"I'm pregnant," I whispered, dread making my voice tight. We were in bed, his hand running up and down my side.

The answering silence was deafening.

I opened my eyes to see if I could read the expression on Edward's face in the darkened room. All I could see was the moonlight reflecting in his eyes.

Then, slowly…carefully, his hand slid around my waist and to my stomach. He rested it just under my belly button.

"Bella…." His voice broke. "Tell me. Please."

"Yes. It's yours."

He grabbed me suddenly and crushed me to his chest.

"Thank you," he sobbed.

allidel requested that I write Bella telling Edward about the same baby as in the drabble "His." I don't plan on writing sequels often, but this one was intriguing. Hope you enjoyed it.