Different kind of Apple Polisher

Decisions, unwise or otherwise, are made regarding my love life.

Chapter 1

Enter: Ino Yamanaka!

"No, I am done. I'm fucking done!" I storm out of the club in a rage, my heels tapping loudly against the wet tarmac of the street as I head straight towards a taxi.


"Ino, come back!"

Kiba and Sakura come rushing out of the club quickly after, but I don't turn around. Sakura manages to catch up with me and once she's next to me I huff.

"I'm sad Forehead."

"I kno-" Sakura's consoling reply is cut off by Kiba, who is still across the street.

"Ino!" He yells, a drunken slur to his tone.

Sakura turns to him and graces him with a few imaginative swear words before turning back to me. You see, Kiba and I we'd been, well I thought we'd been, sorta together. Like, we'd been flirting for months now and tonight was the night I'd been planning on making my move, but mere moments ago I just found the stupid dog humping bastard playing tongue wars with some cow in the club. Clearly Kiba knew he was in the wrong, which was why he was now swaying on the sidewalk, staring at me soulfully. I'm not sad, I'm just angry.

"I want food and more drink." I say decisively.

Sakura nods in acknowledgement and then taps on the taxi window.

"Where to?" The man in the taxi enquires, rolling down his window and leaning out to look at us.

Sakura gives her address and then we both clamber into the car. I throw myself dramatically in and then flail slightly.

"I wasn't imagining it right Saks?" I moan, turning to give her a pout. "Kiba had definitely been implying he wanted to be with me?"

Sakura nods her head defiantly as the taxi begins moving off. "Yes Ino, definitely."

"Urgh, what a…what a…" I search for the word as I smack my face against the cold window.

At the sound of my forehead banging against the glass, the taxi driver gives me a look. I send a snarl back at him.

"I'm not going to break your taxi," I hiss. I turn to look at Sakura again. "He's such a stupid little boy." I grumble.

"Who? The taxi driver?" Sakura questions, looking bewildered.

The taxi driver throws me a slightly hurt look and I roll my eyes.

"No," I groan. "Not him. Kiba! Why do all the boys at our college suck?" I slump into a reverie.

"Not all the boys at college suck." Sakura replies.

I turn to glare at her. "You can say that because you've got a fabulously hot boyfriend!" I jab her in the ribs quickly. "But not me. You've managed to snap up the only mature boy in the whole of the college. I'm going to be forever lonely. Like a lonely little cloud."

Sakura laughs. "Good to see Mr Hatake's lessons are getting through to you." She comments.

I grin in response. "…yeah," I pause for a moment and an idea formulates in my mind. "Hmm…Mr Hatake-"

Sakura yelps as she quickly realises where my mind is drifting. "Oh Ino, no!" She screeches. "He's our English teacher and our self-defence teacher. Plus he's a…a…teacher."

The taxi driver nods through this. "Bad idea." He comments.

I throw a glare his way before turning the glare on my best friend. "I know that!" I yelp back. "I wasn't suggesting anything…God Forehead, cool your jets."

Sakura pouts at me. "Knowing you, you were being completely serious," she returns. "I know what you're like."

Dammit and she does too. I plaster a grin onto my face as we pull up outside her house.

"I won't go after Mr Hatake, Sakura," I say solemnly as my hand goes to the door handle. "Though I can't promise you won't find me shagging some other teacher in a storage cupboard at some point this year."

Sakura lets out a shriek of disgust and I jump out of the taxi chuckling.

"Ino, you're so gross!" She yelps after me as I walk towards her house. "And you better give me the money for this taxi ride! It cost loads!"

"Maybe I'll get some more mature friends while I'm at it as well." I mutter.

"You're the least mature person I know!" Sakura retorts. "And don't ring the doorbell; my parents won't be u-"

I ring the doorbell and turn a pretty smile on Sakura. Yes. Tonight is the night I start the rest of my life. No more little boys.

