I've been thinking about this for some time and decided to go with it. Welcome to a series of vignettes that I had cut out of "P4: I Don't Belong Here's" main story, that I wanted to add to flesh out something I made minor reference to, or maybe an alternate scene or two... or more... :)

I decided that with this collection, I would focus more on the other character's since in the main story, Charles is the POV character for much of it. Charles will not be in every entry, though don't be annoyed if he gets a mention. After all, he is my OC and I would like to remind people of that there IS an OC in that universe.

I will list focus Characters as "Yu/Yukiko/Charles (as an example.) If there are other Characters, they are just minor for that entry, (Such as Yosuke who shows up, says "Hey, how are you?!" Then leaves 3 paragraphs later.

Also, I will leave notes on every entry detailing why I didn't put it in the main story or such.

This Entry was based off the mention I made that after school and Dojima told Charles, Yukiko, Yu and Chie, "Shoo! Dead body! Nothing to see here!" Yukiko had told Chie about the dream. I wanted to explore that and a few other things as weel, to kind of explain why Yukiko started liking Charles, though it was VERY internal at first.

Oh yeah, and I hid a shoutout to Ari Moriarity, who usually does collections like these. See if you can find it. :)

"Boy of My Dreams"
April 12, 2011

Amagi Inn

"Yukiko! It's time to get up! We gotta get to school!" Satonaka Chie said.

"Huh? Oh sorry, Chie. I didn't hear my alarm." Amagi Yukiko looked disoriented.

"Well, at least I was here. If I wasn't, you probably would have been asleep until Noon. And if Moron is our homeroom teacher, you'd be on his shit list." Chie was very worried about that prospect.

"Chie, what have Mom and I told you about profanity." It had been a constant discussion. A lady did not use profanity when other words would do.

"Yukiko, I don't have TIME for the reminder."

"All right, Chie." Yukiko said, smiling and shaking her head.

Both of them showered in the hot springs area of Yukiko's family-owned ryokan. Yukiko smiled at herself at the thought of the ease the two had about their nudity. If they were in America, or an American was there, they would have most likely blushed. Unless of course said girl was as comfortable. A boy on the other hand…

An American. That boy, who looked at us, or rather ME, yesterday looked American. Chie said I would most likely never see him again. Yukiko thought.

So why is it I had the dream about him last night? And why was it that the dream was clear?

Yukiko had a dream the previous night about the American boy… But she didn't know who he was!

The two dressed for school. Chie wearing her green track sweater over her uniform shirt. Yukiko wearing her red cardigan sweater.

The two left for school after quickly having breakfast. Yukiko's Mother, Mariko had wished them well for their first day.

On the path to school in the Samegawa flood plain, Yukiko absent-mindedly heard other students talking about various things. However, her thoughts were back on that dream…

"YUKIKO! Geez! You haven't listened to a word I said." Chie looked upset.

"I'm sorry, Chie, but I've been distracted."

"What, thinking about that boy who was looking at us in the shopping district?" Chie said, teasingly.

"Chie! No, it's more about this dream I've had about a boy."

"Who is it? Is it Yosuke?" Chie said with an elbow to Yukiko's arm, even more teasingly, though Yukiko knew, but never told Chie she knew that Chie had a crush on Hanamura Yosuke, since he moved into Inaba seven months ago.

"No, it's nobody we know. I've actually had this dream off and on for 9 years. But it was never as clear as the first time." Chie intently listened.

"It's in winter. I'm in the hallway of a house and there's snow. I hear a voice in Japanese, then English say things, while crying. I see a charm from the Tatsuhime shrine in my hand. I don't know what's going on…and yet I do. It's like I have two versions of me. Myself, and then the other me actually in that scene."

"I hear the voice again. It belongs to a boy that for some reason the 'observer' me knows as well as the 'actor' me."

"It's weird for you to put it like that," Chie said, puzzled and curious.

"I know, but how else can I explain it? Anyway, I hear his voice in English say he was worthless. And then I rush in there and…"

"Oh-ho, getting' to the good stuff," Chie said with a grin.

"I tell him… He's not worthless. Then we kiss, though his face is full of tears. HE tells me in Japanese he loves me. I respond in English that I love him. I'll always love him. I'll NEVER abandon him again. Then I just hold and comfort him as he cries. I'm crying too, though my tears fall silently compared to his painful sobbing."

