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Tension between Deimon and Zokugaku were running high. Ever since Hiruma-disguised-as-Eyeshield had sent a letter of challenge to the delinquent team, Zokugaku had responded violently. And adding oil to the fire, someone had dressed as Eyeshield 21, utilizing the anonymity to their advantage and beat some of their members up. Sena had immediately turned to Hiruma when it had gotten around to the Deimon students. The running back was relieved yet disappointed to hear that Hiruma had no clue as to who it was either.

It was now Thursday, two days before their match against the Zokugaku Chameleons. Sena was not looking forward to being targeted and beaten by them. He had heard nasty rumors about their team being particularly physical in their plays and every single year they had been eliminated from the tournaments because of disqualification, not losing.

Sena walked beside Monta, holding a large sum of money in an envelope—where Hiruma got what he had, Sena would never know—and tried to tune in on his raving descriptions of "Honjou-san" from last night's game. Apparently it was complete shut-out for Honjou's team because of him.

Hiruma had sent him and Monta to pick up some equipment he had ordered a few weeks back. They had quickly changed out of their sports uniforms with the effective chiding of Hiruma's handgun and went on their way to the address Hiruma had given them.

"So on the very last inning," Monta started animatedly. "The pitcher had let the ball for—"


Monta's speech was drowned out by a motorcycle that zoomed by Sena, accelerating loudly right when the rider past the two boys. Monta and Sena watched the vehicle ride further away in surprise. Monta recovered first, turning to Sena and exclaiming angrily, "That rider was rude! And he rode right next to us! About half a feet away from you, right?"

"Yeah…" Sena agreed, his voice trailing off. He felt like he was missing something. Feeling like he should have been holding something important…He jolted in panic, and cursed without thinking. "Oh, shit! That son of a bitch…!" The money Hiruma had handed to him was gone. The rude rider had stolen it. He burst into a run and accelerated into his sprint quickly, chasing after the thief.

Monta shouted behind him, attempting to keep up with Sena. "What's wrong, Sena?!"

The angered brunette turned around and responded loudly so Monta could hear, "That rider stole the money! I'm chasing after him!"

"Wha—at!? Wai-wai-wait for me, Sena!" Monta panted helplessly, completely unable to keep up with the sprinting green blur.

Sena's eyes narrowed, zeroing in on the black motorcycle up ahead. He smirked victoriously; there was heavy traffic today so he would be able to catch the thief easily enough. Sena drew closer to the thief quickly, who, at that moment, turned his head around and spotted Sena sprinting towards him at an alarming rate.

Anyone looking could tell that the rider entered a state of panic, suddenly lurching forward with a dangerous pace, clumsily weaving through the honking cars. Sena scowled, not slowing down even the slightest. Luckily, the rider's speed was not much fast than before, allowing Sena to close in their distance to five feet. The thief turned around and screamed when he saw Sena so close. The brunette's eyes widened in concentration, looking for the exact moment to jump. Three, two, one…


Chaos erupted in that very instance.

In that second, the rider had momentarily lost control of his motorcycle, ramming into the sidewalk and flying into the air.

In that very same second, Shin slammed into the rider who seemed to magically materialize before him and was blown back from the impact.

Meanwhile, in the very same second, Sena had leapt forward, the tips of his fingers less than half a foot away from the thief. And when Sena blinked, the motorcycle was gone. Still flying in the air from his powerful jump, he yelled in alarm, pulling himself to a stop before momentum brought him under a car's wheels by landing on the ground with his hands early and executing a clean front flip on the sidewalk to nullify the force.

Sena managed to land on his two feet but buckled under the pressure. He recovered immediately, straightening himself and examined his scraped hands. He could see blood seeping through his wound. Paying no heed to it, he bowed in apology to the car driver who was yelling if he "wanted to get himself killed or something."

The running back turned around, his eyebrow lifting at the sight. Shin and the thief's limbs were tangled and struggling under the motorcycle. Pushing away his questions for now, Sena lifted the vehicle off of them and held the rider down. "Shin, what are you doing here?! And don't let this guy go! He's stolen our money."

Having heard this, Shin looked at him with a questioning look but grabbed the thief by the collar, replying plainly, "I was just jogging." Sena nodded once in understanding and walked up to the thief and snatched the envelope with the money back from his hands.

"Oh, Sena, you caught him! Who's that with you—oh!" Monta came running towards the area of scuffle and almost squealed when he saw Shin.

The thief flailed his arms helplessly under Shin's grip. When he noticed Monta advancing, he stopped, pointing at Monta and then at Sena. "That uniform! There's no mistaking it; you guys are from Deimon High!"

