Prompt: you should do one where one of them gets food poisoning and the other looks after the first

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"Dan, I dunno about this place," Phil warned. The Chinese they'd found on the way back from town seemed a bit dodgy. It had grubby windows, one of which was held together by duct tape.

"Phil, it's fine!" Dan said walking into the greasy takeaway.


It was 2:17am when Phil was woken up by retching.

He rolled over and got out of the bed. As Phil got closer to the bathroom, he could hear Dan's small whimpers between uncomfortable-sounding retches.

He knocked on the door. "Dan?" He opened the door to see Dan get violently sick into their toilet. He walked towards the vomiting boy, and rubbed his back, until he was only bringing up liquids.

"Phil, will you get me some water?" Dan groaned softly.

"Sure." Phil left the sick youtuber by the white toilet, where an acidic smell was rising from.

Phil switched on lights as he went, helping him wake up a little bit more. After removing a tall clear glass from the cupboard and filling it 3/4 of the way full, he returned to his ill friend.

"I think it was the Chinese," Dan groaned taking the glass into his hand and sipping it.

Phil rubbed his back again. "Feel any better?"

"A little bit." Dan closed his eyes.

"Come on, lets go to bed." Phil stood up and lead Dan to his room. "Wait here." He left Dan sitting on the edge of his bed. Phil went to the airing cupboard, and grabbed the spare duvet, in case Dan got too cold.

He returned to Dan's room, duvet under arm, to see Dan lying where he had been left, legs dangling over the edge of the bed. Phil placed the folded soft blanket, and took Dan's laptop from the bedside table, where it had been left.

Phil turned it on, and typed in Dan's password. He knew Dan's pass because, who doesn't know their best friend's password to something? He connected to Netflicks, and browsed through the movies and shows.

"Dan, lay down properly." Dan did as instructed and wriggled under the blanket already lay out on the bed. Phil climbed in the other side and spread the extra duvet over them. Dan instantly curled up against Phil's side, which surprised him.

After the fans went crazy over Phan, they decided cuddling up together wouldn't help the rumors go away. They'd kept cuddles to a low. But Phil wasn't complaining, he'd missed cuddling up in bed with a movie, just him and his flatmate.

"What d'you wanna watch?" Phil said quietly as Dan rested his head on Phil's lion-shirt clad shoulder.

"Kill Bill?" Dan said shyly, like he was afraid that Phil would say no.

Phil rolled his eyes, but smiled and teased Dan. "How many times have we watched that? 100 times?" He poked his friend lightly on the arm. He laughed and his tongue stuck out of the corner of his mouth.

Phil clicked the buttons and the Buffy theme filled the room. As they settled down for their late-night marathon, Dan whispered, "I love you, Philly."

Phil kissed his brown locks and mumbled happily, "Love you too, bear."