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Chapter Three:

The older Megaman chuckled at his new pupil's exclamation. "Well, it wasn't entirely my doing, you know. It might just a glitch in the programming or something. In any case, I don't think I can change it, so best get used to it as much as you can."

Megaman R let out a deep sigh, rubbing his temple. "Okay, this is strange….but if it has to be this way, I guess there really isn't anything I can do about it either." He then looked back up. "So….what now?"

Megaman. EXE smiled. "Now, we get you battle ready." But then he paused for a moment. "But then again, maybe you should go back to your friends first."

"My friends?" Megaman R asked. "Can I really go back looking like this?"

"Actually, that's probably not a good idea either. Until we know actually what this Anubis is, and also until your use to being Megaman R, maybe it's better you didn't tell anyone about me or the transformation. Not even your Operator, okay?" Megaman. EXE replied.

"Yeah…I guess that might be for the best. How do I change back, anyways?" The newer Navi asked.

"Ah, that's easy. Like this. Rebirth De-fusion!" Megaman. EXE said and watched as Megaman R broke into pieces, revealing Ria beneath. The female Navi looked her body over and found it to be complete, as if nothing had changed. She turned back to her mentor, who smiled. "Perfect. Now, return back to the real world and once your Operator is asleep, come see me by returning back to Internet City. Then, I'll take you from there and show you how to fight…." Then, a familiar portal appeared and took her away, Megaman. EXE nodding assuredly as she waved a little goodbye.

Soon, she was back in her terminal. Carefully as not to be seen, she peeked out of the corner of the PET's screen. When the Navi saw the worried expression on Code's face as he talked with Misao , she felt guilty. Quickly, she appeared in holographic form on top of the screen, causing Code to spot her and sigh in relief.

"Ria! Are you okay?" He asked feverently. "When Auto came back without you…and then you didn't show up….I thought that maybe…."

Ria shook her head. "I'm fine really….I just….fell down in a big crack…it took me a while to get out." It wasn't completely a lie, she reasoned, she did fall into the crack…and almost into a big mouth.

Misao nodded with a concerned look. "Yeah, Auto told us about that crack, like there was an earthquake in Internet City or something. I wonder why? Auto has gone off to send in a report about authorities."

"Good idea. Hopeful, Internet City isn't starting to fall apart. I mean, I know it's a little neglected…but…."

"It looks terrible." Ria said plainly, not bother to hide the frown or the frustration in her face.

"Ria?" Code said, not used the anger in her voice.

"From what I saw, it was deserted and crumbling away, so different from when I last saw it. If there are still Navis in this world, then the place we go to have a good time when our Operators are way…shouldn't be falling apart, don't you think, Code?" She said, looking up at him.

Her Operator nodded. "Yes, you are right. You guys are still here, and we have to take care of you and Internet City. We did create you both after all."

Misao thought hard before snapping her fingers. "I got it. We'll raise awareness about how Internet City is crumbling and see if we can't band together other Operators to help fix it. We could bring it up at the next Battle tournament. It's only a few days away, and since Auto holds the title, people may listen to us. Plus, it would be a good place for Ria to reconnect with other Navis."

"That's a great idea, Misao! Don't you think, Ria?" Code asked his Navi.

The yellow clad programmed nodded. "It would be nice to see other Navi, especially since Auto has been so welcoming. But…I am a little nervous. Do I have to participate if I go?" In the back of her mind, she was also already thinking how a Battle tournament could help her, not only as Ria, but as Megaman R as well.

"Not at all. You just can sit and watch. I'd know Auto would be absolute ecstatic if you were cheering him on. You've left….quite the impression on him." Misao said with a little chuckle, which kind of went over Ria's head as her mind half-occupied with thoughts of Megaman. EXE and Megaman R. However, she nodded all the same, which caused Misao to smile even more. "Then, it's settled. Meet us at ACDC Stadium Wednesday afternoon. I've got to pick up some chips for the tournament, but I start talking with some of Auto's sparring partners and their Operators to see we can come up with a plan as well. Code, I'd take Ria home and run a diagnostic scan on her, just to be safe."

The young man nodded in agreement. "Good idea. See you at school, Misao. Tell Auto it was good seeing him again." Then, he and Ria left for home, where Code ran the scan on Ria, who guided him through it. She counted her lucky stars when nothing even suggesting about the existence of Megaman R came up. After she saw how worried he looked when she was gone for that relatively short time, she wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to tell him even if Megaman. EXE had allowed it. So, she contented herself to look up information about Navi battles between helping and just spending time with Code.

Finally, when he had drifted off into deep sleep, she worked up the courage to log back into Internet City, but was pleasantly surprised when halfway through the teleportation, the blue appeared again. In an instant, she was back in the strange part of the city, with Megaman. EXE's transparent form standing before her again.

"You made it back! Great!" He said. "How are things out in the real world?"

"Okay, I guess. I didn't tell my friends about being Megaman, but they are still concerned about the crack and the state Internet City is in. They're going to try to get people to help it out, starting by taking with Battle Navis and their Operators at a tournament a few days."

Megaman. EXE nodded solemnly. "With me being mostly stuck in my PET's inner workings, I can't help the Net as much as I'd like. And now with this new threat….Anubis….Ria, that thing that tried to swallow you will probably be back. It wants Data and a crumbling site like Internet City is just asking for virus attacks. So, you have to be able to hold your own, but I also want you to try and gather more Navis to help us. If at all possible, I want you to fight in that tournament, but as Megaman R. It will Navis know that Megaman is still out there and still wanting to help. Maybe that can cause some morale and get everyone interested in restoring Internet City."

Ria grimaced a little. "But…I've never even been to a live tournament before….or any sort of Net Battle."

