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*From the last chapter...*

"Blaine, I'm sorry. Please don't do this," I begged him, my voice raspy from previously screaming.

At first I thought Blaine wasn't going to respond but then he said, "I gave you a chance Kurt and you blew it. If you had just came willingly with us then we wouldn't have to force you."

I lifted my head as high as I could and started wiggling around, tying to make Blaine let me go when I realized we were on a plane runway.

"No Blaine! Stop!" To my surprise he did stop and he sat me down on my feet, but before I could fall a set of arms wrapped around my torso.

"Hey babe," Sebastian whispered in my ear.


Kurt's POV:

I immediately began to struggle in Sebastian's arms but since my feet were tied together my struggles were fruitless.

I shivered when I felt Sebastian's mouth puff air in my ear before he said, "Calm down babe, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Bullshit! You...You're going to kill me now aren't you?! You're going to kill me in a plane and throw my body out over a deep ocean to never be found! Help! Help! Plea.." My distressed shouting was cut off when one of Sebastian's arms, that was wrapped around my stomach came up to cover my mouth with a hand.

"Blaine can you please get the chloroform and a clean cloth for me? They should be in a brown duffel bag on the first seat of the plane."

"Yeah, I'll be right back with the items in a jiffy," Blaine replied to Sebastian before walking out of my line of sight to presumingly retrieve the items that was asked for.

Everything was quiet for a moment before Sebastian asked, "Now sweetie are you going to be silent if I remove my hand from your mouth?"

I slowly shook my head yes in response to his question. Sebastian said, "Good boy;" before removing his hand off of my mouth. "Remember Kurt, not a word. I want to explain some things to you and I want you to listen up. First off...Do you know much hell I've been through during the time since you've been gone?! I couldn't find you anywhere and when I discovered that you left me I was beyond pissed off! I was looking towards the day I found you since you left. And lo and behold you escaped when I managed to find you yesterday, but luckily I was able to track you down today using a GPS tracking device that Blaine planted on you the other day."

Sebastian took a couple of deep breaths before continuing. "You better give up and give in right now babe. I will not let you out of my sight this time. This is what's going to happen...Blaine is going to render you unconscious and then your going to be put on one of my private planes that will take us home. As soon as you wake up at our house is when I will I will tell you the rules I've made for you to follow. I will also be punishing you for leaving me with not so much as a fucking goodbye letter from you. And Kurt...I will never kill you, but just remember that you deserve every punishment that I'm going to give you."

I was trembling in fear by this point and Sebastian's words were far from comforting. Just as I was about to risk talking to Sebastian, Blaine came in view with a bottle labeled chloroform and a white cloth. Blaine looked grim as he opened the bottle and tipped it to put a few drops of the liquid drug onto the cloth. I gasped in fright when Blaine put the bottle down on the concrete pavement and, walked towards me and Sebastian.

"N..No. Please Sebastian, I'm sorry. Please, I don't want to be drugged. Please just let me go," I whimpered.

Blaine was now in front of me and Sebastian held me tight when Blaine covered my mouth and nose with the contaminated cloth. My head pounded as the sickly sweet smell of the chloroform invaded my nostrils and caused me to grow dizzy. Just before I was about to pass out I heard Sebastian mutter, "I will never leave you alone Kurt; I need you." As soon as the last word passed from Sebastian's lips I drew in a shaky breath and fell into a world of darkness.


*Flashback to the day Kurt left Sebastian:*

Kurt's POV:

Ever since Valentine's day I've been on the edge. On the day I found out the truth about Sebastian I started planing on how to escape him. Today is day that I am leaving Sebastian, and to be honest...I'm scared. I love Sebastian with all of my heart but he lied to me, he's murdered people...I just can't trust him anymore.

Outside of the window that I was looking out of, it seemed that the weather was reflecting my emotions as rain poured down from the darkened sky. I looked away from the dreary sight and walked over to the closet where I had previously hidden two suitcases under a pile of boxes. I pulled the suitcases out and restacked the boxes before I started walking towards the door.

When I reached the doorway I cast a look behind me to view mine and Sebastian's room one more time before I would make my departure. There are so many memories in this room, it hurts to reflect on them...I made myself face forward and walked out while blocking out the happy memories, trying to focus on the task ahead.

Last month I had made secret contact with a man in the mafia that I had heard about to make me fake documents. I took some money out of my bank account and paid the man and I had only just got the documents this morning, they were hidden inside a fake spam envelope.

I walked down the hallway leading to the room we gave Rachel. I slowly opened her bedroom door and quietly went to stand next to the sleeping woman's bed. "I'm so sorry Lana," I whispered while looking at Rachel's thrid term pregnant stomach in grief. "Your papa is getting suspicious of me. It's only luck that he's at a business meeting right now or I would be locked in the master bedroom under his watchful gaze."

I bent down and placed my left hand against Rachel's stomach before I said, "Daddy loves you Lana and I swear that I will come back for you." Tears streamed down my face and I held back a sob when I felt Lana kick my hand. I stood up and I left the room as quick as I had entered it.

I want to take Rachel with me but I don't have enough money to support a pregnant woman and myself. And knowing Rachel if I told her everything she would tell Sebastian in hopes that we would fix the problems in our marriage, but what she wouldn't know is that Sebastian would keep her prisoner here like I already am...Or like I was because I'm leaving.

I will come back for Lana and I will do whatever it takes so that I can get her, consequences be damned. I stealthily avoided the house's built-in cameras and ran over to the vehicle that is my transport to the airport. I only thought one thing while getting in the car...I still love Sebastian, despite it all my love for him remains.

*End flashback.*

*Flashback to one hour Kurt left Sebastian:*

Sebastian's POV:

I ran quickly in my home to get to mine and Kurt's bedroom. Just an hour and a half ago I had received a phone call from Wes who had told me that Kurt was nowhere to be found.

I came to a standstill when I was greeted with the sight of the room without my husband in it. Where the fuck is he? "Sebastian!" I heard Wes yell from behind me. I turned around and, saw Wes and Blaine running over to me.

"Where is Kurt?" I asked the men when they stood in front of me.

"Like I told you on the phone," Wes replied. "No one can seem to find him."

"I checked the security cameras footage though and I saw Kurt walk into Rachel's room carrying two suitcases. Footage after Kurt's departure from her room does not show him in it again," Blaine added.

My body went numb at Blaine's words. "You mean to tell me that Kurt left here, and no of these piece of shit cameras recorded where he went?!" I roared angrily.

"Calm down Bas, we'll find him;" Wes said calmly.

"Get the rest of the team! I want you four to track Kurt down and bring him back here! Find him!"

*End flashback.*


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