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He was enraged. The emotion burned within him like some great fire, turning his insides to ash. He had to let it out, he had to cause pain.

"McNair!" He bellowed. He barely registered the dark shape of a man that was hastily bowing in front of him, before yelling, "Crucio!" McNair started thrashing in pain, but not screaming, not yet. Lord Voldemort felt the rage soften slightly. It was as if causing others pain, directly alleviated his own frustration.

After a few minutes, McNair lost his self-control and started screaming. The sound was like music to Lord Voldemort's ears. After a while, when McNair's screams were reduced to nothing but whimpers and pleas to stop, Lord Voldemort lost interest and with a flick of his wand stopped the spell. The fire had subsided; he was feeling a lot calmer. His head felt clearer and full of ideas.

"We are attacking Hogwarts!" He said enthusiastically to his solemn looking Death Eaters, while McNair huddled in the corner, looking pathetic.

Silence greeted his words, however.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Bella!"

"Yes," she jumped up over-eagerly.

"Team up with some members of your choice; you will lead the group that will be taking care of members of the Order of the Phoenix and the teachers. Lucius, I want you and Draco and whoever you see fit, to capture some students whose death threats would lure Potter here; use Draco's sense of who he cares about at school." Draco quickly started muttering to Lucius, who seemed to listen intently. "The rest of you cause as much havoc as you can; kill the ones that are useless… and Severus," he beckoned, "You will come with me." Severus gave a quick bow and followed Lord Voldemort out of the room.


"My Lord."

"Look at me." He did.

"I feel at a loss. I have many dedicated followers, who serve me well and the boy will not escape this time, as he has done far too many times already. But… and I am only telling you this because I trust you completely, the thought of it does not satisfy me anymore. All those years spent longing after him, wishing to break his precious neck, to torture him, to punish him once and for all… But it has changed. It does not pacify the fire within me, and torturing only relieves it temporarily." Lord Voldemort paused.

Severus looked thoughtful for a moment and then suggested: "My Lord, maybe what you need is something different. Something new, something you have not regularly done all those years, something that would be strong enough to pacify the fire."

"Any suggestions Severus?"

"You could try… reaching your powers further into other countries, starting to purify them of filthy muggles…"

"But that's just an extension of what I am doing already."

"You could try learning some light spells?" These words caused Lord Voldemort to spit in anger.

"I will not dignify this with an answer, Severus. Are you out of your mind?"

"Pardon me, My Lord. You could, not that you have any, but you could try to overcome your fear?"

"I do not fear anything Severus, my faithful servant. The only thing that comes even remotely close toward giving me a reaction like that is death."

Severus' expression remained unchanged.

"So you are suggesting I should… die..?"

Severus was now keeping his eyes firmly fixed on the floor.

"There is one other, My Lord."



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