This is my rewrite of Megaforce (and Super Megaforce, although it'll just stay under the original title, just Part 2). Megaforce has potential, but is disappointing, so this is a rewrite of it with the anniversary elements in all of it, not just the Gokaiger half.

I worked with Goseiger episodes, so I have the episode listed and how long the clip is. If you want the actual scenes, use that information. I used the TV Nihon HD subs specifically. Same with Gokaiger; Nihon HD.

Of note: no. They do not wear the same clothes everyday. This is already an improvement on Megaforce.

Ranger War

It was an unyielding army that had come to Earth; the sky filled with invading ships, raining down energy blasts, dropping soldiers. Some soldiers were metallic in design; gray, with tin-like heads, carrying axes. Others were blue, bigger, with pincer-like hands. Yet others were yellow with stripes, wielding daggers.

Mixed with the army of soldiers were monsters as well. Two looked like insects; one had guitar-like protrusions (Goseiger 4), another was red and had two antenna protruding outwards, looking like a mite of some sort (Goseiger 8). One looked like a crow of some sort, covered in feathers and purple gourds (Goseiger 26), while another looked like a grotesque merman, standing on two legs (Goseiger 27). One was a purple and gold armored creature carrying a fork-like staff, but its design was hard to place (Goseiger 30).

Other monsters included a black creature with blue spheres, carrying a blaster, with parts protruding from his arms and shoulders (Gokaiger 1). Another looked like some sort of Aztec warrior with hands coming out of his shoulders (Gokaiger 7), another was white and gray with a cracking body, his shoulder held a crimson spiked ball with another face on it (Gokaiger 8).

One monster was mostly purple, with a large claw on its left hand. It was a green body encircled in a purple mouth, with eyes and an anglerfish-like extension coming off of its head (Gokaiger 13). One was black with green skeleton-like armor on, with a skull-like hand and a staff (Gokaiger 19). One had three heads; a purple head, a black head, and an orange head, with a green, orange and black body (Gokaiger 24), and the last noticeable monster looked ridiculous; its entire body was a giant head and mouth, with orange and green legs and similarly colored tubes coming off of its head (Gokaiger 33).

Standing to oppose this army from space were the Power Rangers. Rangers whom had lost their powers were given them back by the power of the Sentinel Knight, while the SPD and Time Force Rangers were brought back in time, and the RPM Rangers were brought over from their dimension, given chance to fight in this war due to their winning against all odds in their own world.

A few rangers were missing. The Mighty Morphin team was missing its Green or White member, but was composed of its original five, with their original users. The Zeo team was missing their Red Ranger, while the Turbo team was fully compiled thanks to the Robot Rangers, filling in for every position except Blue, while the Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger were also there to assist.

The Space team is where the missing Turbo Rangers were, bringing their number up to its maximum. And finally, the SPD team, due to its shifting of ranks, stood with Sky as the Shadow Ranger, Bridge as the Red Ranger, Z as Yellow, Syd as Pink, Sam as Omega, Kat as Kat Ranger, along with a Green, Blue and Nova Rangers.

And then war began.

Both sides raced at each other, weapons drawn. Tommy Oliver, clad as the Black Dino Thunder Ranger, ran into battle, carrying his Brachio Staff, wearing Saba strapped to his right hip, with the Dragon Dagger strapped along his lower back, and his Red Power Sword strapped down his back, handle extending over his left shoulder.

He slashed two of the metal soldiers down with two swings of his staff and span around, parrying another. He drew Saba and fired beams from the eyes on the hilt before slashing down a blue warrior.

Tommy fought alone, unlike most others. The Rangers stuck together, fighting as one, even if it wasn't with their team. Casey, the Red Jungle Fury Ranger, fought alongside Leo, the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger, unleashing the Tiger Spirit and the powers of fire, respectively.

Kevin, the Blue Samurai Ranger, used his bow, firing into the crowd while Rose, the Pink Overdrive Ranger, fired with her Drive Guiser weapon into the crowd as well.

Kimberly ducked under the swing of the purple monster, and up came Andros, slashing twice with his Spiral Saber before Mike, the Magna Defender, came in, slashing him across the chest.

