The year is 215X. It's been nearly a century and a half since Lan Hikari and his Net Navi, Megaman, defeated the likes of World 3, Nebula, and Duo. Now, as the BrotherBand system becomes more and more popular, the outdated PETs and Navis are growing into disuse. However, there are a few avid fans who hold on to old technology and still form the battle network, keeping Navis from total extinction. This is the story of one such Navi, whose rescue from an untimely end would change everything…..

Megaman. exe : Reborn

Chapter One

Her name was simply Ria. She wasn't much for a NetNavi, small and never meant for battling. But that didn't mean no one cared for her. She was created to be customizable, so she had been given the appearance of a young girl, somewhere in her middle teens. Her burgundy hair was short and bobbed, her short bangs held in place by a thick, yellow headband. Her skin was fair and her eyes a deep purple. Her attire consisted of a comfortable yellow short jacket that extended down just past her chest, with two big deep blue buttons on the front. Under the jacket was a blue sleeveless shirt with a turtle neck. She also wore yellow shorts that went down to about mid-thigh, with thick deep blue trim. Under the shorts were black tights that ended at yellow boots fashioned in the standard Navi style.

She remembered her first owner. He had been quite old, so she found it odd that he wanted a Navi that looked so young. But she never questioned it to him, because he had been gentle and kind towards her. She was mainly responsible for keeping him organized: waking him in the morning, giving him the headlines, scheduling tasks, those sorts of things. They had a good life together, and she loved him deeply.

But….it wasn't to be forever. One moment she was taking notes for him about the new Brotherband system, the next he was grasping at his chest. At first she panicked, not knowing what to do. Then, her emergency programs activated, and it was long until the paramedics arrived. She watched anxiously from her yellow Link PET as they were loaded into an ambulance, where she was asked several questions about what had just took place. Ria did her best to help out….and looked on in sad silence as he lay on a hospital bed, not moving.

It was then when things got dark, quite literally. The Navi kept vigilance over the elder man as she heard people crying and arguing just out of sight. Then, she saw a young woman she didn't recognize come over to her. Ria's eyes widened as the figure didn't speak to her, but reached of a button on the side; the off button. And just like that, the world went black.

And it stayed black…for the longest time. Ria, not sure what to do or what would become of her, spent the countless days in the internal works of her little PET, not sure if she wanted to ever connect back to the network or not. Something inside her knew she just couldn't go solo. So, it was best to remain as she was; dormant. Non-operational.

Then, one day….the darkness broke. She at first that it was some kind of dream… some kind of inner desire that was booting her out of sleep mode. But when the lights came back on in the PET and she saw her screen to the outside world light up with color, her heart filled cautiously with hope. Then, as it went through a reboot process, she heard a voice.

"Yes….it's starting! The PET really is starting!"

When the reboot finished and Ria could see the outside world again, she frowned a little. The old man wasn't the one looking at her. Instead, it was a boy, close to the age she was portrayed as, the biggest grin she had ever since plastered to his face. Over his eyes was a pair of sunglasses, but the lenses were green instead of black. His brown hair was spiky, with blonde highlights. He wore a white-cotton t-shirt covered with a orange plaid jacket. Staring back at him, all Ria could do was blink and put on a confused glare.

"Wow….a Net Navi…still in here….and not a bad looking one at that" He said with an amazed tone, his last statement making Ria blush a little, though she tried to hide it. He brought the PET closer to him. "Hey, there, little Navi! Do you have a name?

The girl nodded. "It's Ria….just Ria. I don't have an extension or anything. I wasn't made for battling, just organizational purposes." She said a little shyly, not knowing if she should trust the human or not.

The boy smiled gently. "Ria….that's a pretty name." He then placed his hand to his chest. "My name is Code Oku. Don't worry, I am going to take care of you from now on. You'll be safe with me." He said in a promising tone.

"Did you know my last owner? I….assume he is no longer with us…." She said, lowering her head, trying to think about what had happened at the hospital.

Code frowned. "I'm sorry. I didn't know your last owner. My dad worked with him on a special project some time ago. So when his belongings went into auction, my dad bought your PET. He didn't touch it for years, he said, but when I saw it in his office, I got curious about it, so he gave it to me. You don't know how happy I am that it works and that you are inside. People….don't really use NetNavis anymore."

Ria looked up at Code. This boy was happy to see her….happy to know he was alive. No one but the old man ever seemed to notice her or care for her that way. She smiled a little at him, which caused him to smile bigger back.

"I will take care of you. I'll let you do what your programmed for, even if its old tech. I got school coming up, so I could use a helper. Would you like that, Ria?" He asked.

Ria nodded. "I would. Thank you….this…means a lot to me." It was the truth. She wanted to be useful again. Maybe this Code could be her dear friend, just as the old man had been.