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Chapter 5: An Old Friend

Normal POV

It was weird; Lucy never expected to be in a situation like this. She thought she'd be able to avoid Natsu for the rest of her life and, hopefully, forget about him. That was until he accused her of hurting his precious girlfriend, oh and, you know, when he encountered her in the bathroom.

After that, Lucy knew Natsu would never be hers, but the worst part about it was that they wouldn't even try to be friends. Her thoughts then wandered to her fiery friend. She was thankful for Erza's appearance because the red-haired woman is so intimidating. Maybe, just maybe, Minerva would leave her alone for the remainder of her high school life.

Today, Erza wanted to get the old gang back together. Although she promised the blonde that she would help her avoid Natsu, Lucy still didn't feel like going. Erza even picked out an outfit she could wear, and let's just say, it involves a skirt and a whole lot of pink.

Luckily, Lucy did not cut her legs, but mainly because it didn't hurt like when she cut her arms. She put on the light pink skirt, and when she looked at it through her tall mirror, she cringed in disgust. Although most people would tell her she looked good in it, it just reminded Lucy of the outfit she wore when she found out Natsu was dating Lisanna.

"Now for the shirt…" Lucy began to hum silently as she grabbed the shirt from the bag. "I guess it's better than the skirt." It was a white over-sized sweater with narrow pink stripes on it. After putting it on, Lucy smiled sadly.

"I've missed this style a lot, but…" She twirled around a few times then stopped to gaze in the mirror, "It still hurts…to be reminded of what you try so hard to forget."

Lucy put on the light brown boots that went to her knees. It complimented the outfit quite nicely.

She bid goodbye to her servants- scratch that- actual family, and made her way to the gate in front of her house. There she saw Erza and Levy waiting.

"Hey guys." Lucy greeted them kindly.

The pair of girls turned and they both exchanged quick glances before looking back at Lucy. Erza was the first to break the silence, "You look wonderful in your outfit Lucy."

"O-oh, thanks Erza, but it's all because you picked it out."

Levy beamed at the light atmosphere, "Should we head to the mall then?"

The girls nodded and they began walking to the outdoor mall. It took about 15 minutes since the mall really wasn't that far away. Along the way they had small conversations, and most of the time Lucy thought about last night. She had cried when she got home, and she cut a few times as well. Just remembering the pain she felt helped her forget about…him. Unconsciously, she rubbed the arm she cut the day before. "Lucy?"

She snapped her head up, "W-what?"

"Levy asked you a question." Erza looked at her blonde friend.

"Oh, uh, what was the question again Levy?"

"Do you like your outfit? I just assumed since it wasn't really your style anymore that you'd hate it…"

"No! No…I love it actually…" Lucy whispered the last few words and messed with the hem of her shirt.

"Really? 'Cause I think you look really pretty in it Lu-chan."

"Ah-uh, thanks L-Levy-chan…" Lucy looked the other way as a light blush dusted her cheeks.

They stopped and stood in the middle of the mall near the fountain. Lucy sat at the edge of the fountain, and turned slightly to look at her reflection in the fountain. "I really do like this outfit…" She mumbled to herself.

"I do too, Lucy."

She knew that voice, but she hadn't heard it in a long time…the last time she heard it was when she was 8. She turned to see Erza and Levy busy texting the others to know when they were coming. Lucy then turned her head a bit more, and she opened her mouth slightly in shock.

"S-sting?" She suddenly became really shy and almost fell backwards into the fountain. Sting gripped her wrist and was able to pull her forward though.

"W-what are you d-doing here S-sting?"

The other blonde sat down beside her and sighed, "Erza invited me…I just moved here ya know…and since her family is close to my family, she told me about you. I was shocked she knew you and I couldn't wait to see you." Sting turned his head and met with Lucy's chocolate brown eyes.

"I can't believe it's really you Sting…" She began to tear up and Sting started to panic. He stood up from his place and turned to her in worry.

"Don't cry Lucy, jeez, come on-"Sting's eyes widened as Lucy jumped on him and hugged him.

"I missed you a lot Sting…"

He slowly hugged her back, and then he whispered softly in her ear, "Lucy… is your dad…is he still abusive to you?" He twirled his finger through her hair as he spoke so he wouldn't frighten her with such a dangerous question. He looked down and was met with a slight nod. The blonde held the girl tighter, "Oh Lucy…" Sting cupped her cheeks, making her look into his eyes. "I'm so sorry I left…"

"S-sting? It wasn't your fault you had to move away, the only thing I care about now is that you're back." She smiled softly at him and he gave her a quick peck on the cheek before letting their foreheads touch. Lucy finally has a light of happiness in her life again. Tears began to roll down her cheeks in joy. "I'm so glad you're back."

Erza and Levy had finished texting everyone a while ago, and they now stood there staring. They both smiled at the two blondes before turning their heads to see Natsu, Lisanna, Gray, and Juvia practically running towards them.

Natsu's POV

As we were running to try to avoid getting beaten by Erza, I saw the fountain coming into view. Everyone else was running behind me, and soon I saw Levy and the red-haired demon. Upon closer inspection, I saw two blondes. At first I thought they were strangers, but then I heard Lucy's soft voice and clenched my jaw. 'Who the hell is that?'

The two blondes were looking at each other as tears streamed down Lucy's face, her forehead pressed against his. I started to get annoyed, so I announced my presence to break the two apart, "We're here!" I came to a halt in front of Erza and Levy.

The others stopped shortly after me and were breathing hard.

"Great, you guys made it with two seconds to spare." Erza looked at the clock on her phone and then looked back up. "If you arrived two seconds later, I would've been forced to punish you." She glared at us and I nearly shuddered. I heard laughing and glanced at the two blondes walking near everyone.


'Man, I haven't seen him since I was, what? 8?'

"Ah, nice to see you again Natsu, it's been awhile."

Sting was holding Lucy's hand, and I watched as she visibly sighed in relief when he squeezed it gently. I almost growled at the sight, but stopped myself when I caught Lucy staring at me. Immediately after I started staring at her, Erza stepped in front of me. "Well, let's get going guys!"

On instinct, I hooked my arm in Lisanna's. I still love her. Her gorgeous blue eyes, the way she smiles, and her nice demeanor, but I still feel as if something is wrong…

I quickly shook away the thought.

It's probably nothing.

Then, I heard Sting tell Lucy a joke. When I heard her laugh softly in response, I instantly knew this would be a long day.

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