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"What do you mean he's not being put up for adoption?"

"He has been misbehaving at his previous families so much that he had to be returned."

"They were abusing him!" Damian shouted.

"It was because he was misbehaving." The receptionist said.

"I'll handle this son. What did he do?"

"What do you expect? He stole money from them."

"He's a six year old boy."

"His family was gypsies. Steeling is in his blood."

"He's just a boy. A baby no less. You're treating him like he murdered someone!" Tim shouted.

"He probably did."

"What's going on in here?" Miss Smith said coming in.

"We want to adopt Richard Grayson but…"

"Richard Grayson is currently not up for adoption." She told them.

"Why?" Bruce asked.

"He has been misbehaving so much that we want to keep him here for a few months so we can break that habit."

"What more can you take away from him? You've already broken his heart; I'm not surprised if you haven't broken his spirit."

"His spirit? He's a gypsy. Gypsies have a troublesome sprite that is very hard to break. It's best to start when they're young." Bruce was about ready to explode but he would lessen his chance to try and get Dick out of here.

"How about I do you a favor. I'll take him off your hands."

"That's very kind of you Mr. Wayne but you don't know anything about this child. If you take him, I can assure you most of your belongings will disappear. Especially since you are a millionaire."

"Billionaire." Bruce corrected.

"The more reason to keep him here. After we break his habit, you are free to have him."

'That'll be too late. He'll be lucky to be alive.' Damian thought

"I think I can take my chances. After all, isn't that why Richard's been placed in a 'Juvenile Detention Center;' to find a home?"

"Yes, but do you actually think that Social Services will allow a playboy and a single man to adopt a child?"

"My father has opened his heart to three other boys who each needed a home. I think a fourth one will be no trouble at all."

"You know what!? If you want that little piece of filth, you can have him. But if anything goes missing, don't even think about bringing him back here!" She said.

"Will you leave him and us alone?"

"Sure, anything to get that gypsy out of my hands." She said and left the room.

"I'll take you to him Mr. Wayne, and I'm sorry of the way I behaved earlier. Orders."

"It's ok. May we see Richard now?"

"Of course. Right this way." She said. She took them into the long hallway until they came to a locked door. She unlocked the door and went towards Dick who looked like he was asleep. "Wake up sweetheart. There's someone here who wants to adopt you." Dick was moaning in and out.

"Geez, what happened to the poor kid?"

"I'll call the medical wing."

"That won't be necessary. I'll take him out of h."

"If you say so Mr. Wayne." She said and left the room.

"Damian, tell Alfred to call Leslie. Something happened during his visit here. Come back with a blanket." Damian nodded and ran to Alfred. "Come on kiddo, it's time to wake up now." Dick still didn't move. Damian came back handing the blanket to Bruce who wrapped it around the small boy. He picked him up bridal style and carried him to the car.

"My word. Is the young master alright?"

"I'm not sure. We have to get him to Leslie." The Wayne family got into the car and looked over Dick's injuries.

"He's got more injuries then when we found him." Jason said.

"He's also lost a lot of weight since he was at the circus." Bruce said.

"Is he going to be alright?"

"He'll be fine Damian." The ride back to Wayne manor took forever in Bruce's mind. When they reached the driveway, he jumped out of the car and ran into the house resting Dick on the couch. The boys and Alfred weren't far behind him. "Alfred get me a bowl of warm water and a rag."

"Of course sir." Bruce rubbed Dick's head while Damian and Tim sat on the two chairs while Jason left to train.

Leslie rushed into the house fifteen minutes later. "My god." She said and got working on him. "Bruce, I'm not going to lie but he was very close to dying. Thank god you got him when he did; he wouldn't have lasted much longer."

"What's wrong with him?"

"Well as you already know he is suffering from multiple bruises and burns. Also he is suffering from starvation and dehydration." Bruce's heart skipped a beat. "He is also extremely dirty but that's not the worst of it. He's got a nasty black eye, and…" Leslie took off his shirt genially. Everyone's eyes went wide as they saw his body was decorated in colors from yellow to purple.

