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Jigon Arc-Side Chapter 1: Jong Creates A New Type Of Pokémon!

Jong was in the Team Sky's laboratory with the other head scientists of his organization.

Jong: (turns around from the computer) Hey, guys. Why not create a Light-type Pokémon?

Ein: (interested) Explain.

Jong: Why not create a Pokémon whose Light-type moves causes super effective damage against Dark-type Pokémon and Ghost-type Pokémon? We can make a Light-type Pokémon weak against Dark-type moves.

Sarah: (smoking) Actually, that's not a bad idea. But we'll need to create one as an evolved form of another Pokémon.

Jong: (walking over to the door) But the question is, which Pokémon is good enough?

Jong unlocked the door and it slid to the side,revealing that his two Eevee, Hikari (a Female Eevee; the mother of Yami) and Neo (a male Eevee; the son of Hikari) were at the door listening. They tumbled to the ground, but then they got back up once they saw Jong was in front of them.

Jong: Did you two want something from me?

Hikari: I want to help you guys in your experiment. Please, I want to repay you for saving my life. (puppy eyes)

Jong: Back up and hold on a second.

Hikari and Yami backed up and waited as the door closed.

Few Minutes Later

Jong: (opens the door) (talking to Hikari) They agreed and so you'll be evolving by Evolution Stone. But it'll take a few days to create a light based stone. So can you two wait a few days for us to create a Light Stone?

Hikari: (nods) Of course.

Neo: (tail wagging) Will mama be pretty?

Jong: Of course your mama will be pretty once she evolves. She is still pretty even as an Eevee.

Hikari: (blushes) Thanks for the compliment, Jong.

Few Days Later

Hikari was in a capsule, getting ready for the Light Stone to be applied to her.

Charon: (talking on the speaker) Ready, Hikari?

Hikari nodded.

Sarah: (presses button) And begin.

A robotic hand appeared with the Light Stone in its grip. It then touched Hikari with the Light Stone. Hikari was glowing in a blue light as she was evolving.

Jong: Looks like the test is a success.

Hikari's form began to change. Her ears became long;her tail became thin and long as well and a circular object appeared on the tip of her tail;and not only that,but, her body became then as well. When the light cleared,parts of her body were shining (the parts that are yellow) and the non-shining parts were white, even her pupils were white.

Hikari: (wondering) Did it work?

Jong: Let's call her, Lighteon.

Hikari: (walking out of the capsule) Lighteon, what do you mean?

Jong: (takes out a mirror) Take a look, Hikari.

Hikari took a look at the mirror and was surprised and amazed at her form.

Hikari: Wow, I look stunning.

Neo: (runs over to Hikari) Yay, mommy looks beautiful!

Hikari: (smiles) Thanks, sweetie.

Jong: (stands up) Ein, put in information about Lighteon in your computer. Charon, you begin creating Light-type moves. And Sarah, you'll create items that are only for Light-type or dual Light-type Pokémon. (walks away)

Sarah: Where are you going, Jong?

Jong: Since there's a new type of Pokémon, I will need to find someone to become the Light-type Gym Leader. We're (talking about him and his crewmates) leaving and going to find someone who is good enough. Neo, let's go. Hikari, you stay here with them in order for them to study you. I'll pick you up later. Now, dismissed!

Everyone (except Jong) Yes, sir!

Neo: (climbs up onto Jong's head) Bye, mama.

Hikari: Bye, sweetie. I'll see you soon.

Jong (with Neo on his head) left the room and headed towards the "Flame Battleship".

Ein: Used to be one of the Original Cipher Admins. Head of the Pokémon Information Creation Division. They study the Pokémon that Jing create and then they create information for the Pokétch Pokédex Model (He created a Pokédex in the form of a watch). He's also trying to create a Digital World for Digimon of his own creation.

Charon: Used to be a scientist from Team Galactic. Head of the Pokémon Item Creation Division. They create items for Pokémon, including items that power up a Pokémon.

Sarah: Head of the Pokémon Move Creation Division. They create moves for Pokémon. She smokes and moves around to other places while she's still in her chair. She has the power of the Fog Fog Devil Fruit (Paramecium-type).

Hikari and Neo: Jong met Hikari first and saved her from a trainer that was trying to hurt while trying to catch her. Jong sent the guy to Officer Jenny and then he helped her raise her egg until Neo was born.

Lighteon: A Light-type evolved form of Eevee that I thought up. Lighteon is my creation.

Light Stone: A cross between the Shine Stone,Sun Stone,and the Dawn Stone. The Light Stone is my creation.

Fact from the story:

I bet you guys are wondering only one thing: What does Jong look like? Well,you see, he's my twin brother. Meaning, that he looks exactly like me (which means if I look like Jing the Bandit King then so does he (except instead of black hair he has white hair)). Jong also has a ponytail in the back of his head. Also, we both have different eyes.


Left: Aura Eye (my left eye was injured and Satoshi replaced it even though he's the leader of Team Aura) (the left Aura Eye is a Master Class based, meaning that it once belonged to a master until Satoshi stole some Aura Eyes that Ash (the one from the world that we were in, he's kind of crazy) had in his collection). The symbol on the eye is based on decagon with an incomplete star.

Right: Byarigan (a lot of you came up with this). The Byakugan's pale eye with the Sharigan pupil in the middle.


Left: Shyakugan (a lot of you guys came up with this as well) The Sharigan's red eye with the Byakugan (in the shape of the Sharigan) as the pupil.

Right: Aura Eye (left eye was injured and replaced by Ken) The symbol is a decagon with an almost complete star.