Jessie: Tales of Love

Hey everybody, sean. here bringing you another hot M-rated Jessie story. This is a first of my Tales of Love series. Now, this story is going to consist of different stories and different pairings that you would love to see. Here are the pairings: Jessie & Emma, Jessie & Luke, Jessie & Connie, Jessie & Tony, Emma & Luke, Jessie & Emma & Connie, Luke & Connie, Jessie & Shaylee, Jessie & Emma & Luke. So here it is, Jessie: Tales of Love. Enjoy.

Chapter One

Bedroom Fun

Emma was a normal teenage girl with famous parents and adopted siblings, a stubborn butler, and a beautiful nanny from Texas that she has been really attracted to when she first saw her. Emma had never thought that she has been attracted to Jessie, she's like a big sister to her and they have a sisterly bond with each other. There were times that Emma started to fantasize about Jessie. The feeling of kissing her on her lips passionately and feeling her warm wet tongue against hers. Emma also started to fantasize about Jessie making love to her. Later on during the evening, Emma was sitting in her room thinking about something that has been on her mind until her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in." Said Emma. Jessie entered Emma's room and sees her sitting on her bed.

"Hey Emma. I was just checking to see how you were doing." Said Jessie.

"Well, Jessie. There is something that I want to talk to you about." Said Emma. Jessie started to sit next to Emma. Emma could feel her heart beating fast and she felt a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"What is it that you want to talk about, Emma?" Asked Jessie.

"Jessie, I've been having feelings for someone that I like and I don't know how to tell that person how I feel." Said Emma. "What should I do?"

"You should tell that person how you feel. Don't be afraid to tell him. Just be yourself and everything will be fine." Said Jessie as she put her hand on Emma's thigh and rubbed it gently. "So, who is this person that you have feelings for?"

"The person that I have feelings for is you." Said Emma. Jessie looked surprised when she heard that Emma was falling in love with her. "I wanted to tell you but I don't know how you feel about me. Every time that I think about you, I feel like I want to make love to you and kiss you. I never been attracted to a girl before but now I'm attracted to you. Maybe this will show you how I feel."

Emma moved in closer to Jessie and began to kiss her softly on her lips. Jessie was a bit nervous about kissing Emma, she has never kissed a girl before or make love to a girl. Emma pulled away from Jessie's lips and started to blush a deep red.

"I'm sorry Jessie. I shouldn't have done that." Said Emma.

"That's okay Emma. I really liked it. To tell you the truth, I have been attracted to you ever since and I haven't stopped thinking about you all the time." Said Jessie. Emma smiled at Jessie and continued to blush when she heard that Jessie has been attracted to her this whole time. "Why don't we try the kissing part again? Let's see if you can do it better."

Emma started to kiss her sexy nanny on her lips passionately and gently stroking her leg and moving her hand up Jessie's blue dress. Jessie could feel Emma's hand rubbing the fabric of her white laced panties as she started to moan into the blonde's mouth and turning her on. Emma's tongue began to lick the bottom of Jessie's lower lip begging for entrance as her nanny let her in her mouth and explore her. Both Jessie's tongue and Emma's tongue were in a battle for dominance while Emma's hands started to explore her body as she starts to squeeze her left breast. Jessie's moans began to fill the room with Emma feeling her up and dominating her mouth at the same time and it was making Jessie really wet. After a few minutes of kissing and feeling up Jessie, Emma began to unzip the back of Jessie's blue dress and her black heels, the auburn-haired beauty was in her white laced front-hooked bra and matching white laced panties.

"Your body looks so beautiful." Said Emma taking a good long look at Jessie.

"Thanks Emma." Said Jessie smiling at Emma. "Now let me remove your clothes."

Emma nodded her head and let Jessie strip her naked. Jessie removed her yellow cardigan and unbuttoned her black buttoned shirt with white polka-dots on them and her black jeans, revealing her matching pink floral bra and panties. Jessie removed Emma's bra and began to kiss her again. Emma unhooked Jessie's bra and let it drop on the floor and let Emma suck on her perfect C-cup breasts. Emma took one of Jessie's breasts and begin to suck on her light brown nipple.

"Mmm Emma." Moaned Jessie as she felt Emma's tongue swirl around her nipple, making it hard. Jessie felt extremely horny as she started sticking her hand down her panties and began to masturbate. Jessie was getting some pleasure from Emma so much she wants her to lick her pussy. Jessie laid down on Emma's bed as Emma continues to lick her nipples. After licking her nipples for a good minute, Emma began to place soft kisses on Jessie's body and to her wet panties. The blonde lifted up Jessie's left leg and her tongue began to lick her smooth, sexy leg and to her foot. Emma took Jessie's pretty toes in her mouth and began to suck on them. Everything about Jessie's body is pretty: her face, her full lips, her curvy body, her beautiful breasts, her long, soft legs and her pretty feet. Jessie was getting really turned on by Emma sucking on her toes she was getting extremely wet.