"Jesus." Tim whispered. Bruce cupped Dick's check.

"Dickie." Bruce whispered. What else could he say?

"It'll take weeks for him to heal, not just physically but emotionally. I can't imagine what they've told this child." Damian looked at Tim in shock.

"Also his temperature is at 101.3. As soon as he wakes up, give him this and that should reduce the fever."

"Thank you so much Leslie."

"No thanks necessary Bruce. Please call me as soon as he wakes up."

"I will." He said and Alfred escorted her out. Alfred is the spare bedroom ready?" Bruce asked when he came back.

"Yes sir." Bruce then picked Dick up again and took him upstairs to his old bedroom. Besides the bed, dresser, and toy box, it was completely bare. That would soon change as soon as the boy wolk up. Bruce placed him in the bed and tucked him in.

"You get some rest kiddo. You're safe now. No one will ever abuse you ever again." He said and brought in a chair and sat next to him.

When Dick wolk up, he felt extremely hot and woozy. Suddenly someone lifted his head and put a little cup up to his mouth. At this point, Dick didn't care what anyone was going to do to him. He couldn't take the abuse anymore. Dick moved his hands to the cup and let the cherry liquid go down his throat. When it was all gone, Dick wanted to open his eyes, but he was so tired. Whoever gave him the cherry liquid had pushed him back down to the bed and tucked him back in. Dick moaned in pain. "Shhhhhhh, go back to sleep." Someone said rubbing Dick's head. At last Dick fell back into a deep sleep.

The next time Dick wolk up, he realized he was laying on something soft; Way softer then his bed at the center. Dick wanted to keep dreaming, but he didn't want to get beaten again. Dick opened his eyes not feeling as well as he normally would be. He looked around realizing he wasn't in his cell anymore. Dick suddenly started getting scared and jumped out of bed. He ran towards the door hoping it was unlocked. Thankfully it was which made him run for his life nearly running into an elderly man. "I say young man. What on earth are you doing out of bed?" He asked.

"NO! Please! Lemme go! Don't hurt me no more." Dick cried out.

"Hurt you? No sir, none of us will ever hurt you. There there, dry your eyes." The man said rubbing away Dick's tears with a handkerchief. Dick finally looked in the elderly man's eyes.

"A-Alfred?" Dick asked.

"I see you remember me sir."

"W-what am I doing here?"

"I can answer that." Someone else said coming up the stairs.

"BRUCE!" Dick screamed and ran to Bruce hugging him. Bruce didn't hesitate to hug him back. "You're here."

"I'm here now. Are you ok?" Bruce asked pulling Dick back.

"I'm ok. What am I doing here?"

"Dick this is my house. I adopted you while you were very sick."

"So I have to go back to the center when I get better?"

"No Dick no. You can stay here as long as you want."

"I can?" Dick asked with tears threatening to fall.

"Of course you can." Bruce said hugging him again.

"Father, was that Dick I heard?" Damian asked coming in.

"W-who are you?"

"My name is Damian."

"This is my oldest son. I also have two other sons. Their names are Tim and Jason."

"Y-you. You're the man who wants to adopt me; the one who will…love me. Dick started crying and screaming. He let every tear he's wanted to shed out ever since he became an orphan. His mother and father dying, the harshness at the center, the abusive foster homes, and the pain he's felt about never finding a family.

"Shhhhhhhh, it's ok. You're safe. No one's ever going to hurt you again."

"We'll all protect you." Damian said coming over and rubbed Dick's back.

"Forgive me sirs, Dinner is just about ready." Alfred said. Dick's head shot up. Was he finally going to get some food?

"Let's go get some dinner." Bruce said. Dick nodded and held up his hands for Bruce to pick him up. Bruce picked up the lad and carried him to the dining room. Tim and Jason were already there and Bruce introduced them. Bruce placed Dick in a chair next to him and Damian.

