"My brother? You're absolutely sure?" Ryuuga asked, peering over Kurai's shoulder at the picture. "Yep, that's him."

Realization dawned on the white haired boy.

"How do you know my brother?"

"He's a messenger/traveler for the Amazons." Kurai shrugged.

To say Ryuuga was shocked would be the understatement of the year.

"What do you mean he works for your tribe?! He's a lone traveler! A lone wolf-"

"Exactly. He's a lone wolf. Key word, wolf." Yu interrupted.

Ryuuga sighed, seeing that there was no opening for an arguement.

"I followed him after he met with Nemesis' cronies and when he was by himself, I confronted him. He's gotten stronger. Even my Libra's special move didn't faze him. I think he's been practicing- that or been in tournaments." Yu filled in.

Ryuuga tuned everyone out as they spoke. He was thinking about how his own blood could do this.

"Which special move? Mine or yours?" Kurai asked.

"The one you taught me."

"And you said it didn't faze him?"

"Not a scratch. Like some barrier was around his Bey that made the special move backfire on to Libra. Which reminds me. Madoka, think you can fix Libra?" Yu held his Bey to the twenty year old brunette, who was standing besides Kyoya.

"Sure. Give me a while though. Damage is very severe." Madoka frowned, looking at the Bey as she sashayed out.

"You and Madoka? Seriously man?" Yu asked Kyoya.

Kyoya simply shrugged, a small smile gracing his lips.

Yu sighed, but turned back to Kurai, immeadiatly giving a full report of what had happened the past month.

Ryuuga was back on the roof in the hot sun with Dynamis, doing his meditation practice again.

"I just can't believe my own brother would betray me. What the hell is he thinking?" Ryuuga asked, just to break the silence. His eyes were closed, but his eyebrows clearly showed he was angry.

"Remember Ryuuga. Don't think of things that'll make you angry. That's one of them."

"It's kinda hard not to when you've heard it just a few hours before." Ryuuga's fingers curled tighter around the bowls of water.

"That's what you need to learn. Remarks, thoughts, and insults, you need to ignore. Like a river over stones." Dynamis instructed calmly. "And remember, relax your muscles. I can tell from the way you're clutching the dishes that you're angry about it."

"How can I relax?! It's my brother we're talking about. Not exactly easy when you have pent up anger to let out!"

"Which is why you're supposed to be meditating. Calm and happy thoughts. Think about Kurai."

Kurai. Ryuuga relaxed his body immeadiatly. He could easily picture her face and voice as though she were speaking and standing in front of him then and there.

But, why is Ryuuto with Rago, Pluto, and Doji?

"I can't do this! That doesn't help! Everytime I think about her I hear her asking that question!" Ryuuga yelled, his hands heating and the water evaporating as the bowls exploded from the sudden heat.

Dynamis sighed. "In that case, let's head to the practice arena. Maybe some Blading will calm you down."

"Let it rip!" The two shouts echoed off the wall as Jade Jupiter and L'Drago clashed together, a flash of light exploding from the impact.

"Full power L'Drago! Send him flying!" Ryuuga shouted.

L'Drago fell back, then rushed foward, gaining speed as it crashed against Jupiter, sending the Bey flying.

"Jupiter! Special move, Grand Lightning!" Dynamis yelled.

Lightning struck the stadium, blinding Ryuuga and forcing him to shield his eyes.

"Don't mess with me! L'Drago, special move Dragon Emporer Supreme Flight!" Ryuuga roared, his eyes glowing red.

With a sonic boom that rumbled the floor and a flashing white light as the two special moves met both L'Drago and Jupiter were blown back, embedded in the floor.

The sound of someone applausing made both men turn to the source.

"Very good. Equal power. Impressive." Yu said, his arms clasped behind his back. "But if either of you were to go against Kurai, or me for that matter, you'd loose- terribly."

"What are you talking about kid?" Ryuuga snarled, eyes flashing.

"Ryuuga." Dynamis warned, his tone dangerous.

"I'm not a kid anymore. And Kurai has trained me over the past five years. Training harder than Beling Temple's. And after seeing you two battle, I'd like to go against the both of you- at the same time." Yu smirked.

Ryuuga and Dynamis looked at each other. Then, Ryuuga jumped over the arena to Dynamis' side, putting L'Drago in his launcher.

"Okay kid. Two against one? This ought to be a piece of cake." Ryuuga grinned.

"We'll see. Don't you remember anything Kurai told you five years ago? About the Wild, Myth, Peolple, and Astrological Beys? You should remember that my Flame Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac. And the scales on the face bolt? Good and evil? I can use either element, using positive or negative energy. So, you sure you still wanna battle, Myth and People Beys?" Yu challenged, holding his Bey out.

"I'm not one to back from a fight. So let's do this." Ryuuga sneered. "Dynamis? You in?"

"Just for the practice." Dynamis said, locking Jupiter into his launcher. "And to see if Yu speaks the truth."

"Alright then! 3..." Yu began.

"2..." Ryuuga and Dynamis said.

"1! LET IT RIP!" All three boys shouted.