Behind Mike came Billy, parrying two axes with his Power Lance. He pushed back and kicked one in the chest. The other was taken out by Justin's shot from his Turbo Hand Blasters.

[Gokaiger 3. 9:03-9:07]

Tommy, having lost his extra weapons, slashed a metal warrior across the chest, having reached a rocky area. He span his staff around and plunged it into the ground, causing flames to rise up and smash through another group of them.

[Gokaiger 23. 17:18-17:20]

The Lightspeed Rangers (minus Ryan) leapt through a series of flames, each armed with their V-Lancer.

[Ened Sentai footage]

They leapt into a crowd of mixed soldiers, slashing through them with their Lancers.

[Gokaiger 36. 17:21-17:25]

Scott, the Red RPM Ranger had been pushed towards some docks and construction. Standing before him was a series of Grinders; they had come through as well, it seemed. Venjix had been inside of his Morpher, and had sent out a beacon to whatever would pick him up. It seemed this enemy from space had intercepted the beacon and taken the Grinder blueprints.

He ran into the group of Grinders, carrying his Street Saber. He slashed through the series of them rapidly, stopping to stand still when the last fell.

[Gokaiger 5. 12:02-12:25]

Meanwhile, his team was busy elsewhere. They were nearby, at the docks as well. They faced a group of metal soldiers, however. Flynn lowered his Turbo Cannon, firing into a group of them with one hand. Summer was kicking through them before using her wheel gauntlet on one's chest. She proceeded to summon her Zip Charger, letting it go wild on the small group. Ziggy leapt through a few of them, coming down and smashing his Turbo Axe into the ground to create a shockwave that took the rest out.

[Gokaiger 26. 9:02-9:03]

The SPD Green Ranger, Syd, and Sam. Syd and Green ran towards group of enemies, shooting.

[Gokaiger 26. 14:26-14:32]

Some of the survivors of Lothor's bid at world domination had joined up with this fleet as well. The Kelzaks, along with the metal warriors, rushed forward in a city-scape, while Shane, the Red Wind Ranger, leapt at them, sword drawn, left hand up in a sign. He ran on the air, running through the group, slashing them left and right until he landed in a crouch.

[Gokaiger 26. 14:41-14:45]

Shane wasn't the only one; nearby Dustin slashed a metal warrior and then performed a hand seal, making four copies of himself, all of which raced forward into the battle.

[Gokaiger 1. 1:07]

Jayden, the Red Samurai Ranger, blocked a punch from behind with his sword running up his back.

[Gokaiger 1. 1:14-1:23]

The Wild Force Rangers leapt into the crowd after Cole attacked a downed metal warrior, while rolling into a fight with the Lost Galaxy Rangers and the Zeo Rangers. Leo ended the fight by unleashing a burst of flames into the group of metal warriors in front of him.

[Gokaiger 1. 1:32-1:34]

The Mighty Morphin team was fighting together. Jason slashed one aside and threw a punch.

[Gokaiger 1. 1:39-1:47]

Aurico and Shane went back to back and slashed down some warriors while their comrades fought together with swift streaks and slashes.

[Gokaiger 32. 15:44]

Back in the desolate area the bulk of the fighting was occurring in, Casey grappled briefly with a blue warrior before spinning past him.

[Gokaiger 32. 15:49-15:56]

Meanwhile, Theo and Lily teamed up against another one, ending with Lily sending rapid punches into its chest.

[Gokaiger 46. 16:21-16:24 (note: edit out the Kakuranger emblem in the background)]

Nearby the five Alien Rangers, along with Ninjor, raced across the rocky landscape, engaging the metal warriors in swordplay.

[Gokaiger 47. 21:08-21:10]

Meanwhile, in the forest, the Lost Galaxy Rangers, minus Leo, but with Mike, raced forward, being led by Kai. The four Rangers began to glow as the Lights of Orion activated, and then Mike began to shine as well as they all combined into a ball of light.

