Lucy sank through endless blankness. She couldn't see, couldn't hear, and couldn't feel a single thing. She was weightless and without worry. No memories invaded her thoughts as she drifted; absolute nothingness.

Lucy wiggled her fingers in experimentation. As she did so softness brushed her finger-tips. It felt like very silky hairy. An all-consuming urge to feel more overwhelmed her and she moved her hand in search of the source. But the more frantic Lucy's search became the farther the downiness receded from her grasp.

Her lip pulled out into a pout. At the movement of her lips a new feeling brushed her. A fiery pulse surged onto her puckered lips; a sensation that sent a shock down her body. She pushed against it and it pushed back; working her lips gently. A wet object slipped across her ready mouth, she welcomed the sense, and held out her own tongue in response. Like before, the touch began to fade no matter how hard she moved her lips, the warmth slowly vanished.

Lucy stayed still this time. She felt the creeping numbness return to drown her in oblivion. She could stay like that forever if she wanted. Never have to feel any pain or frustration. But somehow this made her chest ache, like a creature was trying to escape. It was saying "Maybe you want to stay here in this hell but I want out. I need to get out for Na—". Lucy waited for the desperate voice to finish but it had been snuffed out. The numb had reached her chest and killed the thing. Lucy began to panic, what was the voice about to say? Something about it was causing her to freak out. Na? …Na…Nat…su…Natsu?...Natsu!

Lucy's eyes snapped open and her body was fighting frantically to pull air in. Her heart was trying to pound right out of her chest and sweat poured from every orifice. She was lying on an unfamiliar blue bed in a strange room. She tried urgently to recall the past but was unable to bring anything to her mind's eye. All she could remember was the name 'Natsu'. That name was making her frame tremble.

"Natsu…?" Lucy managed to force her small lips to hiss out the name, "Natsu. Natsu? Natsu!" She tested out the sound on her tongue. Rolling the vowels around until it sounded right.

She clutched the edge of the bed, slightly disappointed that the soft sensation didn't come to her in the waking state, and hauled her body painfully into a sitting position. It took her a few attempts after falling back onto the feather soft mattress she was able to sit. Light streaming in from the window stung her eyes but she continued to stare at it even when her eyes began to water. Something was out the window that called to Lucy's soul.

She stumbled to her feet but buckled onto the cold floor before she was steady. Lucy's head was spinning. She was dazed and confused with no ability to recall the past. But the pull coming from the window was her only solstice, her only steady objective in a room of unfamiliarity.

This time Lucy decided to not try getting all the way up. She slowly and painfully began dragging herself to the glass pane. Her hands tedious hauled her unwilling body toward the light with only the thought 'Natsu' to encourage her groggy mind.

Natsu sat up from his hole in the ground faster than a shot. Mizu was buried in a similar dirt crevasse. After they had both used their dragon breath they had been blasted away from each other. The force sent them deep into the earth.

He had felt it. Lucy

A green tuft of hair poked up from the crater opposite Natsu with bits of mud falling out. Mizu had felt it too. Natsu's eyes widened as the water dragon rose from his fissure; there were slight burn marks on Mizu's arms and legs. But there were also shimmering turquoise scales beginning to scatter themselves across the water dragon's flesh. When Mizu turned to face Natsu his eyes were slit pupil, like a reptile. Mizu had entered Dragon Force…and now was much stronger.

Natsu shrugged himself out of the earth and rose to meet his now smirking opponent. He wasn't scared, more he was worried. Worried he would live…live to see a day past Lucy's life. This guy was going to enter Dragon Force, which would mean Natsu would have to do the same to match his power level. If they both were at full power…two dragons fighting with complete ferocity…and now the love of Natsu's life was awake and probably making her way down to the battle field. It was not a good combination.

Natsu felt a familiar power rise up inside of him. The fierce wildness of lightning was winding its way around his fire magic, pleading to be of assistance. No, Natsu forced the fearsome magic back into its place, if I use that now and Mizu isn't taken out in a few blows…I'll be weakened, lightning-fire will be my trump card once I'm out of all other options.

"Well it looks like this is the end for me an you! Will you match my Force, Natsu? Or are you going to allow me to mercilessly pummel you while our beloved makes her way out of the tower. I estimate we have around 10 minutes before she manages to exit her prison, considering she is quite drugged. Who will be the first person she sees?" Mizu chuckled.

Natsu straightened his back, "I'll take you out without need of Force. She will see me; see me standing over your corpse." Natsu charged forward with a large supply of power backing him up. Mizu didn't even flinch as Natsu approached hastily. Right before the two were going to crash Natsu dodged to the right in the blink of an eye. Mizu brought a huge wave of water spikes raining from the river and missed Natsu by inches. Natsu spun and released his Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Blade move, which crashed all around Mizu. Most of the Flame Blade was extinguished by water spikes but a few landed on the mark, leaving red shiny spots on Mizu's skin. The remaining spikes that didn't become puddles turned in air and cut through Natsu's skin and clothes like blades.

