Seconds in a relationship

Maya x Shinji

It had started off life every other relationship built from polite necessity until one decided to try to learn about the other. They would continue to learn until enough was found in common to have conversations they knew would not be boring to the other. Maya nor Shinji wanted to make the other feel bored or uncomfortable in future meetings. Having music, art, and cooking in common gave them plenty of ground to work with. Everything was normal up to this point as far as getting to know each other.

Nothing was actually normal at NERV. Angels coming down to kill them left Maya with a lump of coal in her chest. Her new friend had to fight for all their lives knowing full well that some of them were not worth saving. Seeing him barely get by made her pity both of them, and being forced in to it while she was forced to send him in to the unit made it worse.

Physical contact was always rare if you didn't focus on them then you would not notice they would keep their hands on each other while trying to give comfort. Each enjoyed different things about the other. This would grow as time goes on making a further relationship possible in both of their minds.

Rare is it for a relationship to not have any problems. She was working under his tyrannical father while he would deal with panic attack only for her not to help keep secrecy. Losing trust in such events added to the pressure between the two. Misato noticed the awkwardness during one of these rounds of emotion smiling for if the pressure built to such a degree she figured they would find more then friendly comfort in each other soon. Growing through adversity it was her first goading him in to more physical activities.

Both were the only two in the elevator heading to the sub floor for the eva when it came to a lurching halt. Maya had issues with confined spaces Shinji did his best to stay close removing as much of the pain as possible. Holding her hand took all the bravery he could muster and looking to her he remembered that the blush took until the fight to break contact began to go away. There was no perverse thrill just a blissful contentment that made her forget how scared she would be. When it started up both sat next to each other talking about the events of the day. Bearing each others crosses while enjoying the small moments made both think that something may exist.

After the angels both could not believe the luck of a fresh start. Picking Asuka to carry the bloodline wasn't too difficult. One half of the pair had to be an alpha for the best chances in the genetic lottery. When others had begun to walk out from the red sea a few weeks later their supposed coupling was never brought up again. Trusting each other with hard decisions it wasn't long before they captured their first kiss. Despite all that they heard it wasn't a great work of passion. What it was though was chaste binding each to the other.

Everything was hard to tell as they went on their journey together. Only when looking back could one tell how it was going to end up. Laying on the hammock under the older woman who was humming happily with his arms clasped around her. Musing about the relationship the smiling removed all thoughts with a well practiced kiss.