Abby x Mcgee

Everyone has things they don't want society to know. A painful memory or a train that hangs in the close always scaring people. Some times people will go through things just so they are not seen as different. Mine is different.

My skeleton will dress in tripp pants and poodle skirts depending on her mood. My skeleton will lay in her coffin making sure my bones are warm when she is cold herself. Tattoos and adventures map her skin like treasures of time. She looks two decades younger despite being a half older then me. What sticks in my mind the most is my skeleton has seen me at my best as well as my worst. Moments I make sure to keep away from everyone are those she will see. No matter how childish I act or what the current case is my skeleton is not in my closet. She is wrapped up in a blanket on my new bed playing with a pair of handcuffs.

Mcgee read his words with a smirk. It was slightly more romantic then his last few attempts. There were some basic errors he thought, but it was something with a dark touch. Walking in to his room Abby sat indian style her tongue pressed between her lips slightly as she tried picking the lock to the handcuffs holding her arms in place.

" Abbs, Any luck?"

"Ya know, Ziva can do this behind her back in five minutes, I have gotten out in twenty and that's with the hands in front."

"Abby, she is a member of a highly trained squad of special agents. You just picked this up yesterday, it will take some time."

Spying the page in his hand he fumbled to hand it over smiling at watching read from cuffs.

"Oh that is so sweet, like Edgar Allen Poe sweet. I love it!"

Bouncing off the mattress she was easily caught before he began to voice his opinion only being stopped by a pair of lips on his own. She had her cuffed arms around him providing a nice sensation from her thigh rubbing his groin.

"Gibbs will kill us."

Don't worry I have everything taken care of. Now what can I do to get out of these cuffs?"

The yebrow cocking up at her own statement was all he needed to play hooky. She really could have him anywhere if she knew how much power she had. Bet part about it was she was learning fast.

"So where is tiny tim?" Dinnozzo quipped.

"I do not know, maybe we should check to see if he is alright."

Swinging out of the elevator Gibbs was walking with the purpose both expected to be a case.

"Navy officer found in the potomac, Ziva get the car. Dinnozzo, get the equipment and call the night guy for a double."

"Abby sick as well?"

"Mcprobee got our lab tech sick, prolly on their time at the coffee shop yesterday. Raining hard, wind scratching at their jackets."

"Dinnozzo, frankly I don't give a damn what you think.."

"Casablanca the black and white classic..."

"Abby is sleeping with Tim. She called in for both of them so now can we get some work done?"

Both went silent as the former gunney packed up before walking to the elevator.

"Wait Abby and Mcde-de-de are playing coffin crashers! How do you know that sir?"

"She told me both will be back in three days."