Blood dripped off of Natsu's cheek and arms, his shirt hung off him in tatters now. Blood dripped thickly onto the ground in front of both dragons' feet. Both stood panting and staring the other down, looking for a slip in guard.

Natsu felt a warm creeping sensation filling his being. He was being involuntary pushed into Dragon Force. He felt scales spread themselves across his body, his nails sharpened, the senses increased and more power than he had ever possessed surged from somewhere unknown.

"What was that about not using Force? It looks like you changed your mind. Am I too hard for you to beat? Aww poor baby Natsu can't keep his promises! I was so excited to see you be beaten without a chance to win." Mizu scoffed in a very annoying voice that grated Natu's now heightened hearing.

Natsu couldn't restrain the vicious growl that escaped his throat. Words were evading him and he was losing control. Bloodlust clouded his vision as his need to survive and protect Lucy was consuming his consciousness.

When Natsu didn't respond, Mizu continued, "Come now Natsu! Cat got your tongue? Or has your stupidity finally shut you up? I think I might have a more intellectual conversation with a potato!"

Natsu lunged forward at an incredible speed with a super powered Dragon's Claw fist attack. Mizu barely had time to form a wicked water drill that gleamed in front of him, slightly uncompleted. But before Natsu could reach the water dragon the ground shook and a figure erupted from the earth with arms spread wide. Natsu even in his hazy state recognized the form of Danni and his finally stopped right as he was about to slam his fist into her. Dragon Force dissolved from Natsu as he stopped and regained himself. But Mizu hadn't halted.

A tearing noise rent though the air as the cruel spinning blades of the water drill tore through Danni's center like it was paper. And the tip embedded itself into Natsu's abs. Natsu witnessed Danni's eyes widen in surprise as blood trickled from the corner of her rosy lips. A scarlet pool spread itself under the unsuspecting girl. Her body shuddered uncontrollably and dropped to her knees. The once hard as steel drill now splashed into a puddle on the muddy blood ridden grass. As the liquid disappeared a large gaping hole in Danni's torso appeared. Her body was mutilated beyond repair. Natsu felt bile vomit rise to his throat at the sight. As the blonde sank to the ground she uttered, "Mizu…why?". Her body met the harsh ground face down and remained unmoving.

Natsu stumbled back in disgust and shock, "But she was your ally…your comrade!"

"Oh whoops! Didn't see her there…oh well. What's done is done. Shall we proceed? Lucy will be here any moment and we wouldn't want to confuse her by leaving you alive!" Mizu wasn't even fazed over what he had just done. The water dragon stepped nimbly around the body he had just put on the ground and stared at Natsu intently. "Are we finishing this…or do you want me to do you in like her? Just make it quick and easy, no more struggling!"

"You…are a monster." Natsu hissed filled with rage.

"No, I'm a bit more educated than your average spook! Besides, you and I, we are the same. Blood thirsty. Stubborn. Greedy. Protective. Selfish. Dragons. Monsters. US!" Mizu was enjoying the affect his words were having on Natsu.

Without warning Natsu's hand came across Mizu's with a loud 'THWAK'. A red imprint of Natsu's hand rapidly formed upon the green haired boys face. "Did you just sla-". A vice grip found its way around Mizu's neck and lifted him clear off his now flailing feet. Mizu tried futilely to remove the grasp with his trembling fingers. Natsu held the other man aloft with an iron grip and a poisonous look right into the other's unfeeling soul. Mizu choked and sputtered helplessly.

"You remember when I told you I wouldn't use Dragon Force? But now…now I'm not even going to use magic. I'm going to use my bare hands. This is for Danni, whom you murdered needlessly. She had a bright future and a village to look after. You killed your comrade in cold blood. And once you stop drawing in air, the same air you deprived that girl of, it will be for Lucy. For Lucy, my love, whom should have had the freedom to choose but you stole that away from her them moment you decided to drug her. Now I will have her no matter what. You have sealed your own fate. And you were wrong, you and I, we are not the same. We are so different that it is astonishing Lucy would be destined for one of us. After all she is too good for me…and well if she is too good for me, you shouldn't even deserve to have met her." Natsu steadily spat out his speech in the scarlet face of Mizu.

"Can't…magic…why?" Mizu gasped. Tears were streaking his crimson face and his limbs were trembling. A large spot of wet was visible on his pants.

Natsu glared the vile man down and said, "You are afraid. Once a friend of mine taught me fear was necessary to valuable to growing stronger…I don't think you ever learned that lesson. I'll teach it to you now but sadly, after this you will never get the chance to employ it. After all you will be dead in a few moments."

Mizu's eyes rolled back in his head. Spit trailed down his bloated lips. He struggled momentarily before lapsing unconscious. A few more seconds and Mizu would be dead.

A terrible screech ripped through the air. Natsu's heart stopped as he saw a beyond familiar shape plummeting to the ground. It was Lucy. Her golden hair whipped in the wind like broken wings as she approached the earth at a fast clip.

I can't save her. Natsu thought in horror.

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