Today's Reference: DragonBall Z abridged.

The Hyuuga Curse 2

by Bullwinkle's Lady

Chapter 1

She had always seen Naruto as the light. He was bright and she was dim. He was strong and she was weak. He was the light, her light, the one who would save her from the darkness. He was the one meant to save her...from herself.

Hinata hurriedly followed the other, her hand clasped in his. He had initiated the contact absentmindedly, but suddenly the touch seemed to be far beyond just absent. She squeezed his hand a little tighter, but he didn't seem to notice, and she smiled nonetheless.

She had never thought she could have been mistaken. Not for a second had she suspected someone else could have been the light or the darkness. That Naruto just didn't fit into the happy ending.

Or the new beginning.

Sasuke abruptly stopped, causing her to walk into him. He ignored it as he slipped into a shady-looking stone building, motioning for her to follow. Gulping, Hinata complied.

It was far worse than she could have imagined! Sasuke had abducted her from her second-story bedroom window, taken her all the way across the village, and into a suspicious-looking black building only to hand her over to a creepy-looking old man. The man grinned sinisterly, revealing gleaming yellow teeth, as he leaned upon a glass counter display within which were littered–

She lost her breath and unconsciously fidgeted as she looked at Sasuke.

He glanced away. "Pick one," he said indifferently.


It seemed she was the light within a picture where Naruto was but a fleeting diversion. She was Sasuke's light, and...he was hers. When she was weak, he made her stronger. And when he was ill, physically or emotionally, she was the only one who could heal him. They seemed to take turns extinguishing the darkness.

Hinata felt a blush rise to her face. "I can't," she said. "I mean – you – you should–"

He glared at her. "Pick – one."

"Okay." In an instant, was pressed to the display, eyes lit up like bright white stars. She didn't notice the odd look Sasuke was giving her.

"What do you think of this one?" Hinata asked, pointing at a random ring.

Sasuke glanced her way, not daring to step forward. "Too big," he said with distaste.

"I know," Hinata agreed.

...if she knew then why did she ask?

"This one?"

"Too small," said Sasuke, twitching as Hinata agreed.

In the end, Hinata chose the prettiest one, vaguely noticing that it suited Sasuke more than it did her. Ice blue diamonds, the same shade as her birthstone, formed five small petals of a blue flower, resting upon a white golden band. Secretly, she had chosen it because it reminded her of Sasuke, but she would never let that on to him, even if he was unconscious or intoxicated.

She held it up for him to examine. One of Sasuke's eyebrows raised. " it," he stated, with mild surprise. Uchiha Sasuke didn't like very many things.

"Do you want to try it on?"


Hinata felt herself blush, embarrassed by her thoughtlessness. Sasuke seemed offended, and the couple looked pointedly away from one another as the jeweler prayed they would not cancel their expensive selection.

A small smile graced Hinata's face nonetheless. She had not thought she was getting a ring. Her marriage to Sasuke had been...quiet. So quiet in fact, that they had done it simply by signing the contract. And why?

"As an agreement," Sasuke had said.

As...a promise.

Because, she loved him...and he loved her. With so many obstacles rising between them, it had been a small surrender on both of their parts, though Hinata couldn't help thinking it had been inevitable, that there was no doubt they would marry, since the day they first met eyes.

Getting over Hinata's err, Sasuke stuffed his hand into his pocket, where he unearthed an enormous wad of bills, before offering them to the jeweler. "From missions," he said as Hinata stared. He had never had any need to spend much money. As an orphan, the village supported him, Naruto too.

It was as if in slow motion – like a dream to Hinata. Sasuke handing over the bills, the jewelers broad grin growing wider and creepier; the strange looks that Sasuke was giving the both of them–

"Hinata," he said, snapping her out of her reverie. Onyx eyes bored into her white ones for a moment, before they lowered to the ring clutched in her fist. Opening her hand, he took the ring and slipped it onto her finger. "I'm glad...that this makes you happy," he said, his thumb absently tracing circles around the diamond. He wasn't one to care much about material possessions, but was willing to bend his notions for particular things. Lowering Hinata's hand, he raised his gaze back at her face, noticing her half-lidded eyes and weary expression that gave the slight suggestion that she wasn't fully conscious.