"I thought I might give you something light sir after the recent events." Alfred said and placed a bowl of Chicken soup in front of him. The smell made Dick's starving stomach start to growl, but Dick did not take a bite; while everyone else ate, Dick stared at his soup.

"Is something the matter sir?" Alfred asked.

"No sir. I was just wondering when…well…when I could eat."

"When you can…sir your bowl is right in front of you. You are allowed to eat it."

"I can?"

"Of course you can. Dick didn't the center give you any food?" Jason was suddenly interested in the conversation.

"Sometimes. Most of the time bullies would take my food. And when I got sent back, they didn't give me food until the next day." Jason seemed guilty and confused.

"Dick what kind of food did they give you?" Damian asked. Dick didn't say anything and started to tremble.

"They did give you food right?" Bruce asked. Dick nodded.

"They gave me bread and water."

"That's it?! That's not enough for a little boy." Tim shouted making Dick flinch.

"That's what I had to eat idiot." Jason said.

"I wasn't asking you moron."

"Tim, Jason, shut up." Damian said.

"Boys, that's enough."

"He started it." Jason said pointing at Tim.

"Enough! Dick please eat something. You're starving and you need to eat."

"Can I?"

"Of course you can. You never have to ask if you are allowed to eat your food."

"If you say so." Dick grabbed his spoon and dipped it in the bowl. He picked up the spoon now filled with broth and pushed it to his mouth. Dick gave a worried glance at Bruce who nodded. Finally after days of starvation, Dick swallowed the broth and began to feel a little better. After about five minutes the entire bowl of chicken soup was gone. Dick leaned on the back of the chair and started to rub his stomach.

"Feel better?" Bruce asked. Dick nodded. "Now how about we get you out of those rages and into some pajamas." Dick looked at his orange uniform that was filthy and was torn in several places. Dick's baby blues looked into Bruce's navy blues. They seem to be begging him to make his body feel better. Without finishing his dinner, Bruce picked Dick up and took him to his room placing him on his new bed. Bruce pulled out some dark red and was about to pull his uniform off, Dick burst into tears again. "Dick, what is it? What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok. Are you hurt?"

"It's not that, it's just…I feel…"

"What do you feel Dick."

"I feel so…dirty. My tummy feels better but I just feel so dirty." Bruce went to turn on the light in order to get a closer look at Dick. When Bruce got a look at his face, he could sir dirt streaks and his tear tracks made him realize how filthy he was. Bruce picked Dick up again and carried him to the bathroom and started a bath.

"Hands up." Bruce said and Dick obeyed. Taking Dick's shirt off made mountains of dirt appear on the floor. Bruce reached to take Dick's pants off but he backed away from him. "Dick it's ok. I'm gonna make you feel better. I'll get the dirt off your body and you'll feel so much better." Dick took a deep breath and allowed Bruce to strip him. Dick put his arms around his body feeling embarrassed. "It's alright." Bruce said again and put him in the water. "I'll be right back kiddo." Stepping out of the bathroom he called for Alfred. "Alfred can you fetch me two wash rags and a plastic cup?"

"Of course sir." Alfred said. When Bruce came back, the bathwater already was turning brown. Bruce filled the plastic cup with water and poured it on the little boy.

"Dick put your head under the faucet." Dick laid his head back until he could feel the bath water pour down his face. Dirt fell from Dick's hair as well as any dirt on his face. After Dick was all cleaned up, Bruce pulled Dick out of the discussing brown water. Bruce could know see the child glowing with all the dirt washed off him.

"I feel better." Dick said.

"I'm glad." Bruce said and after drying him, put him in the red pajamas. "Let me go get your medicine and you can play afterwards.


Well there you have it. Bruce finally has adopted Dick and made him a little better physically. But there is one problem with this. They all love him but one. We need to fix the relationship between Jason and Dick. Tune in when I get some reviews

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