[End Sentai footage]

In another forest, Zach was fighting with his Power Axe, facing off against a series of all three soldiers along with the green skeleton monster. The other Rangers were fighting the other monsters (long shot panning over the monsters of the week fighting the Rangers outside of the forest, in the quarry, etc.), leaving Zach to this fight alone. He slashed two metal monsters aside before kicking a yellow one. He leapt forward, swinging his axe down.

The monster caught it in its skeleton hand. It pushed back and slashed Zach once across the chest with its staff, and then again, and a third time. Zach was thrown back, Power Axe going flying. He hit the ground, a burst of black coming from him. (pan away before human form is shown, so actor isn't needed)

The monster was immediately blindsided by the arrival of Nick, the Red Mystic Ranger, fighting with his Magi Staff in sword mode. He pushed the monster away and out of the forest.

As the fight continued, soon the monsters were falling, along with the soldiers, but the ships still hung in the sky. There were Rangers missing as the survivors assembled; some had already been de-Morphed, giving their powers in smaller blasts to wipe out a small army. Others, like Zach, had re-Morphed and come back, like others.

Everyone cast their right hand into the sky, and they all began to glow their respective colors. There was an explosion of power as their Ranger energies flew upwards, smashing through the fleet, and destroying it.

(Long pan) The area was covered in dust and debris. The Dragon Dagger was sticking from the ground at an odd angle. Other weapons were scattered as well, some were lost now, while others were to be easily found.

Tommy, war hardened and grizzled, gripped the Dragon Dagger's hilt and looked at the sky.

"We did it."

[Goseiger 1. 0:27-0:29]

Six months later, a blue spaceship hung in space, just above Earth.

[Goseiger 1. 0:33-1:02]

Within the ship stood an alien warrior, appearing like a butterfly or moth of some sort. He turned to a blue and silver armored insect warrior who approached him.

"Admiral," he stated, "I may not be a soldier, and I may be overlooking some of the fine arts of war, but is it smart? Attacking the Earth with only a skeleton crew, compared to the army that came under my father's orders?"

The other stepped towards him, resting a hand on his shoulder, "I am certain," he said as he withdrew his hand, "Those soldiers, that army…they were met by the Earth's heroes. They're gone now, and I am a commander unlike those who came before me. The Earth shall fall, Prince Vrak, and I shall avenge the van that fell before us. I shall walk upon this Earth and raise the flag of our glorious Vago Empire!"

[End Sentai footage]

It was as if it was spoken about every day, it was the go-to thing to talk about with anyone you had just met, if you had nothing else to talk about. And frankly, it was getting annoying.

Troy Burrows stepped out of the gym with a few others. Fencing practice was in the morning, before classes began. It was odd being in a nearly-empty school for an hour or two, but kind of nice. And then the misfortune came to him of having to listen to two people talking about it.

I was a spectacle, but the battle the Rangers had taken part in was long past. Six months had gone by, and while that wasn't a terribly long time ago, it was still past, everything had been said.

Troy had been amazed, and thankful that they had been protected and saved by these Rangers, but one thing always annoyed him about it.

Who were they?

They were faceless people that the populace was supposed to put trust into. They had sacrificed so much in that invasion, and yet nobody knew anything. It would be different if they knew, if they could thank them, but they couldn't.

This still made Troy wonder if they were able to all be trusted. There had to be a bad apple or two in the group, right? But they had apparently all fought. But was that of their own choice, or were they dragged into it?

More than anything, they needed thanking, and that was impossible without identities.

Troy thrust his hands into his pockets and walked off to his locker. He had to get his things and get ready for class. His fun was over, now it was time to learn.

He walked past two other students who were standing by one of the lockers. A young guy with a smug look on his face was talking to his friend who wore glasses and came off as looking more like the bookish type.

"That's not going to work for you Jake," the glasses one said.

"And why not Noah?" he asked, folding his arms.

"You're Jake Holling. She's Gia Moran."

"Yeah, so?" Jake asked.

"If there's anything I've learned from listening to you, it's this," Noah told him, apparently finding this conversation odd and annoying, since he really wasn't talking about anything technical, anything logical, "You two are on completely different levels. You two are not compatible in the least."

"And where do you get that idea from?" Jake questioned him.

