Morgan and Garcia are discussing the incident at the coffee shop before the morning meeting.

Garcia asks, "Why do people always think we are a couple? It seems just because I know how you like your coffee or because I have a nickname or two for you."

"I do not understand it either Babygirl. I am a profiler but I still do not see what they see." Says Morgan.

Garcia stopped the morning meeting before it gets started to ask the other profilers. "Why do people always think me and Morgan are a couple?" Everyone at the table is speechless for a moment. Then Rossi says, "I cannot even begin to imagine." And Hotch follows that with "We need to get this meeting started."

As the day moves forward and the team works on catching the unsub, everyone's mind thinks about the couple question with some unique replies if it is ever asked again.

Rossi thinks to himself on the plane, I thought they were a couple when I first started at the BAU. They just do things that couples do, like make coffee or food for the other ones without asking any questions regarding what to put in the coffee or on the plate.

Reid looks deep in thought during a lunch break that everyone assumes he is thinking about the case, but really he is remembering the question. Since he spends a good deal of time outside of the office with the two of them, he has noticed they always sit next to each other. In fact, everyone just automatically leaves the seat next to one of them open if the other one has not arrived at the office meeting, team dinner or night at the local bar.

JJ relaxed for a moment after the press conference regarding the latest case and her mind wondered to the morning question. Why do people think Morgan and Garcia are a couple? She laughs to herself as she remembers the many conversations she has had with each. Garcia often refers to Morgan's favorite this or that or buys something on the personal side for him if they are out shopping. It is the same type of thing JJ might say or do for Will. Then there is Morgan who just always seems to do what Garcia asked for before she even asks. If they are out at the Mall, he carries her purse and her shopping bags without a thought. He always opens the car door for her. Come to think of it he never does that for me or Emily.

When Emily quietly asked what JJ is smirking about she mentions the question and the car door. Emily agrees and tries to understand why. She tells JJ the first thing that comes to her as a profiler. Morgan sees her and JJ as co-workers, equals in the line of duty. He treats them as he would Reid, Rossi or Hotch, while he treats Garcia as he would a woman he might be dating. Garcia is a girlie girl, she always appears feminine. She almost always wears a dress with jewelry.

Rossi sits next to Hotch on the jet home when he notices Hotch is trying to stop the smile that keeps forming on his face. He tells Hotch, "It is OK to smile, no one on the plane will mind." Hotch smiles and says, he was thinking of the question. Do you know how many times I have had to stop one of their "personal" conversations in front of other police officers, FBI, etc., because they are talking the way the just normally talk. Babygirl, hot stuff, spank me, etc. Hotch has the perfect answer for Garcia's question. People think you are a couple because you are a couple. You may not be dating but as best friends you know all the things about each other that couples know about each other and it comes out in everything you do. It is not a bad thing, but it is easy to understand why people think you are a couple.

Hotch stops Garcia at the start of their next morning meeting. He says, "Garcia and Morgan, you want to know why people think you two are a couple? Here are a few of the reasons: Nicknames, flirting, touching, you finish each other's sentences, phones calls regarding a case are almost always done between the two of you instead of another member of the team out of habit, you spend time outside of work hanging out together so you have many personal conversations or memories to share as you work together. You have lunch together when we are at the office. You room together on occasion when working on a case. If I did not know either of you and saw you standing across a room together talking, I have no doubt I would assume you were a couple. You two seem to have the hard part of being a couple down.

Now I have a question for the two of you. Why don't you try the fun part and actually get under the sheets together? Everyone at the meeting is left speechless, as Hotch takes a sit and actually smiles.