Jessie: Tales of Love

Hey everybody, I'm back bringing you another hot chapter of this great story and trust me, you are going to love this chapter because this is a Luke/Jessie chapter and it is a really hot chapter and this chapter is based on the episode Punch Dumped Love. So, for all you Lessie fans out there, here's chapter two. Enjoy.

Chapter Two

Luke's Dream Girl

(Luke's P.O.V.)

I have become attracted to the most beautiful girl in the world. There are times that I tend to think about her a lot. Everything about her is beautiful: her green eyes, her fair skin, her straight red hair with bangs, and her full sakura lips that you just want to kiss for a long time. Her name is Jessica Liz "Jessie" Prescott and she is my dream girl. Every time when I try to make a romantic pass at Jessie but she just turns it down due to our 7-year age difference. Then, there was the moment that I fell in love with her. It was at the school dance when we first danced together. I know that some of my friends think thought that was cool when I danced with a girl who's older than me, I wanted this moment to last forever. After the dance, I went upstairs and laid down on my bed with my dress shirt and tie and dress pants and black socks on still thinking about tonight. I started to hear the door open up and it was Jessie, who was wearing her pink bathrobe. She was about to take a bath until she notice that my light was still on in my room.

"Luke, what are you still doing up?" Asked Jessie.

"Oh nothing. I was just busy thinking about a few things." I said.

"Is it about that girl or that bully who can peel a banana with his feet like a gorilla?" Asked Jessie.

"No." I said as Jessie started to sit down next to me on the bed. "Jessie, I would just like to say thank you for dancing with me at the dance."

"You're welcome, Luke. Just remember, if you need anything I'm here to help you." Said Jessie. This is it, this is going to happen. My heart was beating fast and I started to hyperventilate to what's going to happen next that changed me in a very deep and profound way from that day forward. "Luke, are you okay? You look a little stressed…"

Then, all of a sudden, Jessie was caught off guard when my lips crashed onto hers when I started to kiss her. It was a soft and romantic kiss until Jessie pulled away.

"I'm sorry Jessie." I said.

"Luke, I can't do this. It's not right. I could get fired." Said Jessie.

"Jessie. If loving you is wrong, then I don't want to be right. I love you so much that I would do anything to be with you. You're all I think about and you're the most beautiful girl I have ever met." I said. Jessie blushed when I said that I loved her. That left her speechless.

"Luke. I…I…I don't know what to say." Said Jessie.

"Don't say anything. Just go with it." I whispered. Jessie began to kiss me back and started to feel my hand touching her body. She was entranced by my soft, gentle touch as she started to feel herself getting wet for me. Jessie started to take her hair out of a ponytail and let it down as I removed Jessie's robe off of her, revealing her completely naked body. My tongue touched the bottom of my nanny's lower lip begging for entrance as she let me into her mouth as our tongues touched with passion and were fighting for dominance. Once I pinned Jessie's tongue and dominating her mouth, she started to moan into the kiss while my hand starts caressing her soft skin and gently cupping her right breast with care and pinching her light brown nipple, making her feel really turned on by me kissing her and feeling her up at the same time. After kissing her for a good long minute, Jessie began to remove my tie and threw it to the ground and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and started to kiss my lightly toned chest and removed the shirt from my body while her hand made it to my pants and began to unfasten them as she stuck her hand down my pants to gently stroke my hard cock. I let out some soft moans as Jessie continues to pump my hard member, turning me completely on and when Jessie heard me moan, she thought it was really hot hearing me moan. After stroking his cock and not letting me cum yet, Jessie removed my pants and briefs off of me and my socks too. The auburn haired beauty stared at my 8-inch cock and her mouth watered and she was mesmerized by looking at it. As I laid Jessie on the bed, I began to kiss her on her lips passionately until I began to kiss her down her neck. Jessie moaned and giggled at the same time when I began to kiss and suck on her neck. After kissing her neck, I continue to leave a trail of kisses on Jessie's body until I began to take one of C-cup breasts and take it in my mouth, sucking on her nipple and gently biting it at the same time. My tongue swirled around her nipple as Jessie's moans start to fill the room as I continue to lick her nipples.

