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Draco suddenly felt more nervous than last time and that made absolutely no sense. Potter had been reasonable to an extent, so far he had not asked or done anything that would explain the sudden unease Draco was feeling as he came to stand in front of the painting of the odd Dragon that was the wrong color. Draco barily had time to take a deep breath, not nearly enough to steal his spine, before Potter opened the painting with a raised eyebrow and said, "You know from now on you can just come in. Araxes will let you pass without a fuss."

Draco clenched and unclenched his hand in a nervous fashion as he said, "Right, of course."

Then he wanted to smack himself because he was a Malfoy! Some tension, that Draco hadn't notice till it left Potter shoulders, evaporated as he smiled and asked, "Are you going to come in, or just stand outside the portrait?"

It took everything Draco had to just slip into the room without showing any more signs of how nervous he was. He wasn't sure what had him on edge only that he was, and that he felt like a live running current of magic that was ready to burst out or burn someone if he didn't get himself under control. He felt like fidgeting and bighting his lip. All things he wasn't about to let himself do so instead he got a ways into the room and asked, "So what conditions have you brewed up this time?"

Potter closed the painting and as he strolled past him to have a seat at the spot from before he said, "I'm glad you asked, because as of right now I haven't signed the papers, I thought perhaps we could negotiate."

Draco felt his gut clench, this whole thing just felt like it was going to go bad for him somehow, but what choice did he have, "And what exactly would you like to negotiate."

Potter smiled and said, "Well, primarily, what you're willing to give in exchange for my blood. Now Hermione has informed me that right now I could ask you for just about anything and you would be obligated to give it to me, so essentially however unintentional initially on my part, I managed to get you to sign your life away. Hermione insists I won't take advantage, and to some extent I won't, but… frankly this might make my transition a bit easier."

Draco felt his stomach clench and he tried to keep some of his composure as he said quietly, "Look Potter…"

Potter snapped his fingers and said, "That right there, will be the first clause." He pulled out a paper much like the ones from before but had only a basic few paragraphs at the start, when Potter tapped his wand to the paper Draco's stomach dropped out from under him, but then he said, "From now on, at least when we are in this room you have to try to use my first name." He pulled his wand away from the parchment and said, "I'm not going to expect you to suddenly call me Harry all the time, but it is my name and considering everything I'd like to hear you say it."

Potter's eyes' gleamed a bit in the light, and suddenly Draco was reminded faintly of his Aunt, he shuddered and said, "Okay Pot… Harry." Draco had to close his eyes and force himself to say the name, and something in him shifted, making him feel strange, but he shook it off and said, "That's reasonable, I mean anybody could get bothered by being called by their last name I guess…"

Potter shook his head and said, "Damn, Hermione's right."

Draco pursed his lips and said, "You're not going to make me call Granger or Weasley by their first names are you?"

Potter snorted, but then his expression turned serious and he said, "Please, have a seat."

Draco made his way to the spot he had sat in last time, the spot furthest from Potter, and noticed that Potter's face ticked in what might have been anger or irritation but he couldn't tell. Potter closed his eyes and took a deep breath before saying, "It turns out your not the only one at Hogwarts who's come into a, sort of, magical inheritance. I've been informed though that I am lucky in the sense that my actual transition will take place over the course of the next few weeks, possibly even a few months. In fact I might not have even noticed, nobody might have notice if my magic hadn't searched out around me and found someone that would be an ideal mate."

Potter was looking at him with an expectant expression, and Draco had a very bad feeling he knew were this was going; still he nodded and said, "Okay…"

Potter waited a moment, as though he almost expected him to say more, when he didn't Potter licked his lips and said, "I guess I'll come right out and say it, I'm a Vela… a dark Vela… and your…"

Potter made a hand gesture that vaguely encompassed Draco and blushed. He swallowed and seemed to be trying to get the courage to finish, when Draco asked, "Okay, why was Granger right?"

Potter ran his hand through his hair and said, "I thought if I could just be close to you, it would be enough… but she said that my 'inner Vela' would need to tell you, so I could… hopefully court you."

Draco nodded and said in a shaky voice, "Okay."

Potter growled and said, "Is that all you have to say? Do you even…"

Draco could feel the anger and frustration and so many other emotions boiling up inside of Potter in a dangerous fashion and he said, "Harry… I understand what you're getting at, but… it's a lot to process, a lot to think over… I guess you could say I'm a little bit in shock."

Potter's anger seemed to dissipate and he said, "I wasn't expecting you to be so calm, how can you be so calm…?"

Draco sighed and said a bit snappishly, "Look Potter, obviously you've been talking to Granger but by any chance did you get Weasley's opinion on this whole matter?"