Sena scowled, ripping off the rider's helmet almost viciously. "So? What are you getting at?"

Under the helmet revealed a teen with multiple piercings on his face and long blonde hair. "We're going to get back at you guys! Mark my words!" He choked out a laugh, glaring at Sena and continuing in a lower voice, "To think that out of all them all, I had robbed you."

Sena's eyebrows knitted in confusion. Shin and Monta turned to the brunette, wondering if they had missed something. Sena shook his head, signifying he had no clue what the pierced teen was saying.

"What, you don't remember me anymore?" The guy let out a dry chuckle. Eyes widening, he spat in Sena's face, "It's me! The one you and Kongo Agon beat up!"

Sena was so stunned for a moment he didn't know what to say. He remembered now. It was in the fight right before Agon k-kissed him (keep the blush in Sena!) where the last guy escaped and declared to get back at him. Sena blurted out without thinking, "Correction: you tried and failed to rob us. And correction: You fled with your tail between your legs. We let you go."

The delinquent's stare grew thunderous.

Monta deliberately cleared his throat. "Calm down now, everyone." He put a firm hand on Sena's shoulder. Turning to the near hysterical thief, Monta said, "First off, what grudge do you have against Deimon? Earlier, you mentioned our uniforms."

The rider gave Monta a cursory glance before resuming his glare at Sena. "Eyeshield of Deimon beat some of my friends up! Like what you did, you litter fucker!" Spitting the last part out in fury at Sena, he struggled in Shin's grasp.

Monta and Sena glanced each other, both of them thinking the same thing. "You're from the Zokugaku Chameleons?"

"Yeah, how did you—you—you two are on the football team?!" His voice escalated to an angry shout.

Shin, who didn't have the slightest idea what was going on, sighed, nudging the teen he was holding onto. "Can we first decide what we want to do with his guy?"

"Should we report him to the police?"

"Like I care! My friends are going to come beat you up! I'll remember your faces!"

"The police it is, then."

The delinquent's façade crumbled. "Don't report me, please!" The thief begged. "Habashira-san…we—I can't let them down! I want to play football with them!" His face was screwed tight with desperation as he plowed on. "I-I'll even forget about my grudge, just don't tell the police."

At these words, Sena's hard expression softened and Shin made the move to release him. However, before he did, Sena put a hand up. "Wait." They all looked at him. "Promise me you'll never steal again. That way you can't ever let your teammates down, right?" The brunette smiled at him.

The teen nodded, not sure what to say in reply. Shin set him down. He hastily climbed his onto his bike and rode away without a word. They watched him ride away in the distance.

"So," Shin started, "Can someone tell me what's going on?"

"…It's a long story." Sena answered with a grimace.

"To think you could fight so well!" Monta exclaimed.

Sena just smiled tentatively. "It's nothing, really."

Sena had explained to them what had happened in the alley a week ago or so, keeping it as simple as he could. Shin had left soon after, saying he needed to train more. Monta and Sena just returned to the school grounds of Deimon High, each holding a cardboard box filled with football equipment in both hands.

When they arrived at the clubroom, Sena slid open the door with his foot and ducked when he heard Hiruma shooting his gun at him. Luckily, the blonde had only shots blanks, or Monta would've gotten shot since he hadn't reacted as quickly as Sena had. "YOU'RE LATE!" The devil incarnate roared.

Sena entered the room and set the boxes down with a huff. "Lots of stuff happened."

Monta came in and added, "Lots."

Hiruma raised an eyebrow in question. Sena shook his head. Saying simply, "We should just be careful in our match with Zokugaku."

Hiruma cackled shrilly. "Got into a fight with Zokugaku already, Sena?" Giving him a patronizing look and then a pat on the head, he continued, "I know how much you love fighting, but you have to be patient for just another two days, understand?" Hiruma's voice had gotten progressively higher, speaking to Sena as though he were a child.

Sena closed his eyes and grit his teeth in irritation to stop himself from giving Hiruma a reaction like he wanted to. Monta looked at his friend with sympathy, and decided to rescue his friend. He clapped a hand on Sena's back and said, "C'mon, let's go home now."

Sena gave Hiruma a look of exasperation (which Hiruma cackled at) before nodding and leaving the clubroom with Monta.

The next two days went by smoothly enough, however the mishaps involving the fake Eyeshield and the Zokugaku was not resolved yet. There were quiet rumors spreading about how Zokugaku had looked for Deimon students and beat them up for revenge. Sena could only hope they were just rumors.