"You," Noah told him, "A few others, but mostly you yourself."

"I'd never say we weren't compatible!" Jake told him.

"No, but you talk about yourself, you talk about her. I did the math," Noah told him before closing his locker and heading on towards class.

"Hey!" Jake yelled at him, hurrying after.

Troy was watching them as he went through his locker. He could only shake his head in slight amusement over them before walking on himself.

Troy glanced around class a few minutes later. He saw the girl that those two had been talking about. Gia Moran was one of the smartest students in their class, and a lot of people apparently pined after her, finding her to be one of the most beautiful girls in school.

Troy had been here, in Harwood, since he was a freshman. This was his fourth year, and final year, along with everyone else in this class, but he never saw it. He'd known of her all that time, and yet never saw it himself.

It always struck Troy as odd that Gia's best friend was a girl named Emma Goodall. They weren't overly alike; well, they were both good people, apparently, but otherwise their personalities didn't overly match up.

Gia was cool and collected, and Emma seemed a bit more up in the air and went with things as they happened, more in tune with her emotions. That's how Troy always saw them, and always questioned it. Jake Holling and Noah Carver was another one he had to question; spontaneous and joking Jake and intelligent and grounded Noah.

I guess sometimes the least likely of people come together.

The topic of class today seemed somewhat meaningless, lost on pretty much everyone in the room. The greatest resources to man were land, water and air. Land where we lived, where we cultivated, the water where we obtained the liquid that sustained us, along with fish for food, and the air which gave us breath.

And then he went onto the topic of insects, and their ability to survive many things. Jake joked that squashing them was one way of stopping them.

"Oh," the teacher finally said, clearly absent-minded. He was old, and this wasn't the first time he had mixed up lesson plans, "I'm sorry everyone, really, I am."

"It's ok," Gia said, sitting in the front row, "A little review never hurt."

"Even if it is something so basic?" Jake sniggered, sitting back a row behind and a few seats down.

Troy looked out the window instead of taking part in the conversations sparking around him as the teacher looked for his notes. This wasn't of much interest to him, not now.

After the school day came to an end, Troy walked out alone, slinging his bag over his back. He looked at others, paired up with friends, siblings, going home together.

Troy had friends, but he had no siblings. He didn't walk with anyone; just alone. He preferred it that way. He wasn't always a loner, but he always felt solitude was rather nice.

He looked up at a bird flying overhead. How nice that must be, to soar, to pass everything by beneath you…


He looked back to see Emma. That was odd; they barely ever talked, and when they did it was related to class.

"Yeah," he said.

"Oh, sorry," she apologized, "I wasn't asking if that was your name."

He had interpreted it as such, and just shrugged, "Sorry. What is it? Do you need something?"

She withdrew an envelope from her pocket and held it out to him, "I found this in my locker."

He reached out, confused, "You found something for me in your locker?" He took the envelope as she nodded, seeing his name on it. "Our lockers aren't even near each other."

"I know," she said, "It's strange." She drew another one out, this one with her name, "This was in Jake Holling's locker."

"What?" he questioned. He hurried back into the school, Emma following behind him. He opened his locker to find an envelope sitting atop his things, Noah Carver's name on it.

"I wonder who else has something like this," Emma commented.

He took it out and thrust it into his pocket. He tore his letter open and looked at it, but it was blank.

"Mine too," she told him.

"That's even more confusing," he said, going off to find Noah. He was no mailman, but he'd deliver this.

He almost bumped into Gia, who was giving one to Jake. She held her own in hand, presumably from Noah.

"I believe this is yours," Troy told Noah, holding it out.

He looked at Troy, seeing that he had one as well, "So I'm the last one," Noah said, "At least, of the current number."

"You think there's more?" Jake asked, smiling, presumably because Gia had held his.

"What is this?" Troy questioned, "Anyone know?"

Noah opened his, finding it blank. All of them were blank.

"Perhaps some sort of invisible ink?" Noah wondered aloud.

Each one flashed a color, and then in an instant, the five teens were gone, finding themselves nearly tumbling to the ground upon landing in a stone chamber of some sort.

