Stiles was scared out of his mind. His heart was racing and he was sure he nearly peed himself. With Derek hovering over him the way he was, he couldn't even wiggle out of the grip. He suddenly screamed when a claw went slamming into the ground inches away from his head. "Oh God, it's me! It's me, Derek. It's Stiles. Calm down! PLEASE!" He pled.

Another blow to the ground had Stiles covering his face. "Please, Derek!" He was positive that he had never been more scared in his life.

The werewolf stopped, eyes glazed but slowly returning to a dim hazelish-green.

Stiles didn't hear anymore ferocious growling so he peeked through his fingers; Derek was as still as a statue. "D-Derek?" He whispered, afraid to move even an inch.

Derek didn't respond but his fangs retracted and he seemed to be coming back to his right mind. When his vision focused he stared down at Stiles. The look on the teen's face was heartbreaking. He hated when Stiles feared for his life and he hated being the one putting his life in danger. "What happened?" He inquired, voice stern but clearly concerned. He obviously had a general idea but he wanted more details.

Stiles laughed nervously and shook his head. "Dude, it was freaking awesome but satisfyingly terrifying at the same time. I mean, I don't think almost being eaten alive is fun but this was pretty cool!" He replied in a joking tone. "Regardless, it was the usual; you chased me down, tossed me into a few trees, and almost bit me." He cautiously reached down and lifted his shirt to reveal the claw mark starting on his stomach that went over to his hip. "You also scratched me and I have to say I hope I don't die from this. I can't die a virgin, okay?"

"Shut up, Stiles." Derek growled.

"You see, I would but I'm really scared and I talk a lot more than usual when I'm scared. It's really a bad habit that might get me killed one of these days, but hey, what can you do? Another thing, you-" Derek covered his mouth.

"I said shut up!" He growled which nearly turned into a howl that did things to Stiles.

Stiles just nodded with wide eyes. "Okay, I'll shut up now." He mumbled against Derek's hand.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you. That was not my intentions." He really meant that. The truth was that he was actually trying to protect Stiles, that's why he told him to go home quickly and don't come out until day breaks. Of course Stiles wanted to know why but there was no time, Derek was already slipping with his control. He thought Stiles was gone but the curious teen snuck back into the woods. It all went downhill from there. Full new moons were different compared to regular ones, it was more intense and he couldn't control his shifts as he usually did. Then the fact that he could smell something familiar made him fully lose it. His animal instincts only focused on catching and claiming that familiar scent which happened to be Stiles.

Stiles pieced together that the horrific prey chase had something to do with the new full moon so he didn't question Derek's actions...yet. He just wanted to get up and run home before something else managed to happen. "It's totally cool man, it happens to the best of us. I sometimes black out and try to murder people too. I understand." He couldn't filter his speech at the moment so sarcastic jokes were just slipping off his tongue. Stiles' fear had taken over and he was in shock since he almost died. If it weren't for the ditch he had fallen into everything would have ended much differently.

Derek glared daggers at Stiles and it took every fiber in his being not to snap at the teen. "You're pushing buttons..."

"Again sorry, I can't control it." He said, trying to ignore the fact that Derek was sliding down his body. "So um, what are you doing, Sourwolf?" He asked, tensing up.

Derek stopped at Stiles hips and pushed the boy's shirt back up. He looked over the damage he caused and ghosted a finger over the claw mark.

Stiles jerked at the touch. "Why are you touching it!? Don't touch it! It hurts! Do you make a habit of touching people's-" He stopped mid-sentence when he felt something warm and wet glide across his injury. Was he...? He was. He was actually licking him. It wasn't a bad feeling, in fact he really liked it he just wasn't inspecting it. He blinked in confusion before speaking. "Um Derek? I'm not sure what's happening but uh, if you're trying to sex me up could you at least wait until we get to a bed? This isn't a comfortable spot. There's like broken branches poking me in the side and frankly this grass is a tad bit itchy. Hey, I'll even settle for car sex. That's hot too."

Derek growled and tightly grabbed Stiles' uninjured hip. "Shut up. My saliva will heal your wound, idiot."

Stiles laughed and glanced down at Derek. "Right. That's what you're doing. Dude, I totally knew that.

Derek rolled his eyes and pushed back before standing. "Come on," he started, extending out his hand. "I'll get you home."

Stiles took the offered hand and was soon yanked up from the ground then out of the ditch. Actually getting his footing under control he covered his mouth. "Oh, I think I'm gonna—" He didn't even finish his sentence before passing out into Derek's arms. The anxiety and shock together probably caught up to him.

