A/N: Lots of poetry for you guys :)

One of the first things I notice,

Looking back at us

From 2009

Is our hair,

And wow, its bad,

Like really bad.


And the next thing I see

Is that look that Flynn Rider gives to Rapunzel

When she isn't looking, in Tangled,

And in turn, we give that look to each other.

I'd never noticed that before.


And looking over pictures and footage,

I think, 'Was that really me?'

Was it me with the hair that went down to there,

And the mismatched socks?

(but that's not changed.)

Am I still the same person?


And how could that be you?

Scrawny frame now filled with what you call fat,

And better hair (thank God)

And you've grown taller than me by about an inch or so.

Are you the same person?



And we have changed

The way we act,

Less flirtatious and more best friend-y.

But that older spark is still there

Hidden under newer skin and older promises

Of 'forever's and 'I'll never forget's.


But I would never

Ever, ever

Change a thing about how we've changed

Because where would be be

Without the flirty texts and companionable violence

And your stupid hair from '09?