The walls were smooth, with large portions dug out and glass placed in front of them, as if they were meant to be display cases of some sort, but held nothing inside. There were five short terminals in the room as well, each one with a different color splayed across it.

One was red, one pink, one blue, one yellow, and one black.

In the back of the room, half built into the wall, was a black armored figure, head now rising when he saw them.

"You received my message," he said, his voice holding an echo to it, a mechanical tone, and a weakness. His black body armor was dulled and cut up, the crimson crystal in his chest dulled, his visor cracked and chipped.

It only took a moment for Jake to realize who he was, "You're the Phantom Ranger!"

"I am…," the figure said longingly, "Or was."

"Ok, so you're one of the Rangers," Troy said, looking around the room. He gestured out to it, "Why did you bring us here? Why us?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Jake turned to him, questioning Troy, "He wants us to be Rangers!"

"What?" Troy questioned flatly.

Noah paced around a little, "It…it is unlikely that we'd be brought here for no reason, but…but we're high schoolers…"

Gia stepped forward, "Is this true?" she asked the Phantom Ranger. "Did you bring us here to be Rangers, like Jake thinks?"

"I did," the Phantom Ranger answered her.

"But why us?" Emma asked, "Noah's right, we're just high school students. We're not fighters."

"Because the first of the teams in the great time of Rangers were only high school students as well," he answered, "A man named Zordon assembled them, and they were successful, for the most part. They had a long battle, but in the end, it was won. I've summoned five students to attempt to replicate that success, to ward off the next threats coming to Earth."

"Threats?" Noah asked, "What threats?"

"The same ones that left me in this state," the Phantom Ranger answered, "The Vago Empire."

"You mean the war?" Troy questioned.

"Yes. They were the enemy that the Rangers fought. They've returned; I have detected them in orbit above the Earth, and time is running out. A new team is needed immediately to stave off their next attempts to take the Earth."

"And you brought us?" Troy questioned.

"You're standing here, are you not?" the Phantom Ranger responded.

"What can we do?" Noah asked.

"All of you have your own skills," the veteran responded, "Noah, you are gifted with great intellect. Gia, you are gifted with leadership and intelligence. Emma, you have compassion, and something more. Jake, you have a will, a drive. And Troy, you have experience and commitment."

Emma gave the Phantom Ranger a questioning look, but got no further answers.

The five stone panels opened up. "Step to your panels," the Phantom Ranger told them. "Troy. You will be the leader; the Red Megaforce Ranger." Troy stepped towards the red panel and looked down at an elongated Morpher that looked like a head, and a pile of cards.

"Noah, you shall be the Blue Megaforce Ranger." Noah stepped to his. "Jake, you shall be the Black Megaforce Ranger." He stepped forward. "Gia, you shall be the Yellow Megaforce Ranger. And Emma, you shall be the Pink Megaforce Ranger."

When they all stood at their panels and took up their Morphers, they all looked to the Phantom Ranger once more.

"How do we use this stuff?" Troy questioned.

"I will inform you," the Phantom Ranger replied. "Your training begins now."

[Goseiger 1. 5:51-7:34]

As the insectoid warriors harassed people in town and chased them down, Jake and Gia erupted from the ground in Ranger form. Jake held an axe, and Gia a claw-like weapon. They flipped into battle, taking two down quickly before helping a woman to escape.

"Looks like these suits really do help!" Jake boasted as he fought and ducked.

As Gia fought she commented, "Just don't lose focus. We only had twenty minutes of prep time."

Soon a row of them appeared, lowering their weapons and firing blaster bolts, which Jake kicked aside. The two thrust their weapons into the ground, swallowing the enemies.

"Enough time apparently," Jake said as the two high-fived. They span around to another group, but Noah, standing in blue atop a nearby structure had fired with his bowgun, taking them down.

"Good job!" Jake called to him as Noah flipped down, still firing. He proceeded to go into kicks and close quarters combat before joining the other two, bowgun up.

"You have to be watching everywhere," Noah told them.

"We're a team now," Gia told him, "We'll watch each other's backs at times like this."

Jake crouched down beside Noah and looked at him, "We're Rangers now. We're pretty much invincible!"