"OHHH! That's it?!" Chie sounded disappointed. "I was hoping that it was a dream where you and a guy got together and …nature took its course." Chie said, looking lasciviously at Yukiko.

"CHIE!" Then Yukiko thought about it. "Actually, Chie, you may be right about that, in a sense. I knew his voice like it was my very own…As if, by that point…I'd already been…intimate with him."

"Then maybe the Amagi Challenge for this year is over before it starts."

"Chie, I don't want a boyfriend. I have you." She gave Chie a meaningful glance, which caused Chie to look uncomfortable.

"Uhh, yeah, anyway… Uh so he spoke English? Maybe if 'the boy of your dreams' were real you two could get along well, I mean since you know English, communication wouldn't be a problem."

"Chie, why after every time I say I don't want a boyfriend, you ignore me. I'm not good with the concept of love I've been encountering. Real love is what I want. Not what these…kids have been stating to me. That's not love. Because it's not real"

"Yukiko, you don't want to be alone for the rest of your life with 7 cats, do you?" Chie asked

"But I don't want to settle for a boy who may be good in bed, but doesn't truly want to be with me. The real me. I want to marry someone who wants to marry me, not my family name." Yukiko looked sad at the fact her family name meant more to boys than her.

"I know, but you can't be alone forever. One day, you'll want companionship with a boy or a man, and you won't care what they think."

"That's why if I had a choice between alone or that… I'll pick alone, Chie. I WANT someone who WANTS ME for ME. And there's no one like that in this town who will fulfill that wish," Yukiko said, frustrated with all the boys who asked her out on dates eager to date her as part of the "Amagi Challenge". She would end up turning them down herself, or Chie would show up to defend her. She even declined Hanamura Yosuke's request, though she remembered she was gentle in turning him down, because he was new in town.

"Besides, Chie any boy who would be like that, you'd probably chase away."

"Nah, if I could tell he was 'Mr. Right', I'd make sure to give him a chance. It'd be nice to know a boy who genuinely cares for you."

They reached the school.

"Konichiwa, Nakamura-san, how is your restaurant doing?" Yukiko asked, seeing Nakamura Aika, the daughter of the Chinese restaurant "Aiya."

"Konichiwa, Amagi-san. It's doing well." Aika always had a blank stare, though it and she were always polite.

"Hey, did you hear?" A boy said to a girl, "Moron's our homeroom teacher." Chie groaned about that.

"That's not all," The girl replied. "I heard we were getting two new students, a transfer and an exchange."

"Are either of them girls?" The boy asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Is that all you think about, Brother…? And yes I hope they're girls too, we can each date one of them."

"Shhh, Sis, not everybody knows you're out."

"Yukiko, did you hear that?" Chie asked.

"I knew Ishiimora was out, and come to think of it, so did you," Yukiko said confused.

"NO! Not that! About the new students. Maybe one of them is your 'Dreamboy!' Chie was excited.

"I doubt that, Chie."

The door opened and two boys stepped in with Morooka-sensei. Yukiko heard both Ishiimora twins groan.

One was a boy with Silver hair and eyes, and Yukiko did admit he was attractive and had this…aura about him.

But the other made her turn pale.

It was the American boy from yesterday. The same boy from her dreams, now that she had a closer look at him. IT. WAS. HIM!

And deep within her heart, so deep that her conscious mind did not register it…

She was in love with him at first sight. DEEPLY. IN. LOVE.

Consciously, she was uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. This was made worse when he had been rebuked for looking at Aika and told to take the seat next to Amagi.

She turned to Chie and said, "'Will likely never going to see him again', huh?" The boy with silver hair and had introduced himself to the class as Narukami Yu, looked at her politely confused from his seat to the left of Chie. She looked at him again.

And it felt like time itself had stopped, and they were the only two people in the universe. Until Morooka-sensei gave Charles an even harder time.

She felt bad, despite her discomfort, that he was laughed at by most of the class. She heard him sigh sadly, and mutter. "Congratulations, Chuck. SSS-rank introduction for sure. Dante would be so proud."

She looked at him for a second. He had neat curly brown hair and glasses, but his uniform was open and he wore a tie which was a nice shade of maroon.

She didn't know what the future held for her.

But for a moment, despite her discomfort, she didn't mind imagining a scenario where he was with her.

She even wondered if he were her "prince," The Westerner whom she believed would take her away from inheriting the inn.

And despite her discomfort, she felt excited by that prospect.