Ultimate Spiderman: L.X.G

DISCLAIMER:I DO NOT own Ultimate Spider-Man, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, any related characters, Marvel, Disney, D.C.

In short I don't own anything in this story. This is just for fun.

While I'm at it let me just clarify something. First of all The L.X.G of this story is not the same as the one owned by DC or the film of the same name, they are a collection of heroes that I'm fond of who aren't strictly part of either the D.C or Marvel universe, though I think they may own the rights to 1 or 2 of the characters (please correct me if I am wrong). I'm only using the L.X.G name because I like it and there's another reason that will be explained further on. Since I don't want to give away any spoilers, you won't find out who these heroes are unless you read on.

Chapter 1: More Heroes like me?

New York: 2013, Night

Spiderman is swinging though the skyline of Manhattan, when he suddenly turns to, well YOU.

Hey guys, it's is none other than your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, Now in case you're wondering, my regular writers are off right now so I've got this new guy with me. He's a little new so let's not hold that against...(BANG).

From out of nowhere Spiderman crashes spread eagle and face first into the huge HD quality face of J Johan Jameson, just when he is ranting and raving about Spiderman's latest menacing deeds. He slowly peels off the screen and lands on the rooftop just below.

Ouch, (sits up) hey newbie, watch were your sending me, it's bad enough, having to listen to blowhard Jameson without... (Takes a deep breath) no wait, I said we weren't going to be too hard and that's what I'm going to do. Let no one say that Spiderman doesn't keep his word.

While Spiderman begins to rub his head, the head of Jameson disappears to show the current time. 7:16 p.m..

Spiderman: Wait is that the time, awe man I'm late for shield training, AGAIN. I promised Fury I'd be on time today.

Don't look at me like that, things came up, you know what goes on in my average day. Beating down super villains before school, school, fighting super villains on my way home, homework, friends, kicking super villain but in the evening, night time patrol, the list is endless. That's the price you pay for having the amazing life that I have.

Spiderman swings off just when Jameson appears to continue his never ending slander our hero.

Though sometimes I wonder if it is amazing, I mean thanks to J.J everyone thinks I'm a menace, my best friend Harry hates me because of what happened to his dad, Fury is always riding me about something and worse tomorrow is the day that uncle Ben...

Spiderman lands on a stone gargoyle.

Sometimes it feels like Everyone's life is all well and good, but mine just keeps getting worse. Just look at my team, their great and all but over the last few months I've discovered that Iron Fist is a millionaire King of a mystical city, Nova has lived in space and has a team that loves him, Power man has reunited with his parents and White Tiger...

He sighs and looks up to the Tri-carrier hovering above the city.

Spiderman: Ava... she's possibly the only one on the team who understands what I've been though. We've bonded ever since that business with Kraven, since we've told each other of our pasts and since the moment she hugged me I've been thinking a lot about...

Hey wait a minute, dude are you making me say this bit OUT LOUD? Not cool, I don't want anyone else to hear this, what if I was talking about something more... mature? What if someone was listening?

Fury: Spiderman, SPIDERMAN!

Spiderman jumps out of his skin, falling off the gargoyle, but quickly web zip's back on top. He looks to his communicator.

Spiderman: Fury? How long have you been their?

Fury: Only a few seconds, were you talking to yourself again?

Spiderman: Errs.

Fury: Doesn't matter; just get your butt over to the Tri-Carrier for training NOW! You're late, so there's a special training exercise with your name on it. NOW MOVE IT.

Spiderman: Sir! Yes sir!

Seriously a little appreciation would be nice; I use to tell myself that I didn't do this for fame or fortune but lately...

Spiderman starts to run up to the top of the building he's on.

It feels like I'm alone on this one, misunderstood, unappreciated and nobody seems to understand or care.

At the very top of the building, Spiderman jumps and web shoots the Tri-Carrier, starting the long journey up.

Spiderman: I wish there were other heroes like me.

A/N: Let me know what you guys think of the first chapter. Be aware it's my first time writing. Anyway, feel free to leave some suggestions for improvements