Gia touched Noah's shoulder and leaned down a bit, "Don't listen to him," she told Noah, "We'll be watchful."

Noah looked away from her and forward again as Jake rose, "Well, glad to know you're taking this seriously."

As more shots came, the three deflected them again. Soon they were being surrounded and went into direct combat once again.

Emma, as the Pink Ranger, came flying out of the sky, firing energy bolts from her weapon as she flew over them.

She landed and turned to them, "Flying is amazing," she said before running over to them, "I can't believe what sorts of power we have." She hit Jake on the shoulder, "You need to be more careful." Then Noah, "Good job."

"More careful?" Jake questioned. He leaned on Noah's shoulder, "Eh, you guys. Look, Noah's got my back, that's what I need."

Gia touched Emma's shoulder, "I imagine we'll be bailing him out often."

Noah pushed Jake's hand off, "I won't always have your back you know…"

They moved around a little and Jake looked to Emma, "Troy?"

"Phantom Ranger was talking to him a little more," she answered.

More of the insect warriors began to materialize from the ground.

"Man, we could use him now…," Jake said.

The warriors rushed in as a crimson cyclone came from the sky, smashing through them. The Rangers rose from their battle stances and turned to look.

[End Sentai footage]

Troy stood beside them as he came out of the cyclone, sword in hand, "Sorry I'm late," he said, swinging his sword out towards the remaining warriors, "He wanted to make sure I knew what leadership meant."

"And?" Gia asked.

"And I'll do my best," Troy said. As the last few rushed in, he tightened his grip on his hilt, "Let's do this!"

[Goseiger 1. 9:49-10:33]

In space, the Vago Empire ship still hung in orbit. A crimson mantis-like alien was swiping his claws around, "The Earth has no teams!" he hissed, looking at Admiral Malkor and Vrak, "We confirmed it!" He gestured with his claws, "Those Stingers should have been able to handle any new Rangers thrown out against them. I want to go!" he hissed.

"I guess that batch of Stingers aren't as quality as we believed," Vrak commented, "The Sting-Wingers name is being shamed with that loss. If only they knew their cousins were fighting so poorly."

"Vrak," Malkor stated, "I have destroyed every queen, I have all of them under our command…," he muttered, contemplating if all of the hard work was going to pay off or not. Or was it indeed just a bad section of the hive that had been sent into battle? He turned, "Scaraba. I have need of you."

An alien stepped out from farther inside the ship. He swung his arms together as he walked towards them, "Don't fear, Admiral. I will be sure to avenge the Stingers and defeat these Rangers." He bowed before Malkor as he finished speaking.

"Go," the Admiral told him.

He rose and began to walk out, but Vrak shot his hand out, "Wait!" He stepped towards Scaraba, "If you can defeat the Rangers, expect a knighting."

Scaraba laughed and swung his arms together a few more times, "I'll crush them!" he boasted, "And then I'll have so much power!" He hurried off, eager to gain his knighting, and the power it would hold for him.

[End Sentai footage]

"That was amazing!" Jake shouted, making a celebratory arm thrust.

"This is a fight for not only our lives, but the lives of everyone around us," Gia told him flatly, "I don't think celebrating like that is appropriate."


"She has a point," Noah told Jake.

"What were you doing with the Phantom Ranger?" Emma asked Troy. He didn't answer, he just looked on ahead.

"Troy," the Phantom Ranger had said, "Something is wrong."

"Yeah, something is," Troy said, "The Rangers are faceless warriors, and you want us to become them. They gave great sacrifices for this world, but…I don't know if I want to fight. I don't know if I want to become one of them, when it's so hard for me to identify with them."

"This is for the entire Earth," the Phantom told Troy, "Stop being so selfish!" he shouted.

Troy was taken aback. He didn't think of it as selfishness, but didn't voice that.

"I have chosen you because we need you," the Phantom Ranger continued, "Fight for the Earth, fight for your family, your friends, everyone you know and those you don't. But fight against these monsters, fight for everyone! In time you will overcome your problems, in time you may meet former Rangers so you can attach names and faces to the Ranger uniforms. They will stop being faceless protectors."