Sasuke pulled her against him just as she fainted. He shrugged to the jeweler who raised his brows.

Buried against Sasuke's shirt, Hinata drifted along in dreams that had become reality. She had meant to say thank you, or even kiss him on the cheek. She wanted to tell Sasuke how much it all meant, and how surreal the whole thing was. But then the world had gone dark, and she had lost her chance, and yet her life did not change. If anything, it was a fairy tale.

Prince charming was dark, weird, and slimy. Have we not gone over this? He ate slugs and tortured kittens!

His expression was always apathetic; he seemed immune to being daunted, except for in battle where he turned from stoic to vicious. Long dark bangs hung in his eyes, his forehead bare where the Konoha hitai-ate should have been. Some called him Uchiha, others, a monster. What did it matter? He was all hers.

Sasuke released a grunt of pain as his back slammed to the wall of rock behind him. He lowered his eyes and raised his hands to the ones gripping the front his shirt. Deeply breathing, he tried to calculate the number of ribs he had broken, before finally lifting his gaze to glare at his attacker.

"Sorry," said Naruto, releasing him. He wrapped Sasuke's arm around his shoulders before he could slump down. "Why – didn't – you – dodge?" Naruto wanted to know.

Naruto was Sasuke's opposite. It was no wonder why they could never cancel each other out.

Someone fell from the sky and landed before them into a crouched position. Sakura rose, smiling, for she knew that if either of her teammates had attempted to jump from that fifty-foot cliff's edge, they would have likely broken both legs. She pulled her hand through her dull pink hair.

"I was distracted," said Sasuke, to the shock of both his teammates. They had never before heard him admit to such a thing.

"You didn't have to use rasengan," Sakura groused, directing her attention to Naruto, and viciously shoving him into the wall. She then began to heal Sasuke, and the way she held her palms out reminded Sasuke of Hinata's jyuuken style, and he…wanted to hit himself. He saw the quirk of Sakura's lips; her knowing eyes. "Sasuke-kun, you really have to pull it together. We need you for this next mission. The Mizukage is having a big birthday bash, and–"

"I decline."

"What?" snapped Tsunade.

"I decline," said Hinata, recoiling from the Hokage's glare

"The Kazekage said he had been impressed with your composure in Suna. You held your own and impressed our international peers. Kakashi said you've shown excellent skills in strategy and discretion, and he himself nominated you for this advancement. Even Naruto said you blew someone's brains out of their ear during your last mission."

That was an exaggeration. "I can't – I just–" There were too many things happening to her at once, making her heart pound to the point that she felt woozy.


"Thank you Hokage-sama, but I can't accept this promotion." Hinata quickly began to walk off, but Tsunade's next words stopped her in her tracks.

"Is this about the Uchiha?" As Tsunade watched Hinata stiffen, a wicked smile crossed her face as she realized the authenticity of the rumors about them being together. Tsunade waited to see if Hinata would respond, but she did not. "You cannot refuse this," she continued, even though technically she could. "You have been advanced to the rank of jounin."

Hinata's shoulders sagged. "Okay," she said, then continued to walk.

"You should celebrate," Tsunade called after her. The door closed, and she fingered a sake bottle in her desk drawer. I know I will.

Hinata walked down the stairs of the Hokage tower, absently fingering the necklace hidden under her top. She had been expecting a mission, or even a scolding, not a promotion. She had nearly died during her last mission, and could not imagine it warranted a reward.

Hinata continued to finger the ring hanging from the chain around her neck. Her thoughts drifted to Sasuke as they had consistently over the past few days. She practically floated through her house when she got home, not noticing how Hanabi eyed the dreamy look on her face.

