The moment I got this I idea, I couldn't stop writing. It just compelled me so much.

I liked where the writers went with Amy and Rory's near-divorce in the start of the seventh season. It was like putting up a warning sign -they may have found true love, but it isn't always happily ever after. Relationships and marriages need to be worked on, even by someone as timelessly in love as Amy and Rory.

But it seemed a little too rushed, with the whole thing being resolved before we could bring ourselves to accept it. Of course, I understand why that had to happen, really, Moffat couldn't have done it any other way, and it gives me the opportunity to write this story, now, doesn't it?

So, here it is. My version of what possibly went wrong with the Ponds. Readers beware, we're heading toward dark lands.

Disclaimer: Doctor Who, BBC. Two symbiotic creatures. I'm just the fangirly naturalist observing them.

Murky Ponds

"So. The Ood's gone."

I shot a glance at him. "Missing him already?"

He shrugged. "He was handy."

"True," I sighed and leaned onto him, placing my head comfortably on his shoulder, my favourite position. That was one of the many things I loved about Rory, how perfect his height was for me. I generally come under the category of tall girl(unless I'm on Tamexon 5 –there I'm a hormonally-challenged pygmy), and a lot of guys I know are shorter than me. An equal number are taller, but they are often freakishly tall, with totally disproportionate torso and lower body lengths(these guys would fit right in on Tamexon 5). But Rory… Rory's height was perfect –neither too tall, nor too short. Rory was beautiful. It was like he was made for me.

He shrugged and my head jumped with the movement. "Oh well. There isn't that much to do anyway. It's just the two of us."

It was nothing we both hadn't said before. But this time, there was something different about the way he said it. Or something in the way his words echoed in our lounge. There was something different. Or maybe it was just me.

"Yeah," I agreed, casually, but an inexplicable lump was forming in my throat. "Just the two of us."

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