Derek glared. "Are you serious? You pick now to pass out?" He sighed heavily and picked the teen up bridal style. "Where the hell is your car..." He grumbled to himself as he started walking. He gave up looking after a while and just decided to carry Stiles home.

Derek was counting his blessings that the cops weren't still looking for him so he was able to roam freely without being stopped. When he made it to the house he went right through the widow. He put Stiles on the bed and shook him lightly. "Kid, wake up." He whispered. "Wake up now!"

Stiles groaned and shook his head. "Nooo, I like being taken care of like a princess."

Derek narrowed his eyes. "You were awake?"

Stiles opened one eye and smirked. "Maybe. It was the only way that you'd carry me here. I don't have my car, Scott does. So yeah, walk home OR have big, bad, sourwolf carry me home in record time. I think I like option two better." He smiled and anticipated some kind of retaliation but Derek did nothing.

If it weren't for the little mishap in the woods he would have hit Stiles but enough damage was already done. He sighed and spoke lowly. "I'm going to leave now. Are you alright?"

Stile grinned and sat up from the bed. "Yeah thanks for asking, baby."

Derek rolled his eyes and moved over to the window. "Get some sleep." With that said he fled.

Stiles woke up the next morning to complete silence in his room. Usually he heard his dad in the kitchen but no, nothing at all. He groaned and rolled over to his side and opened his eyes. "Oh FUCK!" He pulled the covers over his head and sighed. "Seriously, I thought we talked about you and this creeping thing."

Derek watched as Stiles hid under the covers. "Are you really hiding from me? Who else would you be expecting in your room this early in the morning?"

"No one actually it's just not normal for people to just stand by the window like that. Were you watching me sleep?"


"How long have you been here?"

"About 10 minutes."

"So you were watching me sleep."


Stiles finally resurfaced from under his blanket and rubbed his head. "Okay…why are you here?"

"To see if your wounds healed okay."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." He threw the blanket off to the side and lifted his shirt. To his surprise, the claw mark was gone. "You totally have a magical tongue." He grinned and scooted to the edge of the bed. He might as well get up because there was no falling back to sleep now.

Derek ignored the comment and leaned against the wall. "Where's Scott?"

"I don't know honestly. Allison was helping him with his shifts but I haven't heard anything from them since yesterday morning. Do your little wolfy-call thing."

"Stiles, it—" There was a knock on the bedroom door that interrupted his sentence.

"Yeah, dad?" Stiles answered.

"I'm not your father." Came a softer voice as the door opened. It was Danny.

"Danny? Why the hell are you here?"

"Really? Well let's see, it's been three days and I haven't heard from you. Oh and we have a project due next week. So I gave up on calling your cell and decided to drop by."

Derek just stood there. Not this again.

Danny looked at Derek and smiled. "Hello, Miguel."


Stiles held back his laughter. "Right, um, Miguel this is Danny remember?"

Derek growled.


Derek sighed and reluctantly spoke back. "Hello." He knew he was going to regret coming back to Stiles' room.

"Alright Danny, what do I have to do?" He asked, standing from his bed and moving over to his laptop. "Because I can work on it now and then call you back over when I'm done and—"

"No. I'm not leaving until you finish your part because who knows when you'll disappear again. What were you even doing last night? Your dad said you were gone all day."

"He was with me." Derek answered.

Stiles just laughed. "Say, Danny. How about you go get to know Miguel, you guys didn't get to talk last time." He said, winking at Danny. "Go on." He needed to buy some time so he could track down Scott and explain to his father where he was yesterday.

"Uh, okay…"

Derek glared as he watched Stile approach the door. "Wait, where are you going? You can't just leave."

"Relax; Danny doesn't bite…unless you want him to and that's a whole other story." He commented as he left the room.

"Where the hell were you last night? I thought something happened to you, Stiles. I was going to send out a search for you. There were a few animal attacks and I thought…just where were you?"

Stiles huffed and hopped up onto the counter. He didn't want to say that he was with Scott because he had no idea where his friend was. "I was with Derek and—"

"Derek Hale? I told you I don't want you hanging around him."

"Dad it's no big deal. He was cleared remember and he's not that bad once you get past the brooding demeanor."


"Dad seriously, it's fine. Derek isn't a bad guy." He just happened to be a werewolf.

"Be careful around him. There's just something about him that I can't pinpoint. Promise me you will."

He nodded. "I promise. I couldn't be more careful if I tried."