When she got to her bedroom, she locked the door, dropped to her back, and looked at the ceiling. She could see the beginnings of sunset through the window.

Reaching for her collar, Hinata untucked the ring, and absently rolled it between her thumb and pointer finger. She remained like that for hours, until she took notice of the darkness that had encompassed the room. She hadn't seen Sasuke at all that day, and entertained the concept of going to see him, but then brushed it off. She had heard that team seven had been offered an important mission in Kirigakure. He was probably far away somewhere, with her being the last thing on his mind.

Hinata didn't know why she got up despite it, twisting the latch on her window, then sliding it open.

She wandered through the village, in darkness, noting the closed shops and vacant roads. There were not many people about at that time of night, just the occasional shinobi returning late from a mission, and a squadron or two going off on one. She was barely conscious of where her feet were carrying her, but wasn't surprised when she saw her destination.

What if this could work out? Hinata wondered.

Soon Sasuke would be lifted from his probation, and she would turn eighteen, then they could be husband and wife for real. Maybe they would have a wedding – her heart fluttered at the concept. They could live together, eat together, share quick goodbye kisses before going off on assignments…

Maybe not too quick. Maybe longer, more intimate kisses. And maybe they would do…other things than kissing. Hinata blushed as she stared at the door to Kakashi's apartment.

Part of Sasuke's punishment for defecting was to be under the constant supervision of several approved shinobi, Kakashi being one of them, and herself, another. It was odd, because the Hokage had never bothered to really enforce this rule. Sasuke disregarded them with great care, mentioning that his "supervisors" could not prevent him from killing them.

Not that he intended to, he would add at seeing her blanch.

Hinata smiled to herself and just as she turned to leave, she heard the door swing open. She turned to it in surprise.

"I sensed your chakra," he said.

Sasuke must have been a late sleeper, because he had clearly just gotten out of the shower, and was dressed in only a towel.

Hinata found herself taking an unconscious step backwards, though she could not determine why. He was her husband, after all. She stared at his moist hair, his muscled chest, and his skin, gleaming with droplets of water that slid lower...and lower...

She scratched her cheek, pretending that she was not been reliving the experience of his body against hers, his warm breath, tickling her ear and his lips, against her neck, her shoulder, her breasts…


She jumped at the sound of his voice, and Sasuke's arms instinctively shot out to steady her, causing his towel to slip down a notch, and exposing some dark hair on his lower abdomen.

Hinata's face colored, her eyes glued to the spot. Why am I staring? she wondered, as she stared. When Sasuke followed her gaze, he looked uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry!" Hinata said, covering her eyes while squeezing them shut. She didn't know how or why, but she began to babble, "Maybe we can, ano, maybe – let's-"

She was thankful when Sasuke kissed her, probably just to shut her up. She stood on her toes and leaned upon him to deepen the contact, and felt Sasuke smirk against her lips. "Pervert," he muttered, as he kissed her some more, guiding her into the apartment, and closing the door. "Kakashi's still…away…on mission." Gentle kisses that were getting deeper and dirtier.

They'd had sex before, well, once, and had been awfully polite towards each other ever since. Hinata couldn't remember the last time she had kissed Sasuke that much. When the two stumbled to his bedroom, they paused and untangled their limbs.

As they wondered who would be the first to casually drop their pants (or towel), or who would burst into tears and scurry off in nervousness, Sasuke made an abysmal strategic maneuver in mentioning–

"I want you to strip."

Hinata opened and closed her mouth.

Sasuke attempted a smile, but it turned out being a leer. He wasn't very good at smiling. "It's only fair."

Fair? Hinata felt a mixture of shock, horror, and mortification.

"You're always staring..." he raised his arms slightly, reminding her that he was naked. " my body."

Her eyes on the floor and her face red, Hinata threw him an angry look, but it turned out becoming another stare. That isn't my fault, she thought. She had never found herself so – interested – in the human body as she was in Sasuke's. His just happened to be…very nice.

