Here another story that was requested by Batman 1 fan. This is going to be a MAJOR daddy-bat fanfic as was requested as well as a long on. I will try and go as far as I can go but remember I'm still being punished also known as going to school for hurting little Dickie in Random Daddy-Bat moments. So here we go.

"Mommy! Daddy! Wake up! Wake up!" Little six year old Dick Grayson said shaking his parents.

"Our little Robin is an early bird today. I wonder why." Mary Grayson asked her husband still with their eyes closed.

"Today's the day!" Dick said still shaking his parents.

"What's today my little Robin?" Mary said still with her eyes closed.

"The only thing that's today is that our little acrobat is going to perform his very first trick on the trapeze tonight." John Grayson said.

"That's it! You remembered!" Dick shouted.

"Of course we remembered. Today's a big day for you son." John said engulfing his son into a hug.

"I can't wait! Come on! Hurry up!"

"What's the rush?" Mary asked.

"I want to practice before tonight so it'll be perfect."

"I'm sure you'll do great. But if that's what you want to do, you and I can go practice. I think Mommy wants to go back to sleep" John said.

"You be careful with him John. I'll have breakfast went you both come back."

"Ok mommy." Dick said and kissed her cheek. As soon as John cleaned himself up, he gave Dick his costume and then put his on.

"I like this costume daddy. It's so colorful."

"Your mother put a lot of work into your costume. She was hoping you'd love it." John said and then changed into his costume. After he was done John put his son on his shoulders and he walked to the tent.

"Hi Mister Haly!" Dick said waving.

"Well look at this. Little Dickie Grayson, a Flying Grayson."

"Well I won't be a Flying Grayson until tonight. Right daddy?"

"You've always been a Flying Grayson in my book baby." John said. That made Dick giggle.

"Oh were you going to practice? Here, let me get the music ready." Haly said.

"Ok." Dick said. John put his son down and they walked over to the platform and started climbing up. As soon as John gave the single for the music, he grabbed the bar and swung back and forth until he grabbed the bar with his knees.

"Ok Dickie. You ready?"

"I'm ready daddy." Dick said. He then grabbed the bar and jumped off the platform. Suddenly he let go of his bar and did a quadruple summersault and caught his father's hands. "I did it! I did it!"

"That you did. Just like a Grayson." John said.

"Way to go lad." Mr. Haly said clapping. The two kept practicing for another half an hour until they were getting hungry.

"I'm sure your mother has some pancakes waiting for us back at the trailer. Whats say we go get some breakfast. Wait…I have get some things taken care of for tonight's show. Why don't you head back home and I see you in a minute."

"Alright daddy." Dick went out of the tent and started to head back to his house.

"Hey. Hey kid." A voice said behind him. Dick looked behind him and saw a man dressed in a suit. "Come here for a second." Dick was told not to go with strangers but this man seemed nice enough. "You one of the Flying Graysons?"

"Yup! Tonight's my very first show with my mommy and daddy."

"Oh well you must be excited. Do you think your mommy and daddy may need protection? After all, what if for some reason the trapeze wire broke?"

"T-that w-won't h…h…happen. Me and daddy and mommy a-always check it before they go on."

"You never know. Something may happen to them on the wire. It could…"

"HEY!" Came a familiar voice from behind him. It was Mr. Haly. Good, Dick was starting to not like this man. "I told you to get off my property. Now beat it!" Haly said picking Dick up and pushed his head to his shoulder.

"Just trying to help. We wouldn't want anything to happen to this little boy or his parents now would we?" Dick started shaking bad.

"Nothing is going to happen to them. Now I won't tell you again. Get off my property right now!" Haly screamed.

"Fine. But keep my number handy. You're gonna be calling me and just begging for my protection." The man said and stormed off.

"It's alright Dickie. That man's gone now." Haly said rubbing his back.

"DICKIE! What happened Jack?!" John asked coming out of the tent.

"Someone was making threats and it scared poor Dickie." Haly said handing Dick over to his father.

"He s-said we were gonna get hurt tonight." Dick explained.

"He was lying Dick. Nothing is going to happen to us tonight. It's your lucky night remember?" Dick nodded. "Come on. Your mother has our pancakes ready. Want to join us Jack?"

"Love to."

Later that night

"Momma! Momma it's almost time."

"That's right sweetheart. Go get your costume ready."

"Alright mommy." Dick said and ran to get his costume on. "Did you eat dinner yet?"

"Yes momma."

"Good, hold on let me take your picture." Mary said and pulled out their camera and took their picture.

"…and this is where the Flying Graysons live." Haly said coming in with a man.

"Hi Mr. Haly!" Dick said.

"Hi Dickie, are you ready?"

"Yup. Is the show starting yet?"

"I hope not. They can't start without me. Oh this is Bruce Wayne. He's in charge of the fundraiser tonight."

"Hi. I'm Dick."

"Hi, my name is Bruce."

"Have you ever been to the circus before?"

"This is my first time."

"Really? Well you'll love this one. I'm going on the trapeze for the very first time!"

"Well I'll be in the audience watching you." Bruce said.

"He's been practicing very hard." Mary said.

"Come on Brucie. I wanna get this over with." A girl said from behind Bruce.

"Alright Linda. Bye Dick. Good luck tonight." Bruce said.

"Thank you."

Finally it was almost time to go on. Dick was so excited that he was shaking.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. THE FLYING GRAYSONS!" Haly announced. The audience started clapping. All of a sudden a man brushed past them rudely.

"Wait. Daddy that's the man…"

"Hold on Dickie. Tell me after the show." The Graysons then walked up and started climbing up to the platform.

"And tonight folks. For the very first time. The youngest member of the Flying Graysons. RICHARD GRAYSON!" Suddenly the crowd went wild. John went first followed by Dick who did his Quadruple summersault. He then headed back to where his mother was clapping at her son.

"You did wonderful my little Robin." Mary said hugging Dick. Then it was Mary's turn to do her trick. Grabbing the bar, she jumped off the platform and caught John on the other side. Dick smiled until he saw the rope was getting ready to snap.

"MOMMY! DADDY! THE ROPE!" Dick screamed but it was too late. The rope snapped and his parents fell to their death. The audience gasped as they saw the dead performers. Especially Bruce Wayne.

"Mammica! TATI!" A little boy screamed but his parents didn't answer him. They were dead.

Well how was that? I am actually looking forward to posting this story. I'll post again when I get some reviews. Oh and by the way. Mammica=mommy and Tati=daddy in Romanian.