"Dynamis? Where are you going?" Tithi asked, seeing Dynamis walking briskly down the hall with Tsubasa.

Dynamis turned, seeing the small boy.

"Back to my temple on Mist Mountain. Urgent business." Dynamis replied.

"Oh! Can I come! It's been so long since I've been!" Tithi asked, his eyes shining.

Dynamis looked at thirteen year old, then nodded. "Yes. You can come."

"Yay! Let's go!" Tithi exclaimed, running foward. "Let's go, let's go!"

"You sure that's a good idea?" Tsubasa asked as the boy ran by.

"He needs to learn. It's the will of the Heavens that says he needs to." Dynamis said, walking after Tithi.

Tsubasa sighed, but knew he had to agree- even if Dynamis made no sense sometimes.

As soon as Ryuuga and Dynamis left, Kurai and Yu had instantly begun battling, their anger driving them on.

"I can't believe you interrupted my battle!" Yu yelled.

"You were the one being rash! You know it's dangerous to fight with your negative powers!" Kurai quipped back, Fernis responding to her anger and clashing against Libra, sparks flying.

"Did it occur to you, that while I was on my missions, that I've been training to control it?!" Yu snarled, Libra shoving against Fernis, sending the Bey back.

"Fernis! Supreme move, Death Jaws!" Kurai roared, a silver aura surrounding her. A black wolf erupted from her Bey, it's silver eyes glowing.

"Nothing compared to my new move! Libra! Dark Destructive Tornado!" Yu shouted, a black light surrounding him, his eyes glowing black.

A black light shot straight up from the Bey, and Fernis was sucked into the whirlwind. Then, at such speed that it made Kurai duck, her Bey shot out of the vortex, and clashed into a wall, sticking there.

Kurai fell to her knees, shocked and horrified.

"You... You beat me." Kurai whispered, amazed. "How?"

"My missions. While traveling, I came across some Bladers. Both strong and weak. I'll use the negative energy of Libra, increasing the amount every time. What you just experienced? That was only a fourth of the power, that I unlocked in the course of three months." Yu explained.

"So it'll take about a year for you to control all of it?" Kurai asked, standing and retrieving Fernis. She winced when she saw all the scatches on her Bey.

Sorry mom.

No response.

"Tell you what. The next time you are in the middle of a Bey battle, no matter who they are, I won't stop you. How's that sound?" Kurai asked.

"Deal. When's the next tournament?" Yu said, excitedly.

"It's in the Amazon tribe. I was gonna tell everyone. I hope they enter." Kurai smiled, her bad mood gone.

Maybe it'll draw Gin Ryu out. She really needs the practice.

Kurai really hoped Ryuuga wouldn't have a panic attack when he found out he had a daughter.

Gin Ryu means 'silver dragon'