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Hanji blinked once. Then twice. She can't believe what she is seeing. This is even more interesting than any aberrant titans she had ever encountered. Mikasa and Levi? Now that's a sight you don't always see, she thought as she quietly watches the two figures within the room. They are not really doing anything, not even talking; rather they are just quietly drinking tea. Still, to see them together alone is not something she ever have thought of happening. Carefully, she tiptoed away from the slightly opened door of the corporal's office and made her way to find Irvin.

"Irvin!" His eyes snapped open from his shallow nap as the loud voice of Hanji reached his ears. He wonders what had caused the shocked look at her face. Her eyes are filled with total awe – like she had seen the greatest shock of her life. To think that so little things can shock Hanji.

"What is it, Hanji?"

"Mikasa and Levi are having tea together." She stated, wide eyed.

So that was it, he thought. Irvin sighed as he straightened himself in his seat. He had been receiving similar observations from other soldiers. He had heard snippets of conversation regarding the two from unsuspecting gossipers in the castle. It seems that everyone has been speculating about how the two strongest soldiers of the legion seem to have formed a certain 'bond.'

"Ah, that," he simply said.

"What do you mean by that?!" Hanji shouted as she slammed her hands down in his table. "You mean that you know that the two of them had been spending some quality time together?!" She continued to shout. "How long had this been going on?!"

"Not too loud, Hanji. The whole castle can hear you." He slowly rose from his chair and walked towards the window. From where he is standing he can clearly see the two unsuspecting object of their conversation. "I'm surprised that you just brought this up. The whole castle had been gossiping about those two for some time now."

"Oh? Really?" Hanji said after her earlier outburst. "How come I missed such an important detail," she mused as she moved towards the window beside Irvin.

"For someone who calls herself a researcher you sure miss a lot of things," Irvin said as he looked sideways at Hanji.

"The corporal and Ackerman had been seen together again," one soldier related to his companions as they head to clean the stable.

"Really? Who saw them this time?" Another one asked.

"I heard that it was squad leader Hanji. She had been throwing a fit in the commander's office a while ago…"

"Haha, poor commander Irvin…" one more soldier piped in.

"When do you think will those two acknowledge their feelings for one another? They are obviously attracted to one another…"

"Hanji and the commander?"

"No, Ackerman and heichou. Although commander Irvin sure looks a lot at major Hanji."

"I noticed that too. Well, we should watch out for some weird 'experiments' from now on then."

"Haha, knowing the squad leader those will sure include two unsuspecting guinea pigs…"

They all laughed at the last comment. They did not notice another pair of ears eagerly listening to their conversation.

Meanwhile, the new recruits of the legion are enjoying an afternoon break in the dining hall of the survey corps HQ when Conny suddenly barged in. Everybody turned to look at an out of breath and overly excited Conny. "Guys, I just heard that Mikasa and heichou had been seen together again," he blurted out.

"Tsk. As if that is something new. They had been spending too much time together for anyone not to notice," Jean said with an annoyed look in his face. And I thought that Eren is my biggest rival when it comes to Mikasa's attention, he thought to himself.

"Yeah, those two sure are way too obvious. Though, I am not sure if they themselves are aware of it," Armin commented.

"Eh?! What do you mean they are not aware of it!? They generate enough sparks to set the whole place in fire!" exclaimed Sasha who finally joined the conversation after finishing Christa's left over.

"Well, you see,uhm.." Armin hesitated as he look round the faces of his fellow soldiers. "Well, with the corporal's brash personality and Mikasa's dense attitude towards such things, I'm just wondering... if they are even aware that they are-"



Everyone in the group leapt up at the sound of the voices.

"He-heichou!" they all stammered as they saluted the newly arrived corporal alongside a quiet Mikasa.

"Don't you brats have more important things to do than gossip about other people's lives?" he asked as he glared at the new recruits.

"Y-yes, Sir! We were just leaving to resume our training, Sir!" Armin answered as the group hurriedly left the hall.

"I didn't know that we have been the subject of discussions here," Mikasa mused as she looks at the leaving figures of her classmates.

"Huh, don't you have something important to do?"

"Ah, yeah. I'll go look for Eren. Squad leader Hanji must be done with her experiments by now," Mikasa simply said as she walked away to leave the room.

Dense indeed...

Brash indeed…

They both thought as they parted ways. And so that ends another day of gossiping within the head quarters of the survey corps.


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