"Ino, Kiba wants to talk to you."

"Well if he wants to talk to me, he can come and tell me so. We're not in primary school anymore."

"He says he's scared you'll slap him if he comes over."

"A possibility."

"Will you slap me?"

"Another possibility."

Naruto draws back as I say this, his big blue eyes wide with fear as he regards me from over the common room table.

"I don't like you when you're angry." He comments.

"Blame your stupid friend then," I return, my eyes not moving from the magazine I'm reading.

I came into college early this morning which means Sakura isn't here yet. For some reason, stupid Kiba and stupid Naruto are here, which just sucks massively. I'm sure somebody up in the sky has a problem with me. Maybe I'm too hot? In all honesty, I don't mind Naruto. I love the guy. But he is stupid as hell, and I know that on a very personal level as I used to date him. I realise the boy has not taken his eyes off me, so I finally raise my own to look at him.

"What do you want Naruto?" I sigh.

Naruto pouts. "You two to make up." He mutters.

"Not happening," I reply and then I flick my fingers at him vaguely. "Be gone."

Naruto gives me a sad, longing, look and then slopes away, over to Kiba. Kiba, who is currently pretending not to be watching me, but so definitely is as he has cut two eye holes in the magazine he's 'reading' and is staring through them. When Naruto comes back over to him, the two talk for a few moments and then Kiba slumps down looking very disgruntled. I'd almost feel sorry for him if I wasn't aware he'd got some tongue/tonsil action on the weekend.

There's a few minutes of silence and then Kiba slowly rises to his feet. I flick a glance his way and mentally berate myself, because now I've put myself on the back foot. The dude really is very attractive. He's all tanned and lean with cute spiky brown hair and an adorable grin. No. Stop it Ino. He's a little boy. I forcibly drag my eyes away from him and then, very deliberately, turn a page of my magazine, making sure it crackles loudly as I do so. Kiba takes his time coming over to me, but his arrival is announced by a scent of aftershave. He leans over me, looking at my magazine.

"Ways to pleasure yourself when that special guy is away," he reads the article title and then looks at me with raised eyebrows. "Interesting."

Oh good God. Why? I'm trying to appear aloof and over him and now he's caught me reading an article about masturbation! I scream inwardly in my head and my cheeks colour a deep pink, but I don't turn the page over. Instead, I fix him with an icy glare.

"What do you want?" I question seriously.

"I came over to see how you were." He replies and then he grins.

I narrow my eyes at him. So he hasn't come over to apologise then? Maybe being angry at Kiba is going to be easier than I thought.

"I was just dandy," I return. "But now some creepy dude is hanging around me, clogging up my air with jackassness."

Kiba's face drops. "Oh come on Ino," he moans. "You're not still mad about Saturday are you?"

"I'm not a goldfish Kiba," I return plaintively. "I don't just forget things that happened after a few minutes."

Kiba, who had been looking very confused by the first part of my sentence, pouts at this.

"I'm not expecting you to!" He says. "But can't we move past it?"

"I have moved past it." I return smoothly. Ooh, goddamn I'm good. I mentally high five myself and then go back to perusing the masturbation article.

Kiba slouches away, out of the room, and Naruto jumps up to join me at my table.

"What even happened the other night?" He requested. "I don't like it when you or Sakura are mad at people…it makes you all mean."

I bare my teeth at him. "I'm always mean," I return. "And why weren't you out anyway? I swear I remember Sakura saying she invited you."

"Uh, she did," Naruto rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly and then shrugged. "But I was onto a winning streak on Mario Kart and I wanted to see if I could make a world record,"

I stare at him for a few minutes, wondering whether I should question this information, but then I drop it. After knowing Naruto for almost 14 years, I know when not to ask any questions.

"What're you reading?" The blond leans in close to see, but I snap the magazine shut, just as Sasuke and Sakura enter the common room.

