Kurai walked up the steps to the practice arena, where Yu had raced up to when Madoka had given him back his Bey.

As she walked into the arena, she was met by blinding flash of white light.

"What the-" Kurai whispered when she could see again. Yu was battling Ryuuga and Dynamis, a smirk set on his face. His eyes gleamed with excitement, triumph, and... prideful anger.

Uh oh. Fernis said.

"Yu! Stop it! Go, Fernis!" Kurai screamed, launching her Bey out.

The black and gold Bey sent all three other Beys flying. Kurai summoned her Bey back and caught her.

"Just what were you thinking?!" Kurai demanded.

"Yu's idea!" Ryuuga protested.

"I wasn't talking to you!" Kurai snapped. She turned to Yu, who was silently glaring at her. "You know it's dangerous to even try and control the good and evil of Libra! Remember what happened last time?! You nearly destroyed Artemis' sacred temple!"

"What?!" Both Dynamis and Ryuuga asked, shocked.

"He didn't tell you?" Kurai growled.

"Tell us what?" Ryuuga looked completely confused.

In response, Kurai launched Fernis into the arena, a silver beam shooting up and a dome surrounding the four.

"Fernis! Three years ago! The sacred temple of Artemis, in July!" Kurai shouted.

The Bey responded by whirling faster, the light and images bending arounf the group until they were in a silver building with a goddess standing before them, overlooking a Bey stadium.

"A look into the past. I'll show you just what I was talking about." Kurai said, eyes flashing.

"I was intent on training Yu that day, hoping to get him used to the positive and negative energy in Libra. I thought he was ready.

"I was wrong."

In front of the group, Kurai and Yu walked into the temple, Yu bouncing around like a hyperactive puppy.

"What are we doing today Kurai? Huh? What are we doing? Where are we? Why are we here?"

"I'm going to teach you how to balance Libra's good and evil scales. But if you don't calm down, we won't do it."

"Yay! Finally! Something new! Oh, I'm so excited! Whoo hoo!"


"Yippee! Cool! Awesome!"


"When can we start, huh? Huh? What do I do?"

"YU!" Kurai yelled, knocking her fist on the boy's head. "Act like you're fourteen already and get ready to launch!"

"Huh? Oh, right!" Yu was suddenly very calm as he pulled his launcher and Libra out. "Uh, am I battling you?"

"I don't need to fight to be able to train you in this lesson. Launch." Kurai commanded.

Yu looked dubious, but did as requested, Libra shooting into the stadium.

"I immeadiatly began giving him instructions. He had gained so much control of his Bey, I thought it would be a cinch. So I brought up the walls."

"See the walls?"


"Do something for me."


"Bust through them with your mind."


"Summon your best thoughts. When you're happy and excited. Positive emotions, in other words. While you do that, think about all the battles you've won."

After a few minutes of Yu being quiet with his eyes closed, Libra suddenly shot foward, glowing gold, the walls crumbling as he burst through them.

"Sweet! That was cool! What next?"

"I thought he was ready. So I told him to focus on bad things."

"Now do the same thing, only with with negative emotions and the battles you've lost." Kurai said, eyes gleaming.

"I didn't know what to expect. But the next thing I knew, Yu had turned into a monster- there's no other word to describe it."

Yu's Bey was turning black as it burst through the remaining walls. But it didn't stop there.

Libra shot out of the stadium, going for Kurai who just barely dodged it.

"Okay Yu. Very funny. Now stop it." Kurai said, humorlessly.

"Oh, but I won't! The feeling of destruction! So powerful! I must get more!" Yu laughed manically.

Libra shot towards a nearby pillar, reducing it to dust. Then it swerved towards the statue of the goddess.

"No!" Kurai shouted. "Fernis stop him! Ultimate Supreme Secret Special Move, Amazon Queen Artemis Wolf!"

Fernis shot foward, glowing gold as a woman that strikingly resembled Kurai erupted from the Bey, dressed in silver amour and black camoflauge, a sword in her hand and shield on her arm a black wolf with silver eyes beside her. The two figures clashed against an unprepared Libra, who lost it's glow and was blown back into a wall, sticking there.

Yu collapsed, unconsious.

"I used my greatest move that day. It worked, but then I knew I couldn't ever have Yu use the negative emotions in his Bey. It was too dangerous." Kurai said, the dome dropping and Fernis shooting back into Kurai's hand. "That's why I intefered with your battle. I saw that look in his eyes and I knew I had to stop it. I'm sorry."

Dynamis and Ryuuga were looking at an steaming Yu, shocked.

"Such power. Where did it even come from?" Dynamis asked.

"I couldn't figure out. Sometimes I think our friend over here has a worse past than we think." Kurai nodded at Yu.

"He mentioned destruction." Ryuuga said, he and Dynamis exchanging a look.

"Mythology does say that Libra was somehow a relative of the god Nemesis." Dynamis said thoughtfully. His head snapped back up. "I must leave immeadiatly, back to my temple. I will return as soon as possible."

Dynamis ran out of the room, his robes flying behind him.