Prompt: Coffee

Phil was sitting on his laptop, when Dan walked in, two mugs in hand. That was what was great about living with Dan, he'd just randomly make you tea/coffee, even when you hadn't ask.

"Thanks," Phil smiled, taking his coffee. He placed it on the arm of the sofa, and quickly tweeted,

"Coffee makes editing better :D"

After the almost instant retweets, and favourites, smiled and picked up the scalding mug. He blew on the steaming surface. He took a sip.

And was instantly revolted. Salt.


Dan was then in fits of laughter at the other end of the couch. He was gripping his sides.

"I hate you!" Phil laughed. He spotted the camera sitting on the dining table from across the room, the light beeping.

Phil threw a pillow at the now crying youtuber.

He didn't really hate him. He loved him, in a best friend kinda way.

"I'll fill your bed with bees!"