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Chapter 1

"Great just great" Lindsay Grissom spoke turning off the TV in the Vegas Crime Lab break room, slamming the control on the table, she huffed and rubbed her hands over her face

"Baby its ok" Greg Sanders spoke calmly.

She turned to him with her eyebrow raised. He smiled.

"It's ok? I don't see your personal life splashed across the papers or on every news channel in Vegas" She stood up and yelled.

"You are my personal life Lindsay just incase you've forgotten, every time your face is shown or your name is mentioned, who's the one who is always defending your name, telling people that they are wrong and stupid to believe what they read, see or hear huh, so don't tell me that it isn't affecting me, your too busy watching the next news channel just to hear what they say about how you screwed up. Maybe you should concentrate on how this affected everyone else around, people who love you for who are whether you did screw up or not, people who will offend you. So maybe you should get your head out of your ass and see what these people are doing for you. Use your brain honey and wake up." He raised his eyebrows and then left the break room.

She quickly wiped her tears away. She didn't want to appear weak in front of the colleagues in the lab. She picked up her glass and took a gulp, she glanced at the glass then the wall, she was fuming, how dare he say those things to her, she didn't deserve a lecture from him, she got on from her parents and her boss Ecklie she didn't need it from him. He wasn't the one who was all the news, the city knowing how she screwed up, how she shot a suspect how turned out to an innocent citizen by accident of course. She didn't get it, all the evidence pointed to him. The evidence never lies. Lindsay bitterly laugh, evidence never lies her ass. She through the glass against the wall and watch it shatter. She screamed collapsing to the floor sobbing.