It was a hazy day with fog so thick Lucy thought for a moment that maybe a building in town was on fire. But she couldn't smell any smoke so she relaxed and stretched. She moaned looking at the cold floor of her room unhappy that she would have to put her warm feet against such an unwelcome surface. She rolled over in bed to look out the window again. The outside world looked as unwelcome as the floor. She suddenly felt laziness pulling at her bones. She had absolutely no motivation to get out of bed today. She snuggled back into her warm comforter and tried to fall asleep again. She was standing at the brink of sleep not quite able to jump back down. After several more minutes of tossing and turning she gave up with a sigh. Even if she couldn't go back to sleep it didn't mean she had to get out of bed.

She sat up and leaned as far out of bed as she could, attempting to reach her paper and pen. She decided that she would stay in bed and work on her book. Her hand had just brushed the edge of the paper and she let out a grunt of victory when a voice behind her made her jump and tumble out of bed onto the cold hard floor. She pulled the paper with her, sheets scattered around the whole room.

"Yo Luce!" Her partner Natsu smiled from her window at her. Oblivious to the mess he had just caused.

"Natsu!" Lucy screamed in fright and embarrassment, "you idiot! Look what you made me do!" She huffed and sat up on her knees turning bright red and surveying the chaos.

"Oh, whoops!" He laughed and jumped down from the window, "let me get this cleaned up for you Luce."

They started shuffling the papers up off the ground. Lucy was still flustered, trying to straighten her hair and clothes while cleaning up paper.

"Luce, where you still in bed?" Natsu said finally realizing Lucy was still in her pjs. He reached over and ruffled her hair and chuckled. "Someone's a sleepy head!"

She swatted his hand away and combed through her blonde locks again re-straightening the hairs he had made stick up, "I don't think you are in a position to be name calling! You are the weirdo who comes into people's houses through their window. Use the front door like a normal person!"

He shrugged, "But it's more fun that way."

"Fun for who?" Lucy grumbled and went back to cleaning up the papers. They almost had all of them picked up. She didn't see Natsu pick up a page and start to skim over it before it was too late.

Natsu read out loud. "In typical fairy tales the dragon captures the princess.

But in this fairy tale the dragon and the princess run away together.

In typical fairy tales the princess falls in love with the prince." Lucy's head snapped up, she reached to snatch the paper away. Natsu avoided her and continued.

"But in this fairy tale the princess falls in love with the dragon.

In typical fairy tales the prince saves the princess." Lucy was growing more despite to get the page away from him, dancing around the room reaching for it while Natsu held it at bay still reading.

"But in this fairy tale the dragon saves the princess.

In typical fairy tales the princess and prince live happily ever after.

But in this fairy tale the dragon and the princess live happily ever after.

But this isn't a typical fairy tale.

This is the story of a destined meeting of the dragon and princess.

This is the story-"Happy came crashing through the window and barley stopped before hitting the wall. Natsu was distracted by the sudden entrance giving Lucy enough time to tear the paper out of his hand clutching it to her chest. Her heart was beating rapidly and her face was aflame.

"I found the perfect mission just like you asked me to Natsu!" The small blue bundle of fur squealed excitedly bounding over to Natsu, "do I get a fish?!"

"I…didn't…say…you…could…read…my…book…yet!" Lucy gasped, breathing heavy from running around the small room chasing Natsu. Still holding the paper to her.

Natsu chuckled while bending down to greet the blue cat, "Oh come on Luce, lighten up! It was just a little sneak peek! And what I read sounded pretty good so far. A fairy tale huh?" He grinned while standing back up holding a mission in his hand. "How about we go on a mission today? You probably need rent money right?" He waved the page at her.

The promise of money was very tantalizing. Rent was due in a few weeks and she could use the cash. She took a deep breath before trying to speak again, "Yeah sure a mission sounds good. What did Happy pick?"

Natsu brought the mission over to her and they read it silently together. Lucy's heartbeat picked up again when she felt his arm brush against hers reading the paper side by side. She internally moaned, Do you even notice the effect you have on me Natsu? Or are you just that big of a moron?! She shook her head and focused back on the paper.

It was a remission from a village to check out some disturbing noises at night in the woods surrounding them. Three villagers had gone missing since the noises started, it was asked that they were saved. And destroy any monsters there or detain bandits if they were the culprits. They were offering 10,000 jewels and a feast thrown in honor of whoever takes the mission.

Lucy's scanned hungrily over the amount of money offered and a smirk played at her lips, "10,000 jewels huh? You picked a good one Happy." She said then in her head she thought, for once! I was expecting something more along the lines of "Help remissioned to find lost fish!" or something stupid like that.

Natsu was drooling a little bit and he just simply said, "Feast!"

So it was agreed they would take the mission. Natsu and Happy left (through the window much to Lucy's disagreement) and planned to meet at the guild in an hour.

Lucy sighed once they had left and sat down on her bed again. She became conscious of the fact that she was still grasping the first page of her story that Natsu had read out loud. He face flushed again. This story was never meant to be seen by Natsu's eyes…or Happy's for that matter. The story she has been writing is about her adventures with the pink and blue haired hooligans. But she had added in her own twist where she and Natsu had fallen in love during their travels.

She and Natsu had been partners for a little over a year now (8 if you include the fact that they had been on an island for 7 but time didn't move for them during it so it only felt like a year). She had gotten a slight flutter in her belly when the mysterious salmon haired boy had saved her in that small port town they had met in. Ever since then she had always been attracted to him but since they were a team she decided to cast it to the back of her mind and just be friends with him. But lately the attraction she felt had been growing stronger. She caught herself staring at his perfect muscles and defined abs. Longing to know the feel of them against her fingers. She would feel her stomach drop when he called for her in the way he did, pronouncing her name a little funny. She was more aware of his body when he stood next to her and a jolt was sent through her when their skin touched even if it was a brief amount of contact. The way his hair stuck up in odd angles she wanted to run her fingers through it and—

She shook her head trying to clear her thoughts. She needed to get ready and stop thinking like that. She stood up and put her uncompleted book away in a lockable drawer. She turned the key in the lock and was glad that Natsu hadn't kept reading. She was also glad that he was such an idiot that he hadn't gotten what the story was about in the first few lines. She smiled as she made her way to the bathroom for a shower. She thought to herself, I'm in love with an idiot! She giggled and jumped into the steamy hot water letting it wash away her worries.