Sakura and Sasuke have been going out since forever. It kinda sucks being Sakura's friend at times because not only is she gorgeous, clever and nice, but she's also got the hottest boyfriend of all time. Sasuke looks down at Naruto and I now, his eyes expressionless while Sakura greets us and seats herself next to me.

"Hiya guys," she smiles.

Sasuke sits too and Naruto immediately begins regaling him with his story about Mario Kart. Sakura cocks her head at me in the meantime.

"Have you seen Kiba yet?" She enquires as her boyfriend slowly begins one-upping Naruto in the background, informing the now crestfallen looking boy that he has a better winning streak than him.

"Mmhmm," I reply, trying to look casual. "Told him where to shove it too."

Sakura looks surprised. "What, really?"

I raise an eyebrow in response. "Yes. Remember Sakura, I said I was done with little boys."

"You were being serious?" The girl checks. "I thought it was just drunken rambling! Like the time you said you were going to learn to play the drums and join an angry girl band."

Ah yes. All I wanted to do was have album covers with me glaring at the camera while lolling casually upon a dirty couch. Two hot -angry- chicks with me…I snap out of my daydream and shoot a (angry girl band standard) glare at my best friend.

"Hey!" I retort. "I meant it! And when I come up with an ultimatum, I stick to it!"

Naruto, Sakura and even Sasuke look at me with sceptical expressions. I let out an indignant yelp.

"Thanks for the support guys!" I growl, getting to my feet. "Now if you don't mind, I'm heading down to the cafeteria to get some breakfast!"

Sakura jumps up too and links arms with me as I begin trying to storm off. Due to her dead weight I cannot complete my huffy strut away, so I slow down, dragging my heels as I shoot a pout at her.

"I'm behind you a hundred per cent Ino," she tells me as we leave the common room and push through double doors leading into a corridor. Large windows frame this area, allowing us to see it's still raining; bulbous raindrops slipping lazily down the glass as the accompanying sound of their falling brothers and sisters beat out a tune against the metal roof of the cafeteria below. "But I do hope you were kidding about the whole 'teacher' aspect of it."

Our shoes clack loudly in the silence of the dark corridor. This early in the morning, college is all but empty. I wouldn't be surprised if we were in before the teachers. Especially Mr. Hatake who seems to forget he has lessons to teach at times, if his penchant for showing up half an hour late to his own classes mean anything. I roll my eyes at my best friend's griping.

"Nothing's going to happen Saks," I assure her. "I just want to make Kiba realise what he's missing out on is all, and if I need a hot older male to do that, then…so be it."

Sakura shoves me hard and I nearly fall, only keeping upright due to the fact the pink haired girl's arm is interlocked with my own. I huff angrily as I recover.

"I swear Pig, if you end up making Mr. Hatake lose his job-"

"Fine," I blaze through her, tossing my hair back in annoyance. "I won't go after your precious Mr. Hatake!"

As we begin descending a set of stairs, Sakura looks thoughtful.

"Who will you go for then?" She asks. "Mr. Hatake's the only hot teacher we have."

I go quiet and think about it. Mr. Hatake is our English and self-defence teacher and he is very attractive. Then I have Mr. Gai for Drama and he isn't…uh…quite as attractive. Then I have Miss Yuhi for Physical Education and she's a very pretty lady, but sadly I don't swing that way. I let out a sigh.

"Thank you Sakura," I grouch. "For destroying any hope I had. I guess I'll just die alone then."

Sakura nudges me and rolls her eyes. "College isn't the be all and end all. And you could still meet a nice guy our age! This college is full of people we don't know!"

My bottom lip juts out and I shrug unenthusiastically. "Yeah…" I return. "…Maybe."

"Oh come on Ino!" Sakura looks at me for a few minutes, her brow creased and then she unlinks herself from me and claps her hands together. "I know what will cheer you up; a bacon sandwich on me!"

I stay quiet for a few moments, looking at the floor and then I glance up. "With extra sauce?" I murmur pitifully.

"With extra anything you want!" Sakura replies brightly and then she drags me into the cafeteria.

The rest of the college day goes by in the incredibly boring fashion it is prone to. I searched vainly the whole way through, but alas, it truly seems that Mr. Hatake may be the only attractive teacher in the whole school.

"You're over exaggerating," Tenten, my friend in the year above, tells me once I tell her these thoughts.

Tenten, Sakura and I are heading to our self-defence classes, which are held after college ends.

"There are definitely other good looking teachers in this school."

"Don't encourage her." Sakura yelps, shooting me a worried look.

I ignore my -constantly- fretting best friend, and keep my attention on Tenten as we enter the gym hall. We seat ourselves as we get ready for the long wait Mr. Hatake is indubitably going to gift us with. I swear, that man better not ever give someone a detention for being late because he has literally never been on time throughout my whole college life.

"Well where are they?" I press Tenten as I begin tying my long hair up into a bun. "Because as far as I am aware, Mr. Hatake seems to be the only one around."

"The only what around?"

My friends and I turn to see Naruto grinning at us, looking mighty interested in the conversation. Back off bonehead. I narrow my eyes at him.

"You just hush." I retort.

"I'm pretty sure I heard you saying you want to find a good looking teacher." Neji arrives now, coming to sit next to Tenten.

"You heard correctly." Tenten confirms.

I gift her with a horrified look. Why?

"A teacher?" Naruto repeats, looking very confused.

"What?" Kiba jumps in now and I steadfastly turn my head.

As if that bozo deserves my attention…even if he does have perfectly tousled hair right now.

"Good looking?" Naruto itches his cheek, his head cocked.

"Mr. Gai is a good looking man!"

Oh great. Rock Lee joins the conversation now, gifting Sakura with a wink as he does so. This is the only class Rock Lee can get away with flirting with Sakura in, as Sasuke goes to his own private self-defence lessons. Sakura rolls her eyes at him.

"What?" Kiba says again, his eyes fixated on me.

"Good looking or not, a teacher should always be a no go zone." Sakura announces, looking very self-important.

"I completely agree Sakura!" Rock Lee agrees enthusiastically.

"A good looking teacher?" Naruto shakes his head. "Why would a teacher have to be good looking? What dya need one of those for?"

"Because I want to fuck someone who isn't a complete kid!" I screech, suddenly silencing everyone.

My peers gaze at me in shock, even the usually unflappable Neji looks a little flapped. I don't look at anyone, keeping my eyes forward.

"Well then,"

Shit. I stiffen as Mr. Hatake's voice rings out from behind us.

"I'm not completely sure what that has to do with self-defence, but I suppose it's good to know."

I go a deep red and refuse to turn around. Thankfully, Naruto distracts Mr. Hatake as he leaps up and points an accusing finger at him.

"You're late again!" He declares.

Sakura nods from her position on the ground. "Mr. Hatake you did promise you wouldn't be late this time round." She reminds him.

Mr. Hatake comes round to the front, gifting Sakura with a smile. "I'm sorry Sakura, you're right. But sometimes promises have to be broken, especially when meaningful tasks are put in my path. Tasks I must complete to move forward."

"What does that even mean!?" Naruto roars in frustration, half pulling at his hair.

With the awkwardness behind me, I stand up and get ready for an hour of self-defence. I eye Mr. Hatake up as he begins the class and it only bolsters my resolve. Maybe I won't go after Mr. Hatake, but I am going to achieve a mature boyfriend this year. I risk a quick glance at Kiba. If it kills me.

New fic, new fic. Lalala. I hope you liked it so far! Just so we're clear, Ino and her year are supposed to be out 17? I hope you enjoyed this chapter and are willing to see how it pans out. Thank you for reading! I really wanted to call this: A, B, C, I want the D, but I decided against it. Ahem.