Mitch's slim body shuddered, but he couldn't tell if it was from the slightly chilly air on his bare skin or if it was the Bacca's hand running down his side. If he had to guess, though, it would be the latter.

The hand was, somehow, even softer than the silk strip wrapped around his eyes. He wiggled, the touch sending shivers up his spine. Then the touch is gone, and Mitch whimpers. The Bacca leans over him, his warm breath fanning over his face before their lips collide, Jerome's tongue prodding Mitch's lips, which part in a heartbeat.

Mitch tries wrapping his arms around Jerome's neck, but instead just uselessly tugs at the silky bonds that held his hands to the headboard of the bed. He arches up to connect their lips again when Jerome pulls away, but the Bacca is already halfway down his body, mouth latched onto one of Mitch's nipples, the other being tweaked by his fingers.

The boy moaned, toes curling at the sensation. "J-Jerome…" he panted, yearning to be able to look at his lover.

Jerome smirked against his skin, hand moving down and grasping Mitch's member. The boy moaned, bucking his hips a little into his touch. "Jerome… Hurry up…!" Mitch panted breathlessly.

"So impatient," Jerome mumbled, smiling. He positioned himself at Mitch's entrance and placed his legs over his shoulders, kissing his thigh. He pushed in, making Mitch throw his head back in a silent scream, a bit of drool running down his chin.

Jerome leaned down, licking it off and then kissing Mitch. He pulled out, swallowing Mitch's moans. He thrust in, building up a rhythm that had Mitch screaming up to heavens. The boy was a panting, moaning mess under him, arching up to him and bucking his hips with every thrust.

"J-Jerome…" he managed between the sounds, "I-I want to… see you…!"

Jerome snatched the silk, not missing a beat, uncovering Mitch's eyes, which had small tears of pleasure gathered in them. Mitch locked his half-lidded, misty eyes with Jerome's dark ones, crying out as his prostate was brushed.

It didn't take long for the boy to come, spilling his seed all over his abdomen with a loud cry of Jerome's name. His walls clamping down onto Jerome pushed him over the edge, and he came inside with a long groan, flopping down next to the boy.

"Jerome, I love you," Mitch whispered, "But can you undo the cuffs?" he asked, wriggling his sore wrists and wincing a bit.

"Jerome?" he watched the Bacca, noticing he was already asleep.