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The Gate Keeper

Chapter 1

Harry was not having a good day.

It all started in the morning when Ginny packed up her things from Grimmauld Place and left, unable to abstain from the allures of one handsome barista she met last week at a bar. Of course, knowing his luck things got even worse with the arrival of a ministry officer inspecting his house for dark artefacts.

While the recently appointed Minister Shacklebolt revolutionised and reformed the core principles of the Ministry in regards to dark creatures, knowledge quickly travelled throughout all of Wizarding Britain that he possessed paranoia that could rival even that of Moody. In order to keep the threat of an uprising by the dark away, he soon introduced monthly inspections all households. These inspections are extremely thorough. One cannot simply cast a spell to detect anything dark, so as protocol, the residents of the house undergoing the inspection must leave for a few days.

Of course upon his return he did not expect to see Grimmauld Place a pile of ash. It would seem that the 'Ministry official' was a façade for a former outer circle Death Eater that escaped the Ministry.

So this is how Harry ended up lying on a tree branch, absently fiddling with a snitch, reflecting on how much he hated his life.

Like he already said.

He was not having a good day.

That is until he sensed the arrival of someone below him. Glancing down, he saw a boy standing at the base of his tree, smiling at him.

"Harry Potter, we finally meet." Oh great, here's trouble.

Glaring at the boy standing underneath his tree, he swiftly leaped down from the branch he had previously been occupying.

The boy was short, appearing to be in his early teenage years. He wore what muggles would classify as punk with his spiked choker, leather jacket and pants, although the brown woollen slippers and blue goggles strapped to the side of his head was unusual. His russet hair and orange cat-like eyes only added to the youthfulness he radiated. A goofy smirk spread wide across half his face.

"Who the hell are you?" Harry questioned with narrowed eyes.

"Harry, I come bearing a proposition for you," the edges of his mouth twitched.

"What? Are you from the Ministry? I'm sorry but I'm not interested in whatever job you want me to do. Please just leave me alone."

"No Harry, you misunderstand me, to put it quite simply…I am God… and you have been chosen by the Fates, for your honourable services to the Wizarding World."

Fates? God? Wow this is by far the craziest fan by far, "What are you talking about? Are you-"

Suddenly the grinning boy snapped his fingers and Harry found himself floating in space. A second later the boy snapped his fingers and he collapsed on the grass panting.

"Was that…Is that…"

"Yes, that was entirely real, it was no mere illusion. But of course, if you still don't believe I suppose I could give you a little taste of my power…" As a blinding white light erupted from his body, Harry quickly blocked his eyes with his arm, feeling the power wash over him. It's him! It's really God! I can sense it, this power… but wait…something's different…

"I suppose you would have felt it, my power, it is still so young, juvenile." The fox-like grin slid off his face as he wistfully stared at his fingers.

"Like I said, who are you? He feels like God, but there's something about his power which seems strange.

"Well, I guess you could call me the 'new' God, or the next universe's God if you like.

"The…next? He stood up, brushing off the blades of grass still stuck on him.

"Yeah that's right!" That annoying smile climbed back onto his face, "You know all Gods must die sometime. Right now God isn't feeling too good, the Fates say he has till evening until he perishes. So this is me, The New God. Nice to meet you!"

"So if you're the 'New God' then why are you talking to me?" He had never been the religious type. Sure the Dursleys went to church every Sunday, but they always left him in the cupboard. Apparently his 'freakiness' wasn't allowed there.

"With God's death all his creations will cease to exist and a new universe will be created. This is the universe I will be God of and you will come with me.

Harry froze, a new universe? "But, if you're creating a new universe then what happens to all the people here? I have friends, family…we only ended the war a year ago. Can't we just catch a break?"

"I'm sorry, but as I said your friends will cease to exist. Everyone will cease to exist. It is the way of the universe."

"But why do the Fates want me to come with you?"

"Because I can't create the new world by myself." He chuckled with a wink.


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