Megaman. EXE assured her. "Hey, cheer up. You're not alone after all; you've got me to help you out. Tonight, we learn the basics and move forward from there. I'll have you in top form in no time, trust me. Go on, now that the programs in you, try to change into Megaman R by yourself. "

Ria still doubted herself, but wanted to believe Megaman. EXE all the same. "Alright, let's give it a shot. Rebirth Fusion!" The familiar blue energy surrounded her again and soon, the female Navi was replaced by her male replacement. "That still feels so weird." He said, looking himself over. "But everything seems to be in order. Alright, EXE, I'm ready to learn!"

The senior Megaman nodded and used a program that tossed three yellow, helmet clad, Mettaur virus dummies a few meters away. "First let's start with basics. With Rebirth Fusion, I've programmed battle chips already into your system, so you won't need and Operator to load them in, which works out well in our favor. Now, show me your default weapon and then fire it at one of the targets down there."

The younger Navi smiled. "That's easy!" He said confidently. Then, his arm began to change as he could feel his basic arms program activate. Soon, his hand and wrist became a small cannon about twice their size. "Mega Buster!" He yelled firing it off towards the middle Met. However, instead of harming the target, the Mettaur's round black body sunk beneath its helmet, blocking the blue energy shot completely. Megaman R's face went from confident to mortified and EXE saw this.

"That's okay, R. You did well summoning your weapon quickly and firing. You just need to remember that Mettaur's are very defensive. Catch them off guard and they won't have time to duck into the helmets."

"Thanks! Let me give it another shot." Megaman R said, and went to aim his blaster.

"Okay, but let's try out another weapon this time, something for speed. Try the Sword program." EXE suggested.

"Sword program?" Megaman R questioned as he looked up the program in his mainframe. When he found and activated it, it changed his Mega Buster into a long yellow sword of yellow energy. "So, I have to close to use this, right?"

"You got it. Just rush in there and take out the dummies before they can respond." His mentor answered and watched on expectantly.

His successor did not let him down, bolting forward with incredible speed and slashing away at each of the viruses. He grinned a bit when as they dissolved into millions of little pieces of data. "There we go! Alright! What's next?"

"Defense training." Megaman. EXE explained. You can't always win by just attacking, sometimes it's best to let the enemy wear itself out first, or at least try to minimize damage. Now, you should have a basic Shield program in your files."

But then, suddenly, the room shook violently, causing Megaman R to topple over. "Another quake?" He asked as he picked himself up.

"I had a feeling this would happen. You'd better go and see if that thing that tried to eat you is causing more trouble. If you find that you have to fight, just try to use the basics, and above all, trust your instincts. You've got what you need inside of you and if things get bad, I should be able to get you back here." Megaman. EXE said.

Megaman R nodded and his courage welled up in response to EXE's trust in him. "I won't let you down, Megaman!" He said.

His mentor smiled and nodded. "I know you'll be fine! Here, try summoning the portal yourself this time." He said, and watched as Megaman R did just that, logging out of his domain with his sword ready.

When Megaman R finished teleporting, he found himself on a wide, but crumbling street in Internet City. But it wasn't empty. Around him every, Mettaur were everywhere, hacking away at the buildings and sidewalks with little pickaxes. Joining them were viruses Megaman R had never seen before, little red bunny-like creatures with antenna ears and coils over their bodies. They were chewing at the lines of data streaming through the street

"What's going on here? Stop that! This city looks horrible enough!" Megaman R said, and charged forward, knocking a few Mettaurs with his sword, causing them to be deleted. However, this only caused the viruses to stop their work and turn towards him, their eyes glowing red. The bunny viruses then shot rings of electricity at him. R dodged as best he could, but one of the rings hit him, sending a sever shock up his body. He yelled out in pain, and landed on the ground with a thud.

"You guys.. got some sting to you…." He panted, struggling to get up. "Better keep my distance…" He said, and summoned his Mega Buster when back up when he finally got to his feet. That is…until he hit something fluffy.

"Ah, baa-ut electricity is so glorious to see when it shoots down the spine of pests." A new voice rung out as Megaman R turned to see what he had hit, only to jump back when his brown eyes meet large, blue, almost lifeless ones. Before him and the virus now appeared a large, sheep-like program, with light pink, almost white, wool and two brown horns curved downward on either side of his black face. In the middle of them, a symbol of a tuft of white wool with a lightning bolt in its middle appeared. Out of his back, a pair of antenna appeared, their red tips sparking with electricity. His arms and legs were yellow and robotic looking, but Megaman R found it curious that part of them had started to dissolve away, much like the claws of the dark monster that tried to eat him as Ria.

Megaman R clinched his teeth and held up his cannon, but the stranger only let out a noise that sounded like laughter horribly mixed with a sheep's bleat. "You want to attack me with such a crude waa-pon. Baa-ut we haven't even been introduced." Then, suddenly he let out a huge piece of wool from his back, which passed through his antenna before hovering over Megaman R. However, the blue Net Navi did not respond in time due to some confusion, and suddenly a jolt of lightening came down from it. The jolt's shock felt 10 times more powerful than that of the Bunny's , and Megaman was sent flying back into a wall, wincing in deep pains and not begin able to move his limbs.

His woolly opponent let out another strange mix of chortling and bawwing as Megaman struggled to keep his eyes open. Slowly, all of the viruses were crowding around him, readying themselves to attack. Their leader rose into the air, charging his antenna again. "They call me Sheepman! My electric has no equal and with it, I will aid in bringing forth the reign of Anubis! And I'll start by consuming your data!"

"Consuming….my data…?" Megaman R said as he stared to black out. But before he did, a large green blur appeared in his hazing eyes, knocking away all the viruses as it dodged their attacks. The last thing Megaman remembered was something bulky picking him up and Sheepman baa-ing incessantly at the viruses. Then, the world went dark….

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