Chapter 55

"So… It's over? Just like that?" Mrs Jones asked, unwrapping a peppermint as she sat at her desk in front of us.

I nodded, "Yea, pretty much. That's it".


"Gone" I finished, "At least, for another while anyway. But something tells me they'll be too embarrassed to reform after their latest defeat. It's quite amazing what a teenager and three soldiers can do when pissed off".

She slowly nodded, "And, the list?"


"Rights… And that's all?"

"That's all" I replied, standing up, "So I'll just be quitting now, if you don't mind".


"I'm sorry?" She asked, and Wolf growled from behind me, "You heard him. He's quitting. For good".

Jones stared at me for a minute, before sighing, "Well, I guess that could work. I'll pay you for your services, but the money might take a while to come through… It's been nice working with you Alex".

I nodded, "Likewise, Tulip".

"So… Can we get pizza?" Eagle asked suddenly, as we walked down the street back to my house.

I slowly nodded, "Sure… But I'm not paying for it".

"Awww… Wolfie?"


He pouted, "Snake?"

"Not a chance, Eagle".

"How about we split it?" A new voice asked, and they all jumped, spinning around only to find a familiar black-haired man standing there, a walking stick in hand.

He grinned, "I always did a good Macaroni and Cheese myself".

They all stared at him in shock, eyes wide, mouth open.

Anthony Sean Howell grinned back at them.

"I'm sure they have better taste than that" Another voice said with disdain, "And as for splitting it? I'm afraid I don't quite trust you enough for that".

Silently turning to face the other man, they paled.

Yassen Gregorovich sighed and rolled his eyes.

Ash glared at him, "Oh, believe me, I'm not exactly lining up to share with you either".

I smirked, "Now, now, boys, play nicely. You do, after all, have to share a room".

They both spun around to face me, "WHAT?"

I frowned, "Oh, sorry, I must have failed to mention that… Ah well. You either share a room with each other, or you share a room with SAS soldiers".

They paused.

K-Unit paled even more, if possible.

Ash swallowed, "Okay, maybe my attempted murderer isn't so bad".

"And perhaps the man who killed my best friend isn't the worst" Yassen finished.

I grinned, "See? I knew we could get along".

And as we slowly began to walk back to our home, I couldn't help but reflect over what had happened.

SCORPIA was gone.

Maybe not for good, but definitely for a while.

And at the end of all, I even had a few more scars to show for it.

But I also had a family as well.

Sure, it consisted of an ex-spy, an ex-assassin, three SAS soldiers, and a man meant to be dead, but in some strange way or another, we worked.

And yea, the majority of us were wanted dead by a couple hundred organisations and more than enough countries had bounties on our heads, but we worked.

I wasn't the best person in the world, I sure as hell wasn't the sanest, and I was pretty goddamn messed up… But for these few minutes of happiness? For this family to remain together? For my life to go back to normal?

To keep everything?

I'm pretty sure I'd Lie.


I just didn't want to drag this out for any longer.

I mean, 54 chapters?


That's frickin long.

I could almost publish this as a book with that length!

So, I hope you liked it (and aren't too mad at me) and I'll publish another fic soon!


Hope you enjoyed,

Rachel :)