"I'll go first," Sasuke offered, opening his towel.

With a shriek, Hinata covered her face and turned away – but not before getting an eyeful.

There was subtle amusement in Sasuke's voice. "Hinata, this thing was inside of you. Don't you want to know what it looks like?"

He was right. She was being childish.

Hinata slowly opened her fingers, and peeked through them to look at Sasuke's – at her husband's–

"It's – very – nice," Hinata said, lowering her hands and trying not to stutter.

"Thanks," Sasuke responded, his smirk widening to reveal teeth.

Hinata took a few breaths of air. "What's that?" she managed, raising a violently shaking finger to point at his groin.

"It's my penis."

"No!" Hinata said more forcefully than she had intended. She lifted her gaze to Sasuke's face to see that he was still amused. He was teasing her. Hinata pointed again. "That – there."

"A kunai scar," Sasuke replied, as he tied the towel back around his waist. "A narrow miss, ne?"

Un, Hinata thought. In fact, if it had not missed, they would be having an entirely different conversation. She put her hand on her chest as her heart raced the way it always did when they were together. She noticed that Sasuke was closely watching her, the way a wolf might gaze upon a sheep.

"Your turn," he said.

Hinata froze. Opened her mouth. Closed her mouth. Raised her finger. And then she bolted.

Sasuke materialized in front of the door, blocking her exit. Hinata backed away from him until she felt the backs of her knees connect with his bed. She winced as she fell backwards onto the mattress.

"You're still so shy," he mused as he climbed over her. Eyes half-lidded, she allowed Sasuke to unzip her pullover and slide it off her shoulders. There was no resistance, just a weak gasp as he slid her undershirt up her torso.

"Help," he urged her, kissing her temple.

She weakly nodded and pulled the shirt over her head, feeling Sasuke watching as she did so. His hands slipped down to unbutton her pants. "Just admit it." He sounded somewhat breathless. "You wanted me to undress you."

"Yes," Hinata responded, as he began to slide off her pants. "You're right."

She wearily stared up at the ceiling, loosely holding the sheets against her chest.

She closed her eyes when Sasuke's breath tickled her neck, as he muttered softly against her jaw, "Are you all right?"

A mellow smile crossed Hinata's face. She was more than all right, but feared that if she voiced it, the words would come out high and funny.

Sasuke pulled back. "Good," he muttered. "Now we can start getting serious."

Hinata didn't know what that meant, but decided she didn't want to ask. She shifted over to mumble against his shoulder, "Sasuke," She felt heat rise to her cheeks, " I?"

She had achieved her desired effect. Sasuke was embarrassed. He turned away so that his back was facing her. Hinata absently admired the muscles there as her husband muttered, "Loud."

She blinked.

"You're very quiet during the day time – but during sex, you seem to get very–"

"Un," Hinata squeaked, her face reddening. "Sorry-"

"Don't apologize," he said, curling up and pulling the sheets over his head. "I love it when you scream my name."

As history would suggest, Sasuke was a bit of an avenger.

Hinata's fingers twitched. "I became a jounin today," she said, wondering if Sasuke would be upset now that she outranked him. She was attempting to change the subject, to keep him awake, and not let him have the last word. She was growing weary of his unshakable composure. Why doesn't he blush – and scream during... Her blush intensified.

"Good," he said, his voice muffled. "Bring the uniform next time."

Her face felt so hot, there was a slight chance her hair would catch fire. Hinata stared at the lump of covers that was Uchiha Sasuke for a moment, listening as his breathing became snores, and then she…scrambled out of his bed and began to gather up her clothing.

When Sasuke awoke all alone the next morning, he felt shocked, betrayed, hurt, and...rather used. Quickly getting over the trauma, he climbed out of bed (naked), and searched the kitchen for food (naked). Marriage is...okay, he mused.

When Kakashi entered the apartment, his week-long mission having been cut short, he decided not to inquire, as he gave Sasuke a nod and asked him to pass the cereal.