"But I'll be a faceless protector to so many," Troy told him.

"You wear that mask over your face so that the enemy won't be able to target your friends and family," he responded, "Do you want them in the line of fire?"

"No…I wouldn't, if I joined."

"You will join," the Phantom said, "You know all of this already, I handpicked you. You need to join. Do you really want someone else to fight? Or do you want to do your best, and know that your best was done, instead of questioning if someone is doing as much as they can?" he questioned.

"…I'll do it, then," Troy said, "I'll fight and lead this team."

There was a beeping noise, so the Rangers drew their Morphers and looked. The red dot was blinking, and a message from the Phantom Ranger was coming through.

"Rangers. A monster has touched down on the Earth. Go and stop it before it can do too much damage!"

"Where is it?" Troy questioned him.

"Downtown. You'll see it," the Phantom Ranger responded before ending.

"We'll see it?" Troy muttered.

"I guess it must be an easy one to find…," Emma told him, although she herself was uncertain about those words.

[Goseiger 1. 12:12-13:00]

Scaraba walked towards a large building and plunged his arms into it, bringing it crumbling down. He walked atop it and began to repurpose it, and other material, into giant balls of rubble. He began to fire energy bolts onto other buildings as well. "Yes, this planet is perfect for me!" he laughed, "So much material!"

On the Vago Empire ship, the three commanders watched his progress on a screen. The crimson alien tapped his claws together, "I should be out there…," he hissed.

"You'll get your chance, Clawhate," Malkor told him, "Scaraba is working out well…"

Vrak gazed as well, but ultimately said nothing.

[End Sentai footage]

They soon saw what their mentor meant. It was obvious. People were fleeing, there were giant balls of stone, and so many buildings around them were wrecked.

"Alright guys," Troy said, drawing his Morpher, "Let's do this."

Each of them drew their Morphers and opened the mouth portion. Scaraba turned to them, "Oh, so you finally turn up…"

"We've come to stop you!" Gia told Scaraba, "You won't get away with all of this!"

"We'll protect the people!" Emma said.

"We'll end your havoc right now!" Noah shouted.

"We're Power Rangers! It's our job to destroy monsters like you!" Jake shouted.

"Ready?" Troy asked all of them, drawing his Morph Card up.

"You five are too weak to stop me," Scaraba told them, "Stingers are one thing, but me? Ha! I'll crush you now!"

Each Ranger loaded their card into the Morpher and thrust it forward, closing the mouth with their bottom hand. "Mega Morph!" they all cried.

"Power of the Sky! Megaforce Red!" Troy shouted.

"Power of the Wind! Megaforce Pink!" Emma shouted.

"Power of the Stone! Megaforce Black!" Jake shouted.

"Power of the Plants! Megaforce Yellow!" Gia shouted.

"Power of the Sea! Megaforce Blue!" Noah shouted.

[Goseiger 1. 18:07-18:26]

The Rangers all moved into a position. Gia on the far left, crouched, one arm out, one back. Noah at her left, standing, one leg behind the other, one arm up, the other down. Troy in the center, crouched, one arm bent, one partially out. Then Jake, standing, arms out at angles. Then Emma, tilted forward in a partial crouch, arms back and out. An explosion erupted behind them.

On the Vago Empire ship, the trio continued to watch. Clawhate cursed, "Fool…they transformed!"

As soon as they rose from their poses, they assumed fighting stances. Scaraba slammed his arms together again and shouted, "Stingers!"

More Stingers appeared, leveling their blaster knives at the Rangers. The Rangers drew their Morphers up and drew down on the mouths, pulling a card from their belts and slotting it inside.

The Morpher lit up as soon as the cards were slotted, and the process began.

[Goseiger 1. 18:37-21:47]

Five animal heads flew through the air and through cards, appearing through the Morphers and going to their respective Rangers. Each one affixed their head to their sidearms and branded their weapons.

"Let's go!" Troy shouted as the team flipped into battle.

Noah fought alone, shooting a few before focusing energy through his weapon. "Shark Wave!" he called out, firing a charged shot to deal with a handful

Jake was in a somewhat grassy area. He fought through a few before charging his, "Snake Venom!" More went down.

