You know what guys? I'm going to start updating this story and start posting some new chapters. It's not fair of me to keep you guys waiting just so I can update some of my older chapters. So here's the long awaited chapter 28 and thanks for sticking with me.

The next morning

Dick had not wanted to leave Ace by himself that night so the brothers set up a mini camp site in the living room. Terry had slept on the couch, Jason and Dick got some blankets and slept on the floor with Ace, Damian half fell asleep in the chair knowing that he was going to get up early to train; as usual, and Tim was passed out on the love seat right next to the couch. Terry was the second one up as Damian had been up for hours. As he rose, Ace put his head up and softly growled at Terry trying not to wake his new masters.

"You know I did save your live back there. You can at least act grateful." Terry said and Ace still softly growled at him. That's when Dick started to stir. Ace stopped growling at Terry and licked Dick's face.

"Hi Ace." Dick mumbled sleepily.

"Morning kid. Can you get your dog to stop growling at me?" Terry asked.

"Terry's a friend Ace. You don't have to growl at him." Dick said but Ace growled at Terry again. "We'll work on that. Come on boy, let's go play!"

"Hold it kid!" Jason shouted suddenly getting up and releasing a big yawn. "You're not going anywhere without one of us with you. Not with all that's been going on."

"Yeah I suddenly remember why I left. You guys have the worst luck in the world." Terry said stretching across the couch.

"If you thought being a part of this family was going to be easy, then you're dumber than I thought." Tim mumbled still half asleep and didn't open his eyes.

"Says the kid who thinks he's the smartest."

"That's cause I am the smartest."

"Oh shut up Drake. Hey where'd the kid go?" Terry asked getting up. The boys including Tim looked at where their youngest brother was and saw nothing but Ace sitting on the floor.

"Great, now we lost him. Thanks a lot smartass! Where did your master go boy?" Terry asked and when the pup just growled at him again, he started to look for Dick. That's when Damian came in sweating obviously from training earlier.

"Pennyworth says he's got breakfast ready. Where's Grayson?" Damian asked when he didn't see him.

"Good question. Why don't you ask this one?" Jason said pointing at Tim.

"Hey I was sleeping!" Suddenly the group heard a short crackle of laughter. The brothers then got up and ran into the hall where they saw their brother hanging on the big chandelier.

"Dick! Get down from there right now!" Tim shouted. Dick turned around and when he saw his brothers, he jumped off doing two flips while landing perfectly on his feet.

"What were you thinking kid?! Are you trying to get killed?!" Jason shouted putting his hands on Dick's shoulders and shaking him a little. Dick's eyes went wide and flinched away from Jason surprising him and the boys. Dick stared at the floor not moving or looking at anyone.

"You okay kid?" Terry asked but he didn't budge. Noticing this, Tim went to get Bruce while Jason took charge to the situation. He kneeled on the floor and cuffed his brother's face making him look into his eyes.

"Hey, just look at me okay? You're safe right now. You have a home with us. It's alright." Jason said. This caused Dick to snap out of his panic attack. "Sorry Birdie. I wasn't thinking about…I just didn't want you to get hurt."

"S'okay." Dick whispered. That's when Bruce came running in with Tim.

"What happened Dick?" He asked coming over next to Jason.

"I don't know. Jason started shaking me and I got scared. It reminded me of…Zucco and the Joness'."

"You had a flashback panic attack?"

"I guess. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry."

"It's okay. You've been through a lot lately. Believe me I've had those too." Bruce explained.

"You have?"


"He just doesn't like to admit it." Terry added making Dick give a quick grin. "Gotcha! I saw that kid."

"Pardon the interruption sirs but your breakfasts' are getting cold." Alfred said coming in.

"Come on. Let's get breakfast they you can take Ace out and play."

"Okay Bruce." Dick said and the family went to the dining room.

"Sorry about that Birdie. You just scared me." Jason said putting his arm around Dick's shoulder.

"You kept arguing and I wanted to go out. Then I saw the chandelier."

"Oh Iwas boring you huh? Timmy's the real boring one. He's the one who brags about how smart he is." Jason said and Tim who was in front of his stuck his foot out tripping him up.

"Whoops. Don't worry Dickie. I'll save you from Jason's badinfluence."

"To be honest, you're all immature." Damian said.

"Says the egocentric demon." Jason said getting a glare from him. "Oo, Joker was right; you do need work on your glare." The group made it to the kitchen and Dick ran to the kitchen where the dog food was. Dick tried to carry the large bag but it was too heavy.

"Why don't we try this sir?" Alfred said holding a large measuring cup. With help from Alfred, Dick opened the bag. He then pulled out a cart on wheels where the food would stay so Dick and the others could take care of Ace easier without making a mess. Afterwards, he gave Dick a bottle of water to put on the cart and he then rolled it out along with Ace's Batman themed food bowl. After he got set up, Dick put food in the bowl and water in the Robin bowl. Once he was done and pushed the cart back to the kitchen, Ace came and ate and drank his water.

"There's your reward for saving us back there boy." Tim said. Once Dick came back, the family including Alfred enjoyed their breakfast.

After they were finished and dressed, the boys all went outside to play fetch with the tennis ball. After a few minutes of playing, Ace stopped and started growling again.

"Oh come on! What's your problem now?" Terry asked.

"Well well." A familiar voice said. The brothers turned around and saw Ike with a large boxer on a leash.

"Come back for more Harwind? I wasn't finished with you the other day." Jason said cracking his knuckles.

"No. I was just walking my new dog Brutus and to get him ready for his training."

"Stealing our idea of getting a dog Harwind? I'd expect nothing less from you." Tim said.

"For your information I've been searching for a dog long before your tweeb of a brother fell through that hole."

"You know kid, for a teen, your insults are pretty weak. How old are you? Ten?" Terry said only to get hit by Tim.

"Oh whatever. I've got no time for you. Brutus and I are training for the annual summer dog show at the Fair next week that we're going to win."

"Win the participation award." Jason whispered to Dick.

"I heard that Todd."

"You were supposed to. How about we enter Ace in that?" Jason asked having a great idea.

"A dog show?" Dick asked.

"Yeah, it's where people bring their dogs to do tricks. Those who do the best get a prize."

"You enter in that mangy mutt? Be my guest. It'll be nice to see your faces when you get an A for effort." Ike said and continued walking his dog leaving the boys.

"This is how we finally get Ike back for all the crap he's done." Tim said.

"How do we do it?" Dick asked.

"I'll see what I can find." Damian said and the boys enjoyed the rest of the morning together scheming their plan.

Now I've only been to one dog show in my life and have only a basic idea of what goes on. If anyone knows any information about how dog shows work or what goes on please let me know. If not then it's not a big deal. Hope you enjoyed this chapter even though not much happens but the family is finally together again without anything happening. (For now) I promise we'll get back to Gotham with more Batman soon.