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(200 years later)

Silently Harry popped into a room. He raised an eyebrow while surveying his surroundings. The room was white, not just ordinary white no– but an almost compulsively pristine kind. Not a speck of dust nor dirt could be seen anywhere. The room was empty except for the lonely marble table and one chair located in the centre of the room. Even the sole occupant of the room, who was seated on the chair, was garbed in the blinding colour.

"So, this is where you have been hiding."

The man who can only be known as God glanced over his shoulder to the owner of the voice. His usually ruffled auburn hair was dishevelled and lanky.

"What do you want Gate Keeper?"

"Over 200 years since I've last seen you and the first greeting I get is Gate Keeper? That's harsh."

God shrugged his shoulders and leaned back on his chair.

Harry, unsurprised about God's uncaring behaviour took a seat on the table and continued.

"They covet you did you know? The angels. Even the ones that haven't seen you, they love you unconditionally. You've coddled and spoilt then too much. Truthfully it makes me sick." Harry grinned and peered over at his lifelong friend, seeing if his attempt to raise some of the familiar spark was successful. To his happiness a little smile was placed on the other man's face.

"The archangels are capable of controlling Heaven. They no longer need me."

"Yes, I see that they have already decided to close the gates of Heaven. By the way, I still haven't gotten payback from Michael for locking his brother into the pit without my permission."

"Yes, well it seems Michael, as the oldest, has taken his responsibility of leader. Now, Harry, what do you want? I hardly think you want to talk about angels."

"Why are you so suspicious? Can't this just be a friendly reunion? After all it has been so long. Age must be making you senile." He cast a sly grin at his old friend.

"Please leave me if you are merely intend to waste my time."

The grin slicked off Harry's face and was replaced by an almost wistful look.

"Why do you hide? Are you so afraid of what you created that you lock yourself in this room?"

"My creations are none of your concern. Leave Gate Keeper, you are no longer welcome here."

Rage filled green eyes searched the old withered face for any signs of emotion. Unsatisfied Harry slid off the table and faced away from God.

"You are a former shell of yourself God." With that scathing remark, Harry disappeared from the room, leaving his only friend to think over his words.


Hi my lovelies, I know that I haven't updated in 2 weeks but I have been busy with a crap load of work. Not to mention I've also been catching up in season 8 in preparation for season 9. The confrontation of Harry and God should have been more emotional I know, but I just couldn't write it out. Sorry if this disappoints some of you.

Unfortunately I have lost all the notes and ideas I have made for this story, I wrote it in my phone but somehow it just swallowed it up. I have come to the grave decision that this fic is officially on hiatus. I am definitely going to continue it someday, but I'm not sure when, however, if I do get requests to continue this I might start again. Unfortunately with the loss of my notes, all inspiration is gone. If anyone has any great scenarios or ideas that could occur for this fic, then just send me a review or PM of it and I may consider. So till the next time…