Gia was in a rockier area, jumping and shooting before charging for hers, "Tiger Fang!" she called, dealing with a few more in a single shot.

Emma was jumping around an upper building, firing on a few that were by the edge. "Phoenix Flare!" she called, shooting more down with her charge.

Troy flipped off of a building, shooting a few down around him before going for his charge. "Dragon Flame!" he shouted, firing off his charged shot before being rejoined by the others.

"Just him," Jake said before aiming his blaster for Scaraba.

"I'll crush you first!" he shouted, rolling one of his giant balls of stone forward while standing atop it.

"That won't work!" Troy shouted at him. The team combined their fire, and in one burst they destroyed the boulder, sending Scaraba flying off of it. He landed in front of them, and the team prepared to face him.

"Try this!" he shouted as he rose, the circular armor on his chest spinning and throwing out pieces of the buildings he had sucked in. The Rangers shot them down rather easily.

"No!" Scaraba shouted, bringing his arms to his head.

"Let's use the other weapons," Troy said to the others. He and the others drew their Morphers and slotted new cards.

Soon their weapons appeared before them in flashes of their respective colors. Gia gripped her claw, Noah his bowgun, Troy his sword, Jake his axe, and Emma her blaster.

"Try this!" shouted Scaraba, throwing energy balls from his hands. The Rangers drew their weapons up to prepare to take the hits. As soon as the energy balls struck, Troy leapt out, Emma on his back, using the power of the sky to fly.

As they came at Scaraba, she shot him in the chest, stumbling him back. Troy swung his sword through Scaraba's chest as they passed by.

"Let's go too!" Gia shouted, running in as Jake rested an arm on Noah.

"She seems into this," Jake said.

"Don't waste the opening," replied Noah.

Jake ran after Gia at that comment.

Scaraba threw energy bolts from his eyes, but Gia blocked with her claw weapon. Jake leapt up over her and slashed him a few times with his axe before Gia rushed in with a claw strike.

Finally, Noah leapt up and flipped over him, peppering him with energy bolts.

The team assembled on the other side of Scaraba and drew together, their chest symbols glowing. It formed in the air in front of them, sky on top, then sea in the middle, and land on the bottom.

"Let's combine!" Troy told them.

The weapons fit together into a blaster, which gained elemental cards from the different Rangers. Scaraba stood looking at it, "What is this?"

"Mega Dynamic!" the team shouted. They threw their arms out, "Ha!" they shouted as the blasts flew forward before combining into a central energy blast.

Scaraba tried to use his arms to protect himself, but the blast tore into him. He was shot into the sky and exploded, leaving the Rangers to turn, Troy gripping the Megaforce Blazer cannon alone.

[End Sentai footage]

"Congratulations Rangers," the Phantom Ranger told the team as they returned to his cave, helmets tucked under their arms. "But the fights will only get harder from here on out, now that they know there is a team of Rangers fighting for the Earth."

"Let them try," Jake said, "We'll take them down again!"

"This isn't a game," Gia told Jake.

"Let him celebrate," Emma said to her friend, "You're his partner. You'll get it to him soon."

"I guess so," Gia said.

"We defeated one of the monsters," Noah said, "Was that one of the enemies we had to defeat? One of their leaders?"

"No," the Phantom Ranger responded, "It was a step above the Stingers, but it was just a soldier. The leaders remain in their ship. You will likely have to fight through many of their soldiers before they will show themselves."

"We'll do what we have to do," Troy said, "We have no other choice. We'll fight them until we can end it all."

"Very good," their mentor told them, "And remember this, my Rangers. Never bow your heads; hold them high. You are the defenders of the Earth, you are the Power Rangers."

The five Rangers stood in a line, looking at the disabled Phantom Ranger, remembering what their duty was, but yet what duty brought. Damage, destruction, but they were young, they were strong, and they were still adapting to what this life was to bring to them.

For now, this potential sign of the future didn't bother them. All that was on their minds was duty, the duty to protect the planet, and to repel these insect invaders.

They were the new guardians of the Earth.


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