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Chapter 4

"Catherine I'm just saying that we should discuss it" Grissom called from the bathroom.

Catherine who was sat up in bed under the covers, she stuck her middle finger up in his direction, her eyes still on her book.

"What do you think honey" he tried again, knowing his wife wasn't listening to him and well he knew her view on the subject. When she didn't answer him a second time, he leant against the doorframe arms across his chest. He stared at his wife hoping to catch her eye.

"You know it's rude to stare" when she didn't get answer, "What" She added finally looked up from her book, seeing her husband expression.

"Why are ignoring me" He asked the slight hurt was heard in his voice

She took her glasses off before replying "I'm not I just want to talk about it" She shrugged.

He pushed himself of the door frame and join her on the bed.

"I just hate seeing my family upset about this" Grissom admitted.

"I know you do, but there not a lot you can do" Catherine sadly smiled.

"Well" he paused.

"Gil" She warned.

"What?" He grinned.

"Don't you even think about it" She pointed.

He just poked out his tongue in reply causing her to laugh.