Autumn Footfalls

It's 2pm and they're making their way through the park towards the little coffee shop they frequently visit in the autumn. It's always Makoto's idea, but he only ever suggests it because he knows Haru loves it there. He's seen the way his boyfriend breathes in the relaxing smell of coffee, reassuring. Haruka doesn't even like coffee, doesn't like the taste -his nose always wrinkled whenever he took a sip of Mako's- but he seems to enjoy the ambience. No one except Makoto and Haruka ever seem to be in there either. Haruka likes being alone with Makoto. Makoto likes being alone with Haruka.

They're in their coats, huddled up inside them for warmth. Haruka hadn't had his buttoned when Makoto had met him by the entrance to the park. The older boy had quickly fixed that; buttoning up the coat with quick fingers, all the while tutting in a good natured way while Haruka pouted and looked to the side, hands in his pockets.

Now they walk through the park, trainers crunching on red and yellow and amber leaves. They don't really need to speak, but when Haruka suddenly moves into his coat a little bit more, Makoto speaks up.

"Haru?" He cocks his head. "Are you cold?"

Haruka's eyes narrow slightly, but then he relents, deigning to nod quickly once or twice. Makoto smiles and reaches out, pulling the smaller boy close to him. Haruka, despite himself, moves in closer, glad of Makoto's arm around him. He's warmer now.

Makoto briefly rests his cheek on top of the other boy's head before looking up at the trees as they stroll.

Haruka suddenly wraps his arm around Makoto's waist and rests his head on his shoulder. Haruka is not snuggling, he does not snuggle, he's just trying to get warm, but the dark haired boy has to admit it's cosy in Makoto's arms, up against his chest.

It's quiet and all Haruka can hear is their footfalls as they walk along the path. The occasional bird call permeates the relaxed silence. And then there's Makoto's heartbeat. Steady and constant just like the boy himself. Haruka reaches out his hand and entwines it with Makoto's. They stayed locked together. Made for each other.