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The brothers all went upstairs and packed some clothes and gadgets as quickly as possible. Meanwhile Bruce and Alfred were in the Batcave trying to locate a place where the boys would be safe. It was extremely hard to find a place since the League of Assassins where stationed everywhere in the world. There were several secret Batcaves around Gotham but not all of them were a place where he wanted to use as a safe house. One example was a safe house located in the sub-basement of Arkham Asylum. If Ra's and Talia managed to find them, they could use some of Gotham's most deadliest criminals to get to his son. After much debate with Alfred, he finally chose a place called Batcave South. It was a secret boiler room beneath Paris Island. There were plenty of communication devices for Damian to use to protect his brothers. Even though Dakota City wasn't really the nicest place in the world, since they were underground they would be safe from everything happening above.

"It's all I can think of where they will be safe. Not only that but there are plenty of security features and only a handful of ways to get in; most of them are false entrances."

"Are you sure you need me to go with them sir. What will happen to you?" Alfred asked.

"I'm going to try and stop them while leading them away from the boys. Talia knows I'll do anything to protect them."

"As would I sir, but you are in my care as well."

"I need you to be there for the boys. If something happens…"

"Then I'm sure the young masters will do anything in their power to protect each other; especially because Master Dick is with them."

"Alfred I don't need you worrying about me." Bruce said and breezed past him. That was the final straw for Alfred.

"No Master Bruce. Stop!" He shouted and blocked Bruce's path. "I will not in good conscious allow you to do this alone! You're outmatched by the League of Assassins!"

"I'M WHAT?!" Bruce shouted back at Alfred.

"You're not some harden vigilante! You're a young man with a trust fund and too much anger…I just don't want this to be your end." Bruce then went past Alfred.

"Alfred who do you see when you look at me? The child whose shoes you use to tie every morning?! The teenager you drove to his first date?! While you are here with Richard, the boys and I are out there. The only thing standing between the innocent and those criminals…"

"You are also a father! A father to four boys who I know you love very much." Bruce looked like he was going to argue. "Don't you dare disagree with me Bruce Thomas Wayne! When you found out Deathstroke was after Master Damian, you protected him. When Master Tim was kidnapped by Two-Face, you went and saved him! When you found out that Master Dick was being abused, you went over there and saved him. Then you opened your heart for the fourth time and let that little boy in. So don't you dare argue that you don't love them! I love all four of those boys nearly as much as you do. But I made a promise to your parents that I would protect you; and I am going to keep that promise. Master Damian is trained enough to take care of and protect his brothers. You have to trust him. He promised you that he would always be there to take care of the boys; and I don't think he will break it. So I am going to stand by your side and help chase these criminals far away from the boys and keep them safe!" Bruce looked shocked and grew pale. Finally he took a deep breath.

"Alright, but I need your help disguise the boys."

"With pleasure sir."


After the boys were finished packing, Bruce and Alfred then proceeded to disguise each boy. Damian now had brown hair and wore a plain black shirt with jeans. Tim was also blond and had on a black sweatshirt and jeans. Jason was now blond with a red shirt and black pants. Finally Dick also had brown hair and wore a yellow shirt with black pants. He also wore dark glasses to hide his eyes that Bruce had given him.

"Alright, Alfred is going to drive you as close as he can to the safe house. Then you will have to find a way in without being seen. Damian I know you know where it is correct?"

"Yes father."

"Good, Damian is in charge and you boys will stay there until it is safe. You do not come out for anything unless you are discovered. You boys are not to come on patrol or do anything except stay in the safe house. Is that clear?"

"Yes Father."

"Yes Sir." Tim said.

"Sure." Jason said.

"Yes Bruce." Dick said.

"Alright then. Go." All the boys grabbed their backpacks full of supplies and went to the waiting car except for Dick. Dick stood there looking like he was going to cry. Bruce then got on one knee and grabbed Dick's shoulders. "It's going to be alright Dickie. No one will hurt you." Dick didn't move.

"Come on Birdy." Jason said.

"Everything will be alright when this is over. As soon as this is over we'll be a family again. I promise you." Bruce said rubbing a stray tear from Dick's cheek.

"Okay." Dick said and gave Bruce a final hug which Bruce didn't hesitate to give back. When Dick finally let go, he ran over to Jason who picked him up and carried him to the car.

"Goodbye Daddy." Dick whispered when they were leaving.

"It'll be alright kiddo." Tim said patting his back. "It takes more than a few Assassins to stop Bruce." That made Dick smile. After driving for about an hour, Alfred pulled into and alleyway and stopped. He then turned on special radar that would detect anything that was surrounding them.

"Alright sirs, the manhole is directly in front of us. As soon as you get out, run as fast as you can in and shut it."

"Yes Alfred, alright let's go!" Damian said and opened the door.

"I'll miss you Alfred." Dick said.

"And I you sir; but you will see me and Master Bruce again very soon." Dick then gave a quick hug to the butler and started getting out of the car.

"Bye Alfred." The brothers whispered.

"Farewell sirs and be safe." Jason then carried Dick to the manhole after he shut the car door. Damian and Tim then managed to get the manhole lid off and they all got in closing the lid behind them.

"Yuck! This place stinks." Jason said.

"We are in the sewers genius." Tim said.

"Quit fooling around. Let's go." Damian said and got out a flashlight to light the way. When the light was on, they could all see there were about a dozen secret passageways where they could go. It almost reminded Dick of where the Sewer King had taken him when he had been kidnapped.

"How do we know what passage to take?" Dick asked.

"Father usually builds Batcaves where the entrances have something to do with why he became Batman. An example is how Father puts the clock in his study at exactly 10:47 to enter the Batcave. 10:47 is the precise time when his parents had died. This is kind of like that. There are two main walls where there are passageways." Damian said pointing to the sides of the circular sewer. "These passageways are secretly numbered. The right side counts even numbers…"

"…and the left side is odd numbers?" Dick asked.

"Exactly Dick. So like the clock in father's study, the first passageway we have to go through is passage 10." The brothers then counted by twos on the right path until they reached 10 and went through. They kept following the passage until they came to another room with more passageways on the side of the rooms.

"Let me guess. Now we go through passage number 4." Jason asked still carrying Dick.

"Wow Todd, I'm so impressed you figured that out. Damian said with sarcasm. The brothers then went through the second passage on the right and followed the passage again until they came to another chamber.

"This is taking forever." Tim said.

"Don't worry, we're almost there. Now we go through passage 7." Damian said and walked to the fourth passage on the left and followed it again until once again they reached another chamber.

"What now? We covered 10:47 already." Dick said.

"These are all just false passageways. All we have to do is just go straight." Damian said and walked forward with the boys until they came to a dead end. Jason then put Dick down and a secret computer scanned Damian, Tim, Jason and Dick.

Recognized: Damian Wayne. Timothy Drake. Jason Todd. (This is like the computer on Young Justice)

The computer then scanned Dick. "Richard Grayson. Update." Damian said. Then a part of the wall opened up to reveal another secret passageway that opened to revel 'Batcave South.' It was about the size of a regular boiler room with a computer towards the back of the room. There also was a set of bunk beds by the door with drawers. Also right by the computer was a big water tank that was used to warm up the room. Towards the back right of the room was a door that led to the bathroom that was the size of a half bathroom.

"Welcome to 'Batcave South'." Damian said.

"It's not the manor but I guess it'll do." Jason said. Damian then went over toward the computer and logged in. He then opened up the private message file and typed in Bats are safe and hit the send button.

Meanwhile in a cave underneath Wayne Manor Batman and his faithful butler smiled when they got the message Bats are safe.

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