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Chapter 12: Dreaming of you...and your Ex Part 2

Owww my head hurts.

Why I decided to even try and read a book when I knew it was impossible for a zombie is a mystery to me. I guess I just thought that maybe... maybe I could if I tried hard enough I could read a paragraph? A sentence? A word? But no.

The words float and move off the page when ever I try. So much to the point that they look like hieroglyphics. Percy reckons I had Dyslexia when I was alive, he says that being a zombie shouldn't have effect my reading abilities like it did. If so I really really do have no hope for reading all those books back in my plane.

Percy had offered to read to me. But later on admitted that he himself had Dyslexia, that being the reason he could spot the symptoms for me so easily. I told him it'd be ok and he should go check out the upper floors of house, just because he looked so down about the whole Dyslexia thing. He seemed to brighten up at the `important` job. (I didn't have the heart to tell the guy that I had already checked both up and downstairs).

While he was off impersonating Dora the Explorer. I set to work checking the electric, water and heater. The heater was out. But the electric was good and so was the water, although I had a little trouble turning the taps to see if they worked. (curse you zombie fingers!). I aslo found some tinned peaches and a six pack of no doubt flat diet Coke in one of the cubbyholes in the garage. Also a flash light that still worked and a pocket knife.

I left the flash light next to the peaches for Percy when he returned. But I kept the knife, while I normally preferred fighting with my hands, I figured one can never be too safe. I was just slipping it into my back pocket when Percy walked in. (Thankfully his attention on the food and he didn't notice the knife in my hand before I slipped it into my pocket).

"Sweet you found some food!". He sat down on the couch and stabbed a peach at the bottom of the can. (I had opened them with the pocket knife before he came down). "Mmmmm I haven't had real fruit in ages! We always only ever have that freeze dried crap at the stadium!".

I nodded and sat down next to him, hoping not to stab myself in the ass with the knife. Im dead it wouldn't have hurt much but hey Percy's already out of my league, why add having the humiliation of a pocket knife sticking out of my ass to the reasons why he probably finds me a pity case.

Percy paused half way into the first tin and cracked open a Coke. I was shocked at the fizzy hiss that came out when he did, I was sure it would be flat. As he drank his drink, I reached over and grabbed a peach out of the tin, this was purely for my own morbid-zombie curiousity and popped it into my mouth and chewed.

I don't know what I was expecting. Maybe a tiny bit of flavour. I had already re-gained my ability to puke which was seemingly impossible for my kind, so maybe juts maybe I could have regaiend my taste budds too.../?

But sadly no it tasted like all Living food does. Bland and tasteless. Like I'm chewing Styrofoam. I spit the peach out into my hand before Percy could notice and toss it away across the room.


"hm!". I was certain he caught me. But thankfully.

"...What do you thinks gonna happen when we reach the stadium?". He asked, placing his coke can on the table and turning to me. "I mean I don't want you to go back to the airport and the Boneys to kill you. Maybe... maybe you can come back with me? Your the only zombie I've met that can talk... other than moaning or groaning.. and you the only one I've ever seen hesitate to eat someone. Never mind help me like you have, I think this...". He gestured to me. "this thing you have... could be the cure, or at least a step to it".

I blink and stare at my feet. "Uhh... won't your da-people... s-shoot me?". I faltered a bit almost saying dad instead of people, I had to be extremely careful, he doesn't know I ate Rachel's brain yet. Hell he doesn't know I even killed her! And I would prefer it stay that way... at least for a little longer. I can't lose him yet.

"Not if I explain first...". He said. "I hope".

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