Potter frowned and bit his lip as he said, "I was afraid, you know with the rivalry and everything…

Draco snorted and said, "Well you shouldn't worry about that, it's common knowledge in the wizarding world that when a Vela chooses a mate, it's because of magical compatibility, and unless a Vela lies or avoids their mate before they can start to form a bond, it's unheard of that a bond doesn't form. Purebloods are taught to just accept it as a natural part of the magical world, but it's still not something I was expecting."

Potter felt a devastating amount of emotions as he asked, "So you're not going to reject me?"

Draco shook his head and he could feel the relief pouring off of Potter as he sat forward on the edge of his chair. Draco took a nervous breath and said, "I'm guessing you were hoping to negotiate I spend more time with you prior to the whole, feed and pass out ordeal."

Potter frowned and said, "Well no, not exactly, I didn't…"

Draco held his hand up and asked, "Do you know anything about Vela's, particularly ones that have newly found their intended?"

Potter pushed his glasses up farther on his nose and said, "Well, I've read the only book on Dark Veela in the library…"

Draco dropped his head into his hands and said, "Yes, that book is absolutely dreadful, I'm surprised Hermione hasn't gotten access to the Gringot's library yet, there are several books on Veela, even a few on Dark Veela. Anyway the fact is that Veela in general are very physical creatures. I'm guessing that since you've realize I'm your intended you've been on edge, angry, frustrated, emotional in general, and although being around me has calmed you, your still pretty ill at ease. Your Veela will settle down if I consent to spend time with you were I'm actually conscious. Especially if there is any sort of physical contact."

Potter licked his lips and asked, "And you would be okay with that?"

Draco stared down at his hands which he clasped in his lap and said, "I wouldn't have brought it up if I wasn't."

Potter slowly pushed himself to his feet, and Draco glanced up, but looked back down at his hands when Potter began to slowly advance towards him. Draco had to swallow past a suddenly dry lump in his throat, it seemed like Potter was approaching him as he would an injured animal of some sort. When he got to the point where his knees were barely brushing his, Potter asked, "Can I really touch you?"

Draco sighed and slowly reached out and grabbed the hand that Potter had already sort of reached forward, as if to touch him with, but had stopped half way. He brought the hand to the side of his face because the one painting he had seen of a Veela's and it's mate had shown it gently caressing their cheek, then sort of just petting everywhere. Draco wasn't sure if Potter wanted that exactly, but at least this would hopefully stop the golden boy from questioning it, when it was clear how frazzled he was, and for some reason that bothered Draco.

When Potter let out a sound that might have been a purr and began to gently stroke his cheek from beneath his own fingers he let his hand drop, and he felt slightly like a weight had lifted. Suddenly both of Potter's hands were on his face, one was gently carding through his hair and the other was pressing gently at his chin, Draco unconsciously obeyed the silent request and found himself looking up past slightly chipped glasses and into gleaming emerald orbs. Potter's eyes were piercing his, and it looked like he was about to ask him something but then he bit his lip and Draco closed his eyes and said, "Harry, considering the whole situation is pretty complicated enough as it is, how about you not over complicate it more by assuming I'm going to react one way or another. If you want something ask, I can't promise I can give you everything you want, but I'm not going to deny you unless I have reason, and I'll tell you that so you don't freak out and think I'm rejecting you, because like I said, I'm not."

When Draco opened his eyes he was surprised to see Potter smile, a true genuine smile, the likes of which Draco had rarely seen on the golden boy's face and after a moment he looked nervous once more as he asked, "Do you think… Do you think you could take off your shirt?" When Draco didn't immediately respond, and he saw his eyebrows draw together, he added, "I really appreciate being able to touch you, even if it's just your face, but… I'm still on edge, I feel like…"

Potter frowned, and then grimaced as he couldn't find the words to articulate what he wanted to say, but then Draco said, "Alright, I can do that, but do you want to do that all here? It can't be comfy just standing there."

Potter glanced at the bedroom, which was still opened up, and Draco noticed for the first time that his pupils were blown. Potter seemed to try and steel himself and gently reached down and took Draco's hand, using it to lever him up onto his feet and gently tug him into the bedroom. When he was met by no resistance it seemed to ease something in him, but when they finally got into the bedroom and Potter looked into his eyes, he hesitated.

Draco took a deep, slightly shaky breath to try and steady his nerves, before slowly reaching up and undoing the clasp to his robe, letting it fall to the ground in a heavy heap. Potter was staring at him with wide eyes, with even wider pupils, and as Draco began to undo the first button, Potter licked his lips. Draco wanted to growl in frustration when his fingers began to tremble slightly by the second button, but eventually he had the buttons undone and his slipped off his shirt and shoes before glancing at Potter, who looked to be in a trance, and then climbing onto the bed. Potter sucked in a deep breath before he pulled his muggle shirt over his head, slipped out of his shoes and pants, leaving only his sox's and boxers before he slowly climbed onto the bed after Draco.