Richard said it's the same across the whole island really, they are considered too small to be given the resources to build their own facilities, so everyone just adapts."

Louisa sighed, knowing she was going to give in, "I suppose that is fun to you."

"Well, I would find it intellectually stimulating, yes."

If she wanted to fight with him, she'd probably make a comment that he was implying she was too stupid to entertain him, but it wasn't what he meant and she knew it. Besides, she was still pretty happy about getting to go to the Caribbean. She was sure once they were there she would find ways to make sure he didn't spend too much time away from her. Plus this cousin of his might provide some babysitting services as well.

Much to her relief, James Henry had not cried that much on the plane. Yes he had whimpered for a good hour, but then settled and slept most of the trip – only waking to be fed. Louisa had had images of the baby screaming the entire 8 hours, other passengers huffing and muttering under their breath about parents who dared travel with small children. As soon as they stepped from the air conditioned airport, a blast of heat hit them. Martin paused to carefully position a sun hat on James' head.

"Where is your hat?" he asked her.

"Still in the case," Something she would have thought was obvious. She was hardly going to need it on the plane was she?

"You should stay covered up in the sun, especially near the equator, you might burn and that leads to an increased risk of skin cancer," As he said this, he put his own hat on. Though Louisa knew everything he said was true, and rather serious, she still couldn't help but snort with laughter at the sight of him. The hat he had chosen might be practical, but was not exactly flattering.

"There is nothing funny about a melanoma, Louisa!"

"Of course not Martin, but I'm sure I'll be fine into we get to the hotel."

And they were. A rather expensive taxi took them to the hotel, and Martin complained about the price all the way up to the room. Louisa let him continue his rant whilst she explored the suite. When she got out on to the balcony, she let out a little squeal.

Martin came running out, "What is it? Snake? Spider?"

"No! We have our own hot tub!" She said, pointing delightedly, bouncing James on her hip to keep him calm.

"Oh right, yes, I thought you might like that. Get your hat, we should go let Richard know we are here."

To her surprise, Louisa found that they were outside the police station. Martin had half dragged her through the market, despite her protests, some of the things on sale had been rather pretty. He had rather firmly informed her that they were largely tat and prices would be massively inflated as they were obviously tourists, and she would be much better shopping at the hotel gift shop where a bit of quality was guaranteed. She thought he was being unreasonable, and resolved to return to the market on one of the days he was 'entertaining himself'.

"Could your cousin not get any time off work?" Louisa asked, unsure it was entirely appropriate for them to just drop in on the Detective Inspector in the middle of his shift.

"I don't know I didn't ask him," Martin started to bound up the steps, despite the heat.

"Oh I suppose it would be rude to ask him to take time off just for us," As Louisa said this though, she had a terrible feeling. "Martin, you did tell him we were coming didn't you?"

As she followed her husband through the door, her worst fears were confirmed when a man squinting at a picture on a whiteboard turned around at their entrance and exclaimed in surprise, "Martin?"