He watched them waving at him on the screen, not moving his eyes away until they were fully replaced by the swirling energies of the time vortex. Only then did he look away with a sigh. They were fine, they were happy again. But how close had they come to making themselves unhappy forever? He shook his head. Silly, frustratingly complex humans! Throwing away the best thing, the brightest and most beautiful thing in the universe over some misunderstanding…

He had been angry. Incredibly angry at how foolish they could be over such trifles. But there had been pain, real pain in his Amelia's eyes. Pain ringed with stiff waves of hostility. Had he plainly shown how angry he was, she'd have shut him out. And he hadn't wanted that, had he?

But the anger hadn't really gone, oh no. He'd seen that they hadn't stopped loving each other –not by far. He'd seen Amy's worried expression as they searched for her husband on the snowy surface of the planet. He'd seen Rory's face spasm with panic as he'd carried his wife over to him, across the hall of destroyed Daleks. Such fools the two of them were –the anger was still there –being so ridiculously obstinate and foolish and crazy and dooming themselves to such unimaginable pain. What if he hadn't had a golden opportunity like the one offered to him by Rory's innate chivalry and his own immunity to the Dalek nanobots? ...Well, he'd probably have thought of something else, but the point remained.

He sighed deeply and pulled one final lever on the console; he felt the Tardis shudder excitedly as she landed. A small smile appeared on his face. He was excited, too, of course. That went without saying.

The Tardis had barely landed when the doors opened with a flourish and a certain someone with a familiar halo of golden hair bounded in.

"Finally," drawled River Song with her irresistible smirk. "I was getting afraid I had to somehow make plans of my own for the night."

The Doctor grinned, flipped his fringe of hair off his forehead, and sauntered over to her. "Well, now, we couldn't have that, could we?"

"No, we couldn't," she agreed, her mane of curls quivering around her face and leaned in slowly. "So. Where are we right now?"

He smirked. "Well, right now, I've just come from an asylum and -"

"The Dalek Asylum?" River had suddenly stiffened and she had her serious face on.

"Yes." He frowned. "What's wrong?"

She blinked twice. "Nothing. In fact-" Taking him by surprise, in long-standing tradition, River's hand was suddenly on the back of his neck, her lips pressed onto his. Going by kisses, this one was one of the more intense ones, the really intense ones.

When she let him go he was even a little breathless, despite his respiratory bypass system. "River, w-what-"

"Thank you," River whispered. "You have no idea how close it was –you saved their lives."

"I always save their lives."

"You know what I mean." She pressed another, much softer kiss on his lips. "You wonderful, magnificent man."

He grinned. "Yes, I suppose I am."

She tweaked his nose playfully. "Well, I've had a very long, icky day in prison. I am in desperate need of a shower." She eyed his grimy face and dirty jacket, her eyebrow raised suggestively.

He caught on instantly. "Ah, right, yes. So do I, I think?" A question, in case he had misinterpreted her look.

He hadn't, as usual. "Yes you do, sweetie," she smiled fondly. "I think the ensuite in the Oak Room today? I'm dying to try the wood-sounded bath…" She sashayed away up the stairs.

Grinning, the Doctor untied his bowtie and followed his wife. These were the days he lived for. The days when everybody lived.

And the days when everyone stayed married.

The End.

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