"Mmm Luke." Moaned Jessie. After sucking on her left breast, I repeated my actions on the other while my hand plays with her extremely wet pussy. I inserted my finger slowly into Jessie's pussy. I could tell that she was dripping wet from me pleasuring her. I wanted to do more to her, I want to taste her, and also fuck her. After licking her nipples for a good long minute, I proceeded to kiss down Jessie's body until my lips start to touch her neatly trimmed pussy. Jessie starts to spread her legs wide and held them open as I began to slowly lick her wet slit making Jessie moan to the feeling of my tongue on her pussy.

"Oh god, Luke. Mmm, that feels so good. Keep eating my pussy." Moaned Jessie. While I was eating out Jessie, I started to look at her playing with her left breast and flicking her nipple getting really turned on. Just to really turn on Jessie, I began to tongue-fuck her for a couple of minutes and when she was ready to cum, I gently bit down on her clit. God, that really set her off wild.

"Ahhh! Luke! I'm cumming!" Screamed Jessie as she came into my mouth, tasting her sweet cum. She tastes so good, I want her to taste herself on my lips. I went back to Jessie's lips and kissed her so she can taste her own juices on my lips.

"You taste so good, Jessica." I said.

"Luke." Said Jessie as she stared into my eyes.

"Yes, Jessie." I said looking at her.

"Let me take you in my sweet, horny, little mouth. I'm such a naughty little slut." Said Jessie. I have never heard Jessie talk like that and I have to admit, that's really a turn-on. Jessie was still lying on her back and I was on my knees as she inserted my cock into her warm, wet mouth. I began to watch my beautiful nanny giving me a blowjob. I began to moan as Jessie continues to go down on me. Jessie was feeling really horny as she begins to masturbate while blowing me. Her finger went in and out of her pussy fast and it was the best sensation on her life. Jessie wanted to try something out with me as I got on top of her and stuck my hardened cock in-between her voluptuous breast and she began to titfuck me.

"You like that baby?" Asked Jessie. "You like watching your naughty little slut titfucking you? I'm such a dirty girl."

"God, you're so fucking hot, Jessie." I moaned as Jessie continues to titfuck me. I was close to cumming, but I don't want to cum just yet. I want to wait for the perfect moment to cum. As I lay down on my back, Jessie climbed on top of me and lined up my cock to her pussy.

"Jessie, I want you to ride me baby." I said.

"Okay. This naughty southern girl is going to give you a really hot time." Said Jessie. Jessie inserted my cock into her pussy nice and slow. She started to feel a bit of pain and then after a few inches were inside her she began to feel some pleasure as she slowly began to ride me in the cowgirl position This was the best feeling of my life, the girl of my dreams is riding me.

"Do you want me to go faster?" Asked Jessie.

"Yes baby." I said. "Ride my cock, you naughty Texan."

Jessie obeyed my command as she rode my 'tool' hard. Our naked bodies were covered with sweat and our lust filled the room and so did our moans. I started to squeeze Jessie's left breast and flicking her nipple at the same time. To give Jessie some extra pleasure, I began to lube up my finger with my saliva and began to finger her tight little ass. Jessie's moans start to intensify as I continue to fuck her pussy and finger her ass at the same time and I was close to my peak.

"Oh god, Jessie. I'm going to cum. I'm gonna cum inside you." I said feeling ready to blow my load inside Jessie.

"Mmm, do it Luke. Cum inside me, baby." Moaned Jessie. I started to get a couple of thrusts in her until I heard her scream out my name out loud, everybody in New York could hear her. I let out a really hot moan as I shot my hot load inside Jessie. We were both exhausted from fucking as Jessie laid down next to me and wrapped my arms around her and gave her a kiss.

"That was the best sex ever." I said.

"Yeah, it was." Said Jessie.

Jessie will always be my dream girl.

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