Today was finally the day of their match with the Zokugaku Chameleons. Sena showered early morning and jogged around town for a bit before finding Agon and finding a random park to sit at with his friend. At first, Sena didn't know what to say to him, feeling uncomfortable since Agon's confession. Then Agon whacked him hard on the head, almost yelling at him to stop it.

"So when is your match with Zokugaku? You sure you shouldn't be over there now?" Agon asked.

Sena shook his head, replying, "It starts at ten. We're meeting at the field over in the next station at nine-thirty, so I've still got time." He glanced at Agon, hesitating before continuing, "Never mind that. Can you do me a favor?"

Agon raised an eyebrow, shrugging. "Depends what it is."

"I want to see if I can get past you." Sena closed his eyes with a small sigh. "I lost pretty badly to Shin, but I'm stuck. I don't know what to improve on that's best for me. No matter how fast I went past Shin, his Spear Tackle would pull me back. All I have is my speed, but a human being can only run so fast."

Sena yelped in surprise when he received a kick on his back. Spinning around, he saw that Agon had stood, wearing an irritated sneer. "What was that for?! And why are you giving me that look?" Sena protested.

Agon answered in a serious tone, "There's no use worrying about that shit! Just play with what you've got. I promise you that your speed isn't all that you've got. You may not have Shin's power but you do have strength. Plus, your stamina is pretty good. I can make a whole long list on exactly what you were saying wrong about yourself. But anyway, all these factors should help with your position as running back." Agon scowled. "There, happy now? Got your ego boost you were basically asking me for."

Sena sighed heavily. "I was not! I don't even know if you were humoring me or telling the truth now!"

"Ah, fishing for more compliments again." Agon drawled out.

Sena's shoulders slumped forward, resisting the urge to facepalm. "Okay, whatever." He paused. "Can you still try blocking me though?"

"Well, first you gotta stand up, ya know, so you can run." His tone was sarcastic.

Ignoring Agon's cynicism, the brunette stood, beaming at his friend. "Thanks!"

The two of them backed away from each other until they reached a good distance. Agon got into ready position, nodding for Sena to start. Sena's lips tightened, bursting into a sprint almost immediately. As he neared Agon, he locked eyes with him—Agon, to utilize where Sena's eyes traveled towards to determine his route, and Sena, to prevent exactly that from happening. When he was almost in front of Agon, he made a faint towards the left and launched to the right of Agon with his left foot. And then, eyes wide, Sena ran past him by half a foot or so before he was held back by a strong hand gripping his shirt tightly. It had come in so quick; he had felt it before even seeing it.

Sena grinned and said happily, "You're really good after all! I didn't even see your arm coming at me!" When Agon didn't answer, Sena turned around. Agon had a thoughtful frown on his face as he looked at Sena. "Uh, what is it?"

Agon's face gave nothing away. He shook his head slightly as he said, "No, it's nothing. Just that…" He shot Sena a curious glance. The purplette smiled slightly as he slapped Sena's back hard. "You'll be fine."

Sena scowled at Agon's strange actions, rubbing his back. "That actually hurt. And just what are you saying? You're not making any sense."

"I'm saying that you shouldn't worry about improving and shit like that!"

"Yeah, you said that a moment ago."

"Yes, and I'm saying it again!" Agon stuffed his hands in his pockets, walking away in a swagger with his head low.

Sena looked back at him in confusion. Jogging to catch up, he shouted, "Agon, wait! And stop walking like a hooligan who's trying to pick a fight!" Agon stopped for a second before resuming his walk.

Sena smirked playfully as he jabbed Agon in the lower back with his hands and tazered him hard in the ribs, forcing Agon to straighten his poise. "Fuck, Sena, don't scare me like that!" Agon growled out grumpily.

"There, that's better." Sena looked up at Agon with a grin.

"Just go meet up with your football buddies already!"

Sena took out his phone to check the time. Eight fifty-one. "Hm." Dropping his phone back into pocket, he continued, "I guess I'll start heading back. You coming with me?" Sometimes Agon walked him to his house when they randomly found each other around town. Although, Sena suspected Agon deliberately tried to "coincidentally" bump into each other, since Agon didn't live exactly near here.

Agon shook his head. "I gotta go. Places to be." That was all he decided to share. Sena nodded in understanding. The brunette waved good-bye, telling him not to get into anymore fights, which Agon responded with an eyebrow raised at him.

Watching the brunette's retreating back, Agon thought to himself, Yes. Sena was going to be fine.

Agon looked up at the sky, recalling what he had just experienced at the park. When Sena had run up to him during the practice run, he was definitely going to the left. However, when Agon had reached an arm out for him, he had grabbed nothing but air. Sena had disappeared and reappeared on his right.

Just like a ghost.

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