"Emma. Take me now." Said Jessie. Emma began to remove Jessie's soaking wet panties while Jessie starts to spread her legs and held them open for Emma. Emma began to lick Jessie's dripping wet pussy making Jessie moan. Jessie was moaning with delight while the girl who's been attracted to her is eating her out.

"Oh god. Emma." Moaned Jessie. Emma stuck her hand down her panties and began to rub her pussy. Emma felt a small patch of hair on Jessie's pussy tickling her nose. Jessie's pussy was neatly trimmed and Emma loved seeing her small landing strip, it was adorable. Emma inserted her tongue into Jessie's wet slit turning Jessie on. Jessie starts to pinch her nipple and flicking it feeling completely turned on. Jessie's moans start to intensify when Emma's tongue went in and out of her pussy faster than a speeding bullet. Her muscles started to tighten and her toes started to curl, this was a sign that she was ready to cum for Emma.

"Emma, I'm going to cum!" Cried Jessie as she started to cum all over the blonde's wet tongue. Emma licked up all of Jessie's cum and brought herself to Jessie's lips and began to kiss her so she can taste herself all over her lips.

"Mmm, you taste so good Jessie." Said Emma.

"Now it's my turn to taste you, Emma." Said Jessie.

"Go ahead and have your way with me." Said Emma. Jessie kissed her lover and began to kiss her neck and her shoulders until her lips go down to her cute, perky B-cup breasts.

"Your breasts so cute, Emma." Said Jessie.

"Thanks Jessie." Said Emma. Emma's cheeks turned red as a tomato, blushing right in front of Jessie. Jessie thought it was so cute seeing Emma blush. Jessie starts to take one of Emma's breasts and began to suck on her luscious pink nipple. Emma was moaning from Jessie sucking on her nipple and licking it, coating the nipple with her saliva. Jessie moved to the other breast and repeated her actions as Emma's moans filled the room. After licking her nipples, Jessie moved her tongue down Emma's body and removed her panties, revealing her pussy that was glistening with her wetness.

"You're so wet for me, Emma." Said Jessie. Jessie was enjoying the amazing scent that was coming from Emma as she begins to lick her pussy. Emma moaned to the feeling of Jessie's tongue licking her slit. Jessie's beautiful brown eyes stared into Emma's hazel eyes as Jessie watched her wonderful expressions of pleasure on her face. Emma continues to watch her nanny eating her out and she was doing a hell of an excellent job at pleasuring her. Jessie stuck her finger in her mouth and coating it with her saliva and began to insert it into Emma's pussy.

"Do you like that?" Asked Jessie.

"Yeah." Moaned Emma. Jessie added a second finger into Emma's pussy and continue to finger her and lick her clit at the same time. Emma was close to her peak as she starts to hold on to her bed sheets for dear life. Jessie gently pinched Emma's clit and it sent her over the edge.

"Jessie! Oh god, Jessie. I'm coming!" Yelled Emma as she started to cum all over Jessie's fingers. After she came, Jessie removed her fingers out of Emma's pussy and licked her cum off.

"Wanna taste?" Asked Jessie.

"Sure, I would love to taste myself." Said Emma. Emma starts to lick her own cum off of Jessie's fingers, enjoying the taste of herself. While the two begin to kiss for a couple of minutes, Jessie started to feel something hard under Emma's pillow as she stopped kissing her and found her pink vibrator.

"Okay Emma. Would you mind telling me where you got this from?" Asked Jessie.

"I got it from your room." Said Emma. "Please don't be mad at me Jessie. I love you and I want you to take my virginity with it."

"Okay Emma. I love you too." Said Jessie. Emma starts to spread her legs wide and held them up for Jessie, her pussy was still dripping with her cum. Jessie began to turn on the pink vibrator and put it up against Emma's clit and slowly rubbing her clit with it. Emma was starting to enjoy the sensation of Jessie's vibrator on her clit and began to moan.

"Fuck my pussy, Jessie." Said Emma. Jessie couldn't believe her ear when she heard Emma talk like that and it was really a turn-on for Jessie. Jessie slowly inserted the vibrator into Emma's pussy and began to fuck her with it. This was an amazing feeling for Emma as she let her nanny fuck her. Jessie began to fuck Emma hard with the dildo and kissed her passionately. Emma was moaning into the kiss as her moans start to intensify and she was ready to cum.

"Oh Jessie!" Screamed Emma.

"Are you ready to cum for me, Em?" Asked Jessie.

"Mhm-hmn. Make me cum, Jes. Make me cum hard." Moaned Emma. Jessie continues to fuck Emma hard with the vibrator until she starts to cum really hard and squirt her juices all over the bed sheet. Jessie removed her vibrator out of Emma's pussy and started to suck Emma's sweet juices off while Emma recovers from her intense orgasm. Jessie laid down next to Emma and held her in her arms and cuddled with her and gave her a kiss.

"I love you Jessie." Said Emma.

"I love you too Emma." Said Jessie.

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