Jefferson was not the type to worry. Life happened and he rolled with the punches and then strategized and took advantage of the situation he was faced with.

But Baelfire, his brother in bond, should've been back from the job twenty minutes ago. Jefferson was worried that something was wrong.

Not that he was worried….Baelfire was an adept thief and confidence man, Jefferson had taught him well when they were kids….in normal circumstances Baelfire could charm his way out of anything, he had that sort of face.

But this wasn't normal circumstances and Jefferson KNEW he should've gone with Baelfire.

He tapped his foot against the wooden floor of the shed and peeked out the small slat in the wood to see that there was nothing but the ominous fog and a wet empty road.

This was why he felt he should help on the actual 'acquiring' part of the job but Baelfire refused. He claimed it messed with him while he was in 'the mindset'…whatever that was supposed to mean. Sometimes Baelfire was a bit of an eccentric. Jefferson supposed he got that from his father.

Jefferson liked to think he was the saner one sometimes.

He paced for a bit. It looked like it was ready to rain again. Jefferson sort of wanted to be gone before that happened. The roof leaked and it was cold and Jefferson didn't want his kohl to drip all over his face before they had to meet their client.

He really needed to invest in better quality stuff before this was over. Maybe he could get some with this payout.

He sat down on the only wobbly chair. Just as he did so, he heard the whinny of a horse. He felt a surge of the chair and looked back out. Horses dragged a carriage, steered by Baelfire were coming up the way. Jefferson immediately rushed to the door and pulled them open. The carriage came into the shed and Jefferson quickly closed the doors behind him, "It's about time!"

"Yeah, yeah," Baelfire jumped down from the carriage, "There was an issue. I got delayed."

"I thought you said the soldiers wouldn't be a problem."

"They weren't," Baelfire grabbed some rainwater they'd collected in a bucket for the horses, "But um…there's was a bit of a situation that we should really talk about."

Jefferson grabbed the carriage door, "This carriage is important for our clients, Baelfire. Regina just had it repaired which means it's in tip top shape and can be used for her enemies to smuggle things…because who on earth would stop the Evil Queen's carriage to search it thinking it might be the stolen one? Regina's men know that she'd be insulted that they'd stop her own carriage and the insult would cost them their heads"

"Yeah, well this whole idea seems to have a lot of holes in it."

"Whatever stupidity is inspired by Regina's enemies is their own, we just get paid," Jefferson opened the door.

There was someone in there, sitting in the seat, Jefferson jumped when she looked up, "What the-."

Her large green eyes were wide, "Help me, he's a lunatic."

Jefferson kept an eye on all royals, his second job as a portal jumper required him to and he recognized her immediately. Gods, what was she doing here in this place? He slammed the door, "Baelfire, why is there a princess in my royal carriage?"

Baelfire shifted and scratched the back of his head like he always did when he explained something that he should've done differently, "Um…well….I followed the carriage out of the…royal repair shop place and then lost it for a bit…"


"And then I found it again by the side of the road…"


"And I stole it…as was my job."


"And a princess just happened to be sleeping inside."

Jefferson blinked, "Sh- You- WHY is Regina's enemy's daughter in her carriage?"

Baelfire shrugged, "I didn't think to ask. She stuck her head out the window and yelled un-princesslike obscenities at me but then we got into the forest and she had to duck back inside."

"So you kidnapped an enemy princess when you stole Regina's carriage for our rebel clients?"

"Seems to be the case?"

"Do you realize what you've probably set in motion by not pulling over and letting her go?"

Baelfire shrugged again, "I was running late."

"And if she's here and the carriage driver wasn't…then she probably got to him first…," Jefferson rolled his eyes, "You stole a stolen carriage?"

"Well how many people can claim they've done that before?"

Jefferson turned back towards the door. He needed to be diplomatic as soon as possible; if he wasn't and